Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Happily attached

Hello to one and all who have found their way to my slice of femdom.

I am not a fan of shades of grey when it comes to submissive males knowing exactly where I stand, and my limits, so in that vein I shall endeavor to clear up a misconception which was brought to my attention today.

I am NOT an unattached female. I am not single and ready to mingle with beta males, and even if I were unattached, I would not be drawn to date betas. I do not care how big your dick or even your wallet is, if you are coming into my service with the expectation that we are going to be dating, sleeping together, or anything remotely similar, you are in for a pitiful letdown. That will never be in the tarot cards for us.

Yes I want you to love me, but that love must come with a tether which forces you to understand that a servant is all you will ever be to me. It will never evolve into the "some kind of wonderful" type of romance or even a "9 1/2 weeks" torrid affair.  Do not allow yourself to be deluded into believing that you are more than you are to me. 

I have never hidden the fact that I am not available, nor that I am NOT attracted to beta males. This is not going to change, and no you cannot convince me otherwise. I am happy with my romantic life, and your only available role in regards to my love life, is that of a cuckold. Of course I adore when males are intelligent enough to recognize their place, and signify it by sending gift cards to provide for items that my significant other and I will both enjoy, but you possess zero chance of replacing him in my affections, so be a good boy, and get sending sweet little cucky gifts :)

Have I made myself clear? Yay..and yes I was serious about getting on the gift giving wagon.


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Eternity without the salvation of Sydney Claire

Welcome to the Femdom empire of Goddess Sydney Claire

This is my realm, and my control reigns supreme here. 

This is my wonderland, but alas you possess no entrance ticket. Why is that? Could it be because you have failed to be worthy of any distinction in my world? I do think that may be the very reason. 

You are thereby consigned to the hell of only catching the minuscule glimpses I toss into the scene. You are barred from the honor of knowing me in any manner other than the very sad for you. I would almost say that I pity you, but that would be a lie, for I think of you not at all.

The path to my domain is indeed narrow, and only the chosen few shall ever kneel at the feet of my divine self. The gate will forever be closed to those who fail to come humble, selfless, and generous. Woe is you little cockwomble. 

I cannot even imagine what it must be like to be frozen out, to be banished in the dark abyss of my disregard. How does it feel? Do you wake every day wishing that you could change your circumstances, and my opinion of you? Do you sicken of being so far beneath my notice that you might as well not exist? 

What are you willing to do? How far are you willing to go? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to gain your heart's desire in service to me? No, don't bother me with telling me how desperate you are to warm yourself in my presence. Shower me with your appreciation, shower me with your adoration. Leave off worthless words, and bring forth the actions which will alter your life forever.

If you continue to lurk and wait, you just may find yourself eternally damned without my guidance, my domination, or even a smidgen of my regard. Wake up little fool, for you are pissing your chance away upwind. Know truthfully that I shall not miss you at all, but you on the other hand will regret the lost opportunity til the day you finally wither in the flesh, and time absconds with your memories. Ask yourself once this really how you want your life to it enough for you? 

You know what you must do it! No more excuses, no more lies. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Smoke in the wind

Welcome to those that brave the gauntlet of choppy findom seas to reach my Fempire :)

I enjoyed a lovely disconnected weekend! For the past couple of months, I have been getting away from my electronics on the weekends, so that I can reconnect with simply living my life unencumbered from the distractions of the internet. It is absolutely glorious! I opened up my mind, and drove up to KC to visit the Truman Library. It was awesome by the way.

I have gained so much clarity from the disconnect experience. I used to believe that I had to be online all of the time in order to be relevant in the findom world, but ya know what...relevance is a matter of perspective. I never aimed to be the darling of findom, or the brightest star, or even the most financially successful. My goal has always been to just be me, and that me is not glued to the net. 

I do not want to sell a million clips, or reach a million followers, or listen to a million sycophants falsely proclaim their unwavering devotion. My aim is much more singular in nature. I seek out, and embrace only those that honestly desire to be of use to me...not for a moment, or the space of time it takes to jack off. I am referring to those rare jewels who really do want to enrich my life, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the difference between the 2 types of males who inhabit the findom scene. What are the 2 types you ask..simple 1)Those who want from you 2)Those who want for you. Can you guess which type I desire as much as I would desire to drink curdled milk? Bet ya know :)

One of the other tidbits I have seen through opened eyes, is the sheer shallowness of the male mindset online. I can take one look at a female online, and know how well she is going to be received. How is that possible? It comes from constantly watching how males interact with women, who they choose to speak to, follow, and tribute. I have no doubt that others can see it as plain as day as well. It is not a guarded secret my friend. It simply is what it has always been, and always will be, and to be honest, I weary of those inane games. I have no desire to try to play at being something I am not.

Many have doubted me when I stated clearly that I am not here to make cocks cum, or that I do not find it complimentary when males reduce me down to my sex. I am not present in this lifetime for males. It could not be more clear. I am not all about making males feel special, worthy, relevant, or even wanted. I do not need to, and I seriously could not care less.

While on the subject of why I am not in existence, I am definitely not a trained therapist, so please, if you have mental health issues, seek a professional, and no I do not mean a dominatrix. In order to be successful in your submission, you must be healthy in mind. You need to have your shit together in order to serve. That is the truth. Submission will not cure you of mental health issues. It will not make all of your ills vanish. It may mask your problems for a short time, but it is not a cure, so if your heart is set on serving, get yourself set first. 

