Sunday, June 25, 2017

Financial Domination at it's finest

Serving Mz Sydney is life altering in ways that you cannot even conceive of at this moment in time.

I know that you gents have lusted after women aplenty..but eventually the appeal fizzles out,and you are onto the next one to catch the momentary attention of your ADHD dick. How tiring,and unfulfilling. You are not even living,you are merely existing.

Serving Mz Sydney is the cure,and chastity is the tool of choice. Locking that dick up is the very best thing for you,and Mz Sydney always knows best.

Once that mealworm is caged,you are free to focus on your true purpose in life...serving Mz Sydney. Serving Mz Sydney will change your life for the better. She will set you free from all of your destructive inane urges to sate your sex. You will evolve into a useful human being. One that Mz Sydney can be proud to own mind,body,and soul.

It will feel so good to serve Mz Sydney. She is meaning,she is purpose,she is life. She is the one thing worth living for.

Mz Sydney's happiness will rule your world. You will wake each day conceiving of ways to please her,and make her proud of your efforts. You will work dutifully and successfully at your job,so that you can keep Mz Sydney in luxury as she deserves,for she is a Goddess,and she deserves the very best from you. You would never think to deprive her of her desires,after all,her pleasure is your pleasure. Her comfort is your comfort. Her happiness is your happiness.

Mz Sydney is the one woman you always hoped and prayed that you would one day serve with all of your being. There is nothing too great or small that you would not do for her. Anything that is within your power to give to her will be given gratefully. You will honor her with the fruits of your efforts. You would never consider giving her less than your best. She deserves it.

You cannot imagine a day without her wisdom guiding your life. She knows best. She knows what you need,and molds you towards that purpose. All you have to do is come to her humbly on bended knee,and profess your consent. Profess that you are unworthy,but crave nothing more than to be reinvented in the image which pleases her most. Come to her begging,and bearing gifts for your Goddess. Be not miserly when presenting her that which is her due. Impress her with the generosity of your wallet,and willingness to sacrifice so that she may have,whilst you go without. You neither need nor want possessions,for Mz Sydney deserves it all.

Easy come easy go in FinDom

Over the years I have had many submissives come and go. It is to be expected. Sometimes life simply gets in the way,or unfortunately it happens that a submissive has failed in their oath of service to me,and must be released. Just as well I have had submissives crawl back to my perfect feet
when their circumstances have altered for the better. Now one might assume that I would deny reinstatement to service,but that is not always so. If the submissive and I parted on good terms,meaning that they did not totally piss me off,or lie to me,than I am open to negotiations for their return to my feet.
Let's face it,only am imbecile would not beg to be beneath of creamy soles :) They are finely matured perfection!

So you can see plainly that I am capable of compassion for those that have served me well,and parted from me in despair. In fact I often remain friendly with those that have served me in the past. Even to the extent that I send holiday wishes,and periodically check as to their welfare.

Serving Mz Sydney is not all about pain and humiliation. I actually have a humane side that seeks to form a bond beyond fetish. I want to know about my submissives aside from their perversity. Imagine that! You may not always see this side of Mz Sydney,but than you wouldn't unless you were serving me. Alot more goes into forming a FinDom LTR than what you peek from the window.

If you ever want to get beyond the window dressings,than you are going to have to dive in. I am not proposing that you blindly leap,for informed consent if crucial,but if you keep debating the issue,you will talk yourself out of it. Think of what a loss that would be.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that perving from the shadows yanking your wank to the thought of how awesome it would be to serve,is not going to lead you to true submission. It is a shallow pleasure to serve yourself,so unless you are a misogynist,or a broke boy,come into the light of serving Mz Sydney. It is a life changer.

Imagine being the one who is honored with removing my shoes,and sweaty socks.
It is bound to remain just a fantasy if you never take that chance,and no it is not me who will be missing out. The only person you are depriving by not serving Mz Sydney is you.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Time management in FinDom

One of the many labels which I do not desire attached to my brand is timewaster. Such negative connotations associated with a three syllable word. Timewaster is similar to the vanilla word "moist" in that it kinda makes you squirmy inside just hearing the word.

