Thursday, May 10, 2018

Goddess Sydney will remake you

Welcome my little mutants and minions to the sanctuary of Goddess Sydney

This is not your safe space. Here is where I insidiously take over your mind til you are nothing but that of my making. This is the place where I will teach, mold, and create within you, a new you. 

1)A better you
2)A more efficient you
3)A more productive you
4)An altruistic you

You will essentially become a you that I find useful towards the realization of my goals. What are my goals? They are simple, and never covert.

1)I want slaves who obey my commands
2)I want slaves who are devoted to intuitively anticipating my commands
3)I want slaves that recognize, accept, and embrace the fact that they are useless without my guidance in their lives
4)I want slaves who strive to better themselves financially, so that they may contribute, and benefit my life

My end game is transparent. I will not stoop to attempts which mislead or misrepresent my desires. This is a lifestyle choice for you. An opportunity to grow beyond the dictates of society, which mandates that you as a male must receive tangible rewards for output on your part. The rewards you shall be enriched with are not based in the physical, rather they will be emotional and spiritual. 

You will progress to the point where you automatically seek to give to Goddess. You will not ponder what you have to gain from it. Your only thought will be "I hope that my sacrifice is pleasing to her". Your pleasure in sacrifice comes from knowing that you have served a purpose. A purpose far grander than any you have ever engaged in. Your thoughts, and actions will exist outside the normal male dictates. In essence you will become a being suitable to serve a Goddess.

Your worries will no longer be "what do I get" instead they will focus upon "how can I do more". You will want to do more. You will want to sacrifice more. It will become second nature to you. Sacrificing will become your orgasm, because it feels so good to be of use. You want that "good" feeling. You want to hear those blissful 2 words. "Good boy". You need to hear those words. You will work hard, you will struggle, you will suffer, you will sacrifice just to hear those words.

You know that you are not worthy of the notice of a Goddess, but you are determined to earn her attention. Today is the first day of your journey, today you will take the first step, today you will begin to change. What is that first step? Send an amazon gift card right now to and start your new life.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Crude and cruel for the sake of it

Welcome to all who are worshipers of Goddess Sydney

As of late I have really been trying to impart to you gents the importance of changing your ways for the better. Has it made any effect? My hope is that it has, but only time will tell.

With that in mind, let's talk about a recurring scenario which males seem to be repetitively repeating. 

You message a woman that you find (attractive, interesting, cool, etc..) but either immediately or within a few exchanges, she relays that you are not a good match for what she seeks. Do you say

A) "no problem, thanks for your time"
B) or do you get burnt up angry and say "fuck you, you fat,ugly, bitch" 

A is the correct response by the way. 

I realize that rejection is not something which males deal with well, but my goodness, that level of immaturity in option B is unwarranted.  There is no need to make personal something that in all likelihood was not personal. 

This is a prime example of why I stress reading profiles, and researching a Domme before you contact her. Her list of hard limits may be the very activities that you are looking for, or you may be seeking to serve in a manner that she has zero use for, or interest in. This is not her fault, and she definitely is not deserving of verbal abuse for her preferences when choosing a submissive who suits her needs. 

Here is a sad truth. Some of you do this very thing, not because you really wanted to serve this woman, or even out of anger for being denied, but rather because you are hoping and praying that she will get angry enough to inject a load of venom into her retort. That is truly pathetic, and you know does not even work most of the time. Stop wasting time that cannot be bought back!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Reality is a slap in your submissive face

Welcome minions of mine, to the world of Goddess Sydney Claire!

How many times has reality bitch slapped you since jumping on the submissive fetish bandwagon? I would wager, a few times lol, and you have deserved it.

You get all hyped up, and lose your mind when the blood flow pools south of the belt line don't you? Yuppers you do. You are fooling yourself though tsk tsk. You get it in your head that you are special, that you are the premiere male with a foot fetish, an ass fetish, etc....
but it just ain't so.

Truth be known, you are no different than the thousands of other males world wide with the very same fetishes. Each and every one of you is running raggedly delusional. Your fetishes, your desires, your wants, your turn ons do not set you apart from the crowd. In fact you blend into the nameless, faceless majority. No woman will remember you, or differentiate you from the countless fools who contact her each and every day with the same worn out statements.

Not even your proclamations of being a "true submissive" is going to gain you any leeway. FemDommes have heard it all, please believe that. You can scream it to the heavens about how you are not like the rest, but if you do not validate those words with actions, than you are exactly like the rest of your dick beating brethren. 

You must stand out in order to be recognized, much less remembered. How do you go about that though?