So, unless you are serious about being an asset to me, I will be as evasive as smoke in the wind my friend.

I look forward to hearing from those of you who are prepared to dedicate your existence towards my the rest I say, you have ceased to exist in my Fempire.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Give your all, give your best

Welcome one and all to the Femdom Empire of Goddess Sydney Claire

I am massively excited!! Why why why? Cause I am picking up my new ride tomorrow..subby funded of course :) I adore my life, and you adore me. 

Are you ready to make that change in your life? Are you ready to be owned by a woman who knows exactly what she wants, and when she wants it, without a single qualm about demanding her due from the male species? Are you ready to serve a Goddess who will never allow you to forget your purpose in life? Do you know what that purpose is?

You sole purpose in life is to serve Sydney. To do any and all things I require. To sacrifice wealth, and sex life for me. To live for my happiness. To truly become selfless. 

I realize that you get all caught up in your selfish self, but that is just making your life a misery. You will NEVER be at peace with yourself so long as you focus on you. Enrichment, and satisfaction comes from serving Sydney with all of your being.

You will not stop striving to better yourself for me. You will work long and hard, scrimp, suffer, and finally ejaculate that big load of cash into my hands. Doesn't that sound absofuckinlutely amazing?? What a grand life for you. You will receive the pleasure of knowing that you have pleased me, and as a male that should be a primary goal. You want to surpass your goals don't you? Of course you do, and I am here to guide you down the path to your final destination at the feet of Sydney Claire. Your Goddess, and your purpose.

Come little puppets, and you will at long last find your place.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Strong Women Dominate

Welcome welcome to those that have ventured this far into the realm of Femdom Goddess Sydney Claire

Do take a seat, and get comfortable so to speak, because this may take a hot moment.

I have been mia for some time over the last few months, and a few of you did reach out to ascertain whether I was well, and I do want to relay that I appreciate your concern on my behalf, but all is well with me. It is quite easy to tire of riding the merry go round over and over, and what I mean by that, is that my brain sickened of hearing the same excuses, and attempts at deceit on the daily. I needed a break from the cycle, so I logged off, and took it upon my self to travel around the states, and strengthen my bonds with family, and friends, which on it's own did much to alleviate the disappointment of continuing online drama sagas. 

I will tell you right now that if you spend inordinate amounts of time online interacting with males, than you will soon tire as well. Online behavior is not reflective of real life actions, least I surely hope not, for if so, than males are doomed as a sex. I have encountered the very worst type of behaviors displayed by males online, and it unfortunately does skew one's views and opinions in relation to the entire gender. 

Fortunately for me, clarity did come with distance, which means that I am back, but I will definitely be handling things much differently. My tolerance for lies, selfishness, and drama is at an all time low. Life truly is too short to accept into my company those that are undeserving of it. 

Other changes include
What is it that I do not care about...your dick, your erections, your orgasms. None of the mentioned items are essential or even relevant towards my happiness, and satisfaction in life, and since my FemDomPire is all about me, well that means that anything or anyone who is not benefiting the FemDomPire is undesirable, and rejected.

The entirety of male focus online is their dick, and taking action to gratify that appendage. This is unacceptable in service to me. 

I do not want to hear about what your dick wants. I do not want to see pictures of your dick. I do not want to help you make your dick ejaculate. I want nothing to do with your dick period.

The goal of a submissive is to please whoever holds their reins, and that should be the entire basis behind their statements and actions. There is no room in the relationship for submissive self. You are either serving, or you are seeking to be served, and the latter is not welcome in my empire.  

I was a no nonsense woman prior to my vacation, and even more so now. I will allot zero time to those that do not have themselves sorted out in submission. There is no in between with me. You are either here to submit to my will, or you will not sit in my inbox. If you are hoping to find a woman who will play your games, than you are seeking in the wrong direction. I am not about to cater to you or your wants. A strong woman is not ruled by a man's cock. She follows her own path, and is stronger for the sake of that decision, and I am a strong woman.

So now, if you are serious in your submission, and prepared and willing to be ruled by a woman who an iron will, than you have come to the right place, so query up, and get on sending gifts to worship a Goddess among women.

Friday, June 8, 2018

No free samples findom

Hello and welcome to the wondrous world of Goddess Sydney Claire

The time has come honey chile to clear up a misconception. There is no such thing as findom free samples. There is no period of testing it out with a FinDomme financially risk free, and definitely no money back guarantee. Where do you guys come up with these silly notions anyway?

If you want to be dominated by a FinDomme, than you are going to have to open up your wallet to find out if it suits you. I am not saying that you have to go broke with the first tribute, but do send what your typical first date would budget for. No wants appreciates a cheapskate, so do not be one in regards to tribute. 

Sure there are some of you who feel the desire to get to know a Domme before you tribute, which does not mean attempting to suck up her time and energy doing so. Ladies fill out profiles, create websites, broadcast their views on social media forums etc..
By doing so, they have created the means for you to get to know them before you ever approach them, and that is a win win. Unfortunately for those of a slothful nature, this will prove to be a too taxing task, so of course they will not pursue it, and us Ladies will know right away that they have not done any legwork, thereby freeing us to employ the block button. 

You do not want to be blocked do you?

Spend the time, do your homework, and stay to the shadows til you are prepared to tribute. It is that simple. You like when things are simplified for you, don't you? 

You may thank me for sharing my pearls of wisdom by sending an amazon gift card to with a note of appreciation.