There are a few ways to get this label slapped on you in FinDom,which most commonly falls upon males,but if you break the word down,it can apply to females as well.

Timewasting is simply one who wastes time,perhaps their own,or that of another. Can a FinDomme waste her own time..certainly. How so?

1)She fails to erect safeguards to save herself time(tribute before talk)(deposits before sessions)(cam verification without a token tribute prior)

2)She fails to set limits on conversations before requiring tribute.(If you spend hours,days,weeks,interacting with a "submissive" without requiring tribute,and they bail when you bring it up after wasted your own time)

Onto how I avoid being a timewaster.

1)I will not initiate contact with any submissive who is seeking something that I do not engage in or offer.(hell I do not initiate contact anyway..Mz Sydney does not chase)

2)I make it perfectly clear from the onset of contact exactly what I am into,and redirect prospective submissives to this blog so that they may learn of what is entailed in serving me. This enables them to make an informed decision of whether they desire to continue with the interaction.

3)I never make a promise that I cannot keep.

4)I will not keep on talking with someone that I know full well will not meet my expectations and requirements,or whose that I will not,or cannot meet.

I do not think that anyone really wants the title of timewaster. I certainly do not..but indeed some earn it.

For you submissives out there reading this..think really hard before you approach a FinDomme. Ask yourself these questions before taking that step,so that you do not fall into the timewaster category.

1)Is FinDom a legit fetish of mine?(does it arouse you mentally or physically to give your money to women)

2)Do I enjoy gifting women with items and or cash?(does it make you happy to enrich a woman's life)

3)Can I be loyal to a Domme?(never tell a FinDomme that you want them to own you when all you really want is to slut around)

4)Can I afford to serve as a moneyslave?(working a minimum wage job doesn't even pay your rent,much less leave any over for the luxury of serving a FinDomme)

5)Do I keep my promises?(never overpromise and underdeliver)

6)Do I realize that serving is not about me?(it can never be about you)

If you answered yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,and a resounding yes,than type away :)

In short,do not waste anyone's time,not even your own :) Your stress meter will thank you for it!

Friday, June 23, 2017

FinDomme blocks

Sometimes I ponder if I have more people blocked on fetish sites than there are members on that particular site lol.
It really is rather sad that I have to put forth this much effort to keep negativity out of my online existence.

I recently had a male on CS create an entirely new account just to ask me why I preemptively blocked him,so I thought that it might be a good idea to inform the rest of you as well why I block certain individuals.

1)Your profile photos consist of nothing but dick or asshole pics(wrong wrong wrong,and a big fat fucking ICK!!!)

2)You are anti-FinDom(FinDom is a power exchange I engage in with ALL those that serve me)

3)You speak ill of women in general(disrespectful,and unwarranted negativity)

4)You are seeking a scat Domme(I list scat as a hard limit,yet constantly get hit up for it)

5)You state that you are looking for 24/7(This is NEVER going to be offered by me)

6)You have spoken to me previously,and failed to tribute after being told that in order to continue the interaction,a token of appreciation is required(self-explanatory)

7)You look like a serial killer(Sometimes I see people whose eyes appear dead and devoid of emotion,which seriously freaks me out)

8)You come across as an entitled asshat(ya know the entire ME ME ME mentality,that only works for one of us in a D's relationship,and it ain't you)

9)You epitomize misogyny(Your hatred of women is glaringly obvious)

10)You seek to become a sex slave(lmfao..not in a million years)

11)You are looking for a Mommy to change your nappy(This is so NOT a fetish of mine)

12)You are an extreme fantasist(nope can't live off of me in my basement,nope I won't sever your balls or dick from your body,and no I will not tie you to a tree for ants to bite you,and yes I have been asked that before)

13)You seek a g/f,wife,SO(not going there with you)

14)You want a monogamous relationship with me(unless you are bankrolling my entire life,get out of here)

Wowza long list eh?? Definitely shorter than my block list though :)

A servant of Mz Sydney

A servant of Mz Sydney is many things,but most importantly

1)A servant of Mz Sydney is intelligent.(Ignorance is not appreciated,sought after,nor lauded)