1)Get your hand off your dick, and keep it off
2)Speak like a human being, rather than a simplified slang slinging text speaking bot
3)Put forth the effort of reading her profiles to learn about her expectations first
4)Send an original message, and forgo the copy and paste chain mail you normally remit
5)Focus your message upon how you can serve her wants, and her needs, not yours
6)Get that wallet out, and tribute to show that you appreciate her as a person
7)Be patient, and wait for her reply without sending message after message

*It honestly is within your best interests to follow the above advice.*

Now get off your arse, and make your submissive journey matter! 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Motivational Monday Mantra

Welcome to the world of Goddess Sydney Claire

Today my minions I want you humbled in prayer to your Goddess, repeating your Monday mantra "The more I give to Goddess, the more grace I receive in submission".

Sacrificing for Goddess enriches your life spiritually, and deepens the bond of submission. You are transcended beyond the everyday desire for material riches for self. You recognize that the fruits of your labors are meant to be in the hands of Goddess, for she is your living inspiration of divinity. 

It is to her that you pledge your worldly goods, and spoils. She alone is worthy of all you possess. You are a better man in service to Goddess. 

Discard the past, and embrace your future....Goddess Sydney. Her happiness is your beacon of hope. Her laughter is the music that resonates within your soul. Her smile is your light in the dark. You are bereft without her presence in your life, which is why you will strive to do all within your power to ensure that your sacrifice is worthy of her goodness. 

Today my minions you are called upon to kneel and pledge your fealty of service, by sending amazon gift cards to

Transform yourself into a better you

Welcome my cult of minions

Today I want to talk to you about transformation. Specifically in reference to transforming yourself into a useful, viable submissive male. At this point you are a wet wad of clay. You have no pleasing form, nor usefulness to me, and that is what we are going to change.

Being useful as a submissive is one of the top perks of owning a male. You want to be seen as having value don't you? If you possess no value in the open market of ownership, than you will be left outside the awe inspiring, earth shattering, orgasmic circle ride of being owned. It is no fun being ostracized from something that you really want to partake of. You don't want to be barred from having fun do you?

Have you been following the steps I shared with you a couple of posts previously? These were just the beginning of your total transformation. We now embark upon phase 2.

Starting this day, you will spend a total of 10 minutes each day kneeling in the corner of your bedroom, facing the wall. Your eyes are to be closed, head bowed, and your hands supine upon your thighs. This will aid you in freeing your body, and your mind of all constraints at this time. This is time you will devote towards reflection of your past thoughts and actions, and determine how they have held you back from submitting fully as you are meant to. You will weigh your thoughts and actions, and discard those that do not benefit the empowerment of your submission to Goddess Sydney. You will pare them down to only those that create positivity in her life, and increase the possibility of providing for her happiness, thereby freeing your mind from all selfish non-serving intrusions. This is your commune time with Goddess. This is her time, and you will not soil it with thoughts of self gratification. 

This is such a minimal effort to expend. Surely you can achieve this goal daily, so do not balk at it. Do not allow yourself to find excuses to get out of it. Devote the time, and enrich your submission to Goddess Sydney.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hide and seek Femdom

Welcome to the musings, words of wisdom, and salacious speakings of the one and only Goddess Sydney Claire!!

 Many of you ponder and philosophize on how you can or will be able to find a Dominant woman to serve, and I am here to show you the way. 

Let us begin first with the how not to find one, thereby saving you time and effort in traveling down the wrong road.

These are just a few, seeing as I have no desire to wear your brain out

1)displaying your genitals on your profile, or relaying photographic evidence of them without being asked 

2)assuming that you have the right to a woman's time or attention

3)treating a woman like she is a sexual object created for the sole purpose of providing you with stimulating (wink wink) entertainment

4)attempting to goad a woman into talking to you, or fulfilling your fetish wishes (no doubt you are familiar with the double dog dare ya reverse psychology techniques)

5)employing a futile guilt trip to get your way

6)relaying vapid played out compliments

7)Do not wax on about yourself (ie your kinks, and desires)

Ok, onto a brief how to section

1)Do be honest about your intentions, limitations, and situation in life

2)Do be well mannered in your speech and actions when interacting with a woman

3)Do take the time to read her profiles, and social media posts (this will save you time in the long run, I promise!)

4)Do take rejection graciously, and move on. You cannot force a woman to accept you by insulting her. 
5)Do be emotionally healthy

6)Do be willing and able to make her a priority in your life, cause if not,  you are shortchanging both of you.

7)Do be willing and able to invest yourself in her happiness.

For now I will hold off on getting more in depth..definitely do not want to overtax your synapses lol

I have provided you with enough information to give you a credible start, that is if you truly are desirous of finding a Dominant to serve.

Friday, April 20, 2018

What are you

Welcome minions and malcontents to the musings of Femdom Goddess Sydney Claire

Do you know your place in the femdom society? If not, than I am more than willing to shove the bitter pill of truth down your throat..try not to gag on it sweetie :)

You are nothing more than a loser for Sydney Claire. That's right are my faithful sidekick, and I am the heroic Goddess who saved you from your patriarchal sponsored delusions of entitlement. You are officially indebted to me for life. Start paying up boys :)