Friday, May 27, 2016

Do NOT follow his example


written :
I am writing to you because I've been Dommeless for almost 5 years now and have been having terrible luck finding someone.(BECAUSE YOU ARE A SELFISH DOUCH CANOE) I have bad anxiety and have a hard time trusting people. My first experience with femdom was when I was in college. I found that I needed a disciplinarian to help keep me in line and make sure I went to class, did my work, and got good grades. This was largely due to the lack of discipline I received growing up.(FANCIES HIMSELF AS A PSYCHOLOGIST) I spent a lot of my college life wearing panties with a thick maxi, kneeling in the corner, and bending over for hard spankings. I also had a bedtime between 7 and 10 pm and learned that it was my job to eat pussy and ass rather than worrying about my own pleasure.(WANKING AS HE TYPES UP THIS BULLSHIT FANTASY)
Today I am doing much better with my life. I've been working on quitting gambling and am trying to get out of debt.(PERFECT MATCH FOR A FINDOMME ISN'T HE) I would love to find someone to submit to again. Although I am sure discipline would probably be an aspect of my submission I would love to be more of a service sub.(TELLING ME HOW TO DOMINATE HIM THE WAY HE LIKES) I want to be a benefit to woman rather than a task. In the past I was mostly just disciplined.
I'd would really enjoy finding a friend that I could come see on weekends and perform some domestic services like cleaning, laundry, and doing the dishes. Then maybe it could grow into more of a disciplinary role.(TOPPING ROLE ALL SCRIPTED OUT FOR ME,HOW SWEET)
Also if it progresses to the point where we are both comfortable I'd like to take 10 days off of work in early August (to correspond with my birthday) where I could be severely punished/disciplined. Hopefully I could come stay with you and during the day do chores and labor, corner time, or closet grounding. Any even minor infraction would need very harsh physical punishments and then I could be put to bed early. There are some things I'd like to be disciplined for that are on my profile.(OH GOD YES I WANT TO PAY FOR SOMEONE TO COME STAY IN MY HOME FREE OF COST,AND ABSORB THE EXPENSE OF FOOD,WATER,NOT TO MENTION MY LOSS OF FREE TIME SPENT MAKING ALL OF HIS FANTASIES COME TRUE,WHAT A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME!!!) I will also be in Kansas for a week during July.
I have pictures I can send but it takes me a few days to overcome my anxiety. If you are interested in talking more please let me know.(OF COURSE I AM DYING TO SEE PHOTOS OF A BROKE ASS LOSER WHO IS TRYING TO USE ME FOR HIS PERSONAL FANTASY FULFILLMENT DISPENSER)
If any of this interests you please let me know. I am not wealthy but a normal middle class person living paycheck to paycheck but I am working on getting out of debt but do have the means to travel.(WOW HE CAN TRAVEL BUT NOT TRIBUTE...I AM SO LUCKY!) I can still be bratty at times and am sure I would benefit from some pretty strict discipline.
If any of this interests you let me know. Thank you for taking time to read my message."


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Monday, May 23, 2016

Do not shit where you want to play

I have been horridly busy as of late with life,so pardon for my neglect of you readers.

One thing I would like to share today is a rather odd story of non-fiction.
A couple of months ago a male contacted me on at first he seemed fairly normal,but then after a few days the script flipped. Mind you this male had willingly sent tribute(no coercion required,not my style anyway),but then he went one day out of the blue,he sent me a message maligning my character,and person. Color me shocked at that point. Regardless of his lack of manners and decency,I did wish him well on his journey,and shoved the experience into the trash bin in my mind.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago,lo and behold a message shows up in my inbox asking how I progress. Needless to say,I was astounded at the sheer audacity this male possesses in thinking that I perhaps am plagued with amnesia or the like. Seriously like, WHAT THE HELL. Are males truly that lacking in intelligence? You tell me,if you went up to a stranger on the street and cussed them out for no obvious reason,would you then expect them to merrily wave hello,and call out "good morning" when you seen them a month later? If so,then you deserve a billy club to the head.

Of course I reminded this being of their derogatory comments relayed to me,and received absolutely no apology,not even a half ass excuse. At this time I am of the belief that he is seriously bat shit. It leads me to wonder just how many exactly like him orbit in the same sphere as me..scary is it not.

