Friday, December 12, 2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

To Worship a Goddess

What does the title of this post mean to you? Ponder your response whilst I enlighten you with data which you may not have taken into consideration.

Wiki defines worship as such

"Worship is an act of religious devotion usually directed towards a deity. An act of worship may be performed individually, in an informal or formal group, or by a designated leader.
Worship asserts the reality of its object and defines its meaning by reference to it"

 with the origin being "The word is derived from the Old English weorþscipe, meaning worship, honour shown to an object,which has been etymologised as "worthiness or worth-ship"—to give, at its simplest, worth to something"

Now I ask you,what does the word worship mean to you? Does your definition differ from what is posted above? If you are male,and reading this,then I am going to go out on a limb,and bet that it does. How can I possibly know this,whelp it is certainly not because I possess the power of extra sensory perception. It is simply that I know the nature of the male beast,which has been proven day in and day out when one takes the time to read through the dialogue males post.

The term worship has become entirely convoluted,especially within the lovely findom fetish. Rather than males bowing down,and sincerely offering honor,it has now jumped the precipice of insult. I know not,nor care for the state of your immortal or lack thereof soul,rather my query would be if any of you regardless of whether you are a Christian,buddist,muslim etc...would walk up to the icon of your choosing,and spew out the words"Oh I worship your ass,tits,pussy,(you get my point yes????)

Of course you would not think to dish out such dishonor,so why then would you do so to one whom you claim as your Goddess? It is beyond reprehensible. Oh and yes I am aware that many upon many females bear no issue with this type of interaction,and that is their prerogative,not mine. My views have always,and will forever be that worship is NOT sexual in nature,I mean seriously do you see any mention of sex,or sexuality within the frame of the definition provided? How does your dick getting hard by looking at anatomy parts equate to worship? It simply doesn't,so please do refrain from attempting to argue the point. Either way you are wrong.

Now blah blah blah disclaimer,yes I know not all males are like this,so no need to say it.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Serving or sessions

When I am screening a male for consideration to me,one of the predominant methods of ascertaining whether he is a viable candidate is to assess whether he wants for me or from me. Now if he wants from me,then he is automatically filed into the undesirable bin,and passed along,but if he is one of the very rare jewels whom wants for me,well then he is moved up to the front of the line. This process of weeding out is one of the surest routes that I know of as it is always successful.

As to how it works,that is simple. Seeing as I do not make initial contact,a male is placed in the position of gathering up his courage to reach out to me first,and generally by the lines of his first missive I am able to form an opinion of whether or not I desire to block or reply,which saves me precious time,that could have been wasted. Now you may be asking yourself,how can she tell that quickly if a male is worth her time,and the answer is that I have learned through experience,but I am willing to divulge a few tips.

 Boys if you are starting your correspondence with self centered motivation(I will see it) just from the words you elect to employ,such as "I want,I like,I need" I I I...yup you have just shown me that all you are focused on is you,and that is not the point of service. Another no no is spewing out fetish porn dialogue right off the bat,once again you are waving the wanker flag,and I am done with you before you began. Continuing forward. Do not send a little message saying "hi",why not,well it conveys laziness,and that is something that I avoid like the plague,nor do you put your best foot forward with a wee penis pic(ugh hot pokers in the eyes are preferable to that)

If any of what I described above resembles you,then welcome to the majority of men on the fetish sites,you are no longer in the minority. Before you get your dander flying,I am not condemning males whom are just around to get off and log out. What I am saying though is that you are worthless to any woman seeking actual service,and no most Dominas do not want to be your fapping friend. I truly wish I knew whom started that bullshit spiel about ladies getting off watching men pulling their little puds,so that I could slap them in the face with a flaccid wand. Seriously boys who told you that females want to turn on their cam,and masturbate watching you shove objects up your ass,or playing with your pecker? Now this is not entirely true,but do you know why? Yup cause there are tons of sites dedicated to women masturbating for your viewing pleasure,and even doing so whilst you are displaying your goods to them,BUT you are failing to realize that this is not the modus operandi for every site,in fact it is not one for most sites.

I digress,but my point is that,you know full well from the get go whether you are here to serve or to session with a cam model,and it is your responsibility to know which type of lady you are approaching prior to doing so. You waste more than your own time when you contact a Domina whom expects to be served if you are in it to win the sticky finger salute,so do everyone a favor,and join the sites where you are most likely to obtain your goal,whether it be serving or sessioning,and in the long run you will be happy that you did.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Where oh where have I been

Some of you may have noticed,whilst others could not care less that I have been absent,or rarely around over the last couple of weeks,which has been quite refreshing for me personally. I mentioned awhile back that I had received a substantial salary upgrade,and along with that came extended work hours due to accepting more responsibilities,which equates to less time and availability for the fetish activities I enjoy. This by no means is suggestive of me brushing aside the possibility of accepting submissive gentlemen into my gilded stables,rather in fact I am anticipating my due worship as a Goddess amongst males,but my criteria has narrowed the parameters of whom I will deem worthy.

In the past I condescended to respond to all those that craved a moment of my time,so long as they did not barrage my eyes with undesirable photos,but now my time constraints will not allow for such,which means that my response will be gifted only upon those that treat it as an honor,not a right. Life and the time allotted to us as human beings is finite and beyond priceless,so I feel no overwhelming need to connect with every person whom contacts me. Now I hope that my message conveys to you exactly my supreme intent,and for those that cannot break it down properly,I will be kind enough to make it crystal for you.

My attention is for only those that worship and serve as a submissive or gentleman admirer are meant to. This means once again(and why I have to keep repeating this is beyond me)that I will not,nor have I ever accepted performing sessions,as they are not what serving a dominant means to me. Nor do I care to be a voyeur to your displays of anal insertions,or any activity which brings forth an orgasm for you. Chastity and financial domination are the loves of my fetish heart,so to offer me less will find you rebuked.

I am not one to play cute games. I am brutally blunt,and straightforward in my expectations. There is not enough time in the day for me to develop a tolerance for catering to male fantasies,and the very fact that I proclaim myself a female supremacist should have already clued you into that. I am a serious minded thinking being,but that is not indicative of a droll personality,merely that I possess no desire to align myself with any whom are playing at being submissive to women with their dick in hand. To me,submission is not based upon sex or masturbation,and if your dick needs to be erect to serve,then I want no part of you. Service itself should be an intellectual and emotional nirvana which leaves you tingly,breathless,and blessed,not perpetuated upon seed coating your hand.

With all of this stated,you are welcome to display your interest in serving me,so long as this is exactly what you are prepared to do. If you are an unsure soul stumbling along,then I advise you to get yourself in order before you utter a peep,and lastly for the ones whom declare that they need time to get to know me,whelp that is what my blog site is for,but be warned you will actually have to spend your time reading it,so if you are just too lazy for that type of exertion,then I am not one whom will find you worth my efforts either.

The above opinions and statements are mine alone,and not meant as a hard rule for the entirety of my peers,and with that said,none of it applies to any ladies reading this,as I always welcome friendship and conversation with other awesome fetish femmes :)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The photo says it all. If you were one of the lovely males whom sacrificed for my holy day,then I bid you my thanks,but if you were not,then you are obviously not worthy of worshiping divinity,and I bid you adieu.