2)A servant of Mz Sydney is respectful to all women.(Respectful to all means ALL,not just those that turn you on)

3)A servant of Mz Sydney is industrious.(You work hard to provide for my luxuries)

4)A servant of Mz Sydney is honest.(Never a lie shall pass your lips to my eyes,nor ears)

5)A servant of Mz Sydney is generous with time and finances.(Being miserly when it comes to my desires is offensive..the only one who is not treated to high price items is YOU)

6)A servant of Mz Sydney is selfless in service.(There is no you in service..but there is an E,because it is all about ME)

7)A servant of Mz Sydney is attentive to her wants and needs.(My amazon wish list was created for you to clear over and over)

8)A servant of Mz Sydney loyally serves only Mz Sydney.(sluts belong in back alleys,not in service to me)

9)A servant of Mz Sydney does not whine,complain,make demands,or act needy.(Respect my time,and my commands..I make the rules)

10)A servant of Mz Sydney sets her happiness as their prime priority in life.(If your expended efforts are not enacted with my happiness in mind,than they are not relevant,therefore not worth engaging in)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sydney's sycophant for life

You know exactly where you belong don't you pet
Right here beneath my feet mewling,purring,begging to serve my every desire. I am all that matters to you. No other woman could compare in your eyes. There is no need for any other woman,just Mz Sydney. She is everything to you. She means more to you than your next breath.
You are nothing without her in your life. She is everything. She is your Goddess. She is the one being that you would do anything to make smile. She is your sun,your moon,and stars. She brings light to the error of your ways,and forces you to see yourself for what you truly are..a sycophant for Mz Sydney. A puppet for her happiness. You would want no life without her.
Pleasing her every whim has became an unquenchable passion for you. You wake with the thought of her almighty presence first and foremost in your mind. You drift off to sleep with the lullaby of her soft laughter serenading your dreams. No other would ever do for you. Only Mz Sydney,always Mz Sydney,forever Mz Sydney. All that you are,and all that you will ever be belong to Mz Sydney. You desire nothing more than to surrender to her,to sacrifice for her,to suffer for her,to serve her. Your dreams,your hopes,your very reality all revolve around one thing....Mz Sydney.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A taste of toes

I know that you sit there in the dark looking at the photos I post of my silky soled wrinkled mature foot perfection. I am truly your Foot Fetish Goddess in the flesh :) You think yourself perverse for getting so aroused at the sight of my perfectly pedicured peds don't you? It is ok though...I give you permission to fantasize about what it would be like to slip my sexy toes into your mouth one by one til your mouth is stuffed full of their yummy goodness. I bet you can feel the drool dripping down your chin right now just thinking about it.
How could any foot worshiper resist such a bounty of beauty...they couldn't,so don't feel bad about it. Give in to your's ok to crave the sight,scent,and taste of Mz Sydney's sinful soles and toes. Is it getting warmer in here? 

Do you close your eyes and imagine yourself sliding your tongue in between each toe? You love it don't you? You cannot imagine anything hotter than my wrinkled soles right there in your face..the sight of my soles,the heat of my flesh,the feel of them so tantalizingly close to your lips. This is your own slice of heaven on earth. Fucking scorching isn't it? I bet your little dicklet is throbbing thinking about it.

Here is the catch though gents,and yes there is always a catch in life. None shall cum to the feet of Mz Sydney without her permission,and that permission is not granted to any and all of sundry. You will have to be a good pet for me to ever receive the honor of my feet in your face.

Being a good pet means making my happiness your foremost priority. Mz Sydney comes before anything,and anyone else. Mz Sydney must be the focal point of your existence. Mz Sydney will be the reason you wake in the morning,and the purpose for you going to work. Your only goal being the enrichment of Mz Sydney's life with your financial contribution. You work for Mz Sydney. You work for her happiness. You work to finance her luxury,and make no doubt that serving her is your luxury. A pauper would never be able to worship her in the way that you will. You want to worship her don't you? You need to worship her. You cannot,nor do not want to imagine a life where you are not serving her desires.

You have found your nirvana,and her name is Mz Sydney. Welcome home pet.