So,heads up for the rest of you,if you ever find yourself spewing hatred at me,DO NOT ever expect to come to my feet again for any reason. I bear no forgiveness nor mercy for such behavior.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Anything for you

If you start off in the first conversation saying that you will do anything for me,I am going to test you,and you are going to fail. Uttering such words at the onset is a definite sign of a what I refer to as a wank stain. It goes in the same box as someone saying that they have no limits. Everytime I see those words my inner dialogue reel kicks in screaming out "BULLSHIT BULLSHIT"

No sane being is going to offer to do anything,or allow anything to be done to them by a total stranger. Offering yourself in such a way is feasible only once you have come to know someone well,and have established trust,otherwise it is a farce at best,and a lie at worst.

This offer initially stems from either a fantasy film which plays out in a male's mind,or that reckless lust that has been known to drench all good sense. Human beings have a way of creating a fantasy role of who someone is,regardless if it is true in reality. You boys see an attractive woman,and automatically you begin designing scenarios of her naked,you fucking her,her tying you up and fisting your ass etc...when it actuality she may notice you not at all. You may be not even a blip on her radar..yet you listen to the the blood engorging your dicket,and end up making an ass of yourself by blurting out the sick shit that runs through your mind,and ruining any chance you had at coming to know her. Perhaps this is why males are always advised to think with the big head not the small one hmm.

My advice to you gents,is to take a breath before you pop into the inbox of a woman,and to proof read what you just typed out one handed. If your words sound like a script from a femdom porn film,delete them,DO NOT HIT SEND! Talk to her like you would a stranger you just met on the street,ya know,MANNERS. Say hello,but not just hello. Ask permission to interact with her. Display that you have not just warped from caveman days,and absolutely do not show her your penis,do not even talk about your penis! Women who have been around the block online,recognize the signs of those seeking out some wank spank,so keep it vanilla til she gives sign that she is prepared to delve into fetish discussions. Then offer up a prayer that you will pique her interest :)

Friday, May 13, 2016

No sale tag

Some of you boys are coming into the scene thinking that it is a buyers market. One where you can get anything you want,from anyone you want for rock bottom prices..sort of like a flea market. You let your fingers stroll down the aisle of vendors til you locate exactly the packaging you find most attractive,and begin to haggle with the seller,using the lines such as:so and so does JOI for $10,or Miss whatshername provides CEI and humiliation for $5. Aw boys boys boys,does this tactic yield success? If you say yes,than chalk yourself up as a LOSER,a cheap objectifier of women,and a being who disrespects women. This behavior makes it clear that you are a misogynist masquerading in a submissive's skin sack. Why else would you treat women in such a manner?

Submission may not come with a handbook,but surely any lackwit can recognize that to submit means to relinquish,and if all you are relieving yourself of is a load of cum,than you are not a submissive,nor are you serving anyone but your own selfish self. This is definitely not a feat to be proud of,in fact you should be ashamed of yourself. Why bother to come into the world of female domination if you are not prepared to be dominated? I know that females sell domination sessions catered to your base desires,and that you can purchase or even pirate tons of femdom clips. Hell you can find all the free "femdom" porn online to wear the skin off your dick and hand,so it is idiocy to venture into an arena where you truly are not at the top of the chain.

Femdom is not just a wank session,and whoever is feeding your tiny little organ with such nonsense should be caned severely. That ego you tote around like a favored trophy is useless here. That pus pocket in your pants is of no value either. Submission is not SEX,it is not about getting off,it is not about you getting what you want,or having things your way. Why is this so difficult to comprehend?

There is an entire scene which will play into your fantasies(find a cam site,or buy clips,and maybe find a seller of sessions),but do not,and I mean do not approach a woman like you are browsing the wares at a garage sale,cause not every woman's domination is for sale. I for one do not give a damn how much money you have(or the salary which exists in your head only) if you are not humble,and willing to submit to my will,and my way. Trying to buy my time is an insult,one which you will not be forgiven for. Tributes to me are a gift,and they guarantee you nothing. The only way to ensure that you get my notice is by pleasing me with your demeanor,your approach,and your wallet,so unless this is your intention,let's save each other time,and not start that which will bear no fruit.