Sunday, January 25, 2015

No need for free chat

This post may conflict with the opinions and approaches of some,but diversity makes us beautifully unique :)

The debate has always been ongoing whether or not a male should tribute prior to speaking with a Domme,and for me I would respond with a resounding YES. Now I can hear some of you boys groaning,"but oh I need to get to know you,to see if we have a connection",and I am calling BS.

Here is the thing. Serving a Domme is hard ass work from the get go,which means that you need to bring your A game. Before you ever think of approaching a Domme,you NEED to do some legwork.

***Read,read,read.*** Why do you think any Lady takes her precious time to compose a lucid and personally insightful profile? She is being kind enough to provide you with valuable instructions as to how she expects to be served,as well as relevant data such as her likes and dislikes. This information is the basis of how you should be forming your resolution of whether to kneel before her. I mean if she has stated that she does not care for sph,and that is your favored fetish,or even the very reason you are seeking a Domme,then surely you are intelligent enough to realize that she is not the one for you right???? It doesn't matter how ripe the fruit is,or how sweet it's juices are if it is not the type of fruit you are craving,make sense? The surest way to get "ripped" off is by judging a book by it's cover don't ya know? Peruse the contents over and over.

Here is the number one problem with profiles though. You boys are not reading them. Oh you say you are,but truly you aren't. Everyone knows that males are visual,so even when you do take a gander at a profile,your eyes comprehend nothing beyond the pretty pecker pulsing pictures. Ya ya ya not 100% of you are wired that way,but it is pretty damn close,so you are not learning anything about the femme in particular other then her body gives you a stiffy,and that is not going to be enough to form a lasting connection.

Answer me this boys,if there were absolutely no pictures on a profile,would you even click on it? Sometimes I wonder if any of you are literate at all...and fear that our educational system left you behind.

If you actually have a brain,use it. Use it to recognize that you are going to have to put forth some effort. It will be worth it in the long run. Once you are able and willing to sit down and read every single word on a profile,then you can make an informed decision about a possible connection. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out if you have things in common with a Lady (fetish wise),so when you do locate one that meets with what you seek,then have your tribute prepared,and sent before you take up her time.

You may say,"well what if she does not accept me,or I did not like what she had to say,and then I am out my money",well you did not lose anything. All you did was display that you are a gentleman whom appreciates the value of a Lady's time,and she will remember that,and you with a smile,which may come in handy someday when other Ladies are asking about you.

The entire point being that before you type out an initial greeting to  Domme,you should already know all about her,and if you want to serve her,so there is no reason not to have your tribute sent,well not unless you are one of those piss poor broke creatures,and in that case,do the fin fetish scene a favor,and go away...go very far away.......farther and farther til you cannot see the findom sparkly lights anymore,then keep on trucking :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

meat and potatoes please

It requires a male of exceptional quality to come under my consideration. I do not want to own them all or even a quarter of the males I see the likes of day in and day out. The privilege of being owned,and of owning merits more thought than a one night stand,you know the old game of dick is hard,dick is ready,lets just play real quick,nothing steady? I have never been a fb or fwbs type of gal,so why would I lessen my expectations in any area of my life? I wouldn't. Being true to myself is how I keep it real.

I understand that some simply are not mature enough or capable enough to commit to anything beyond a one tribute fling,and hey that is fine so long as all parties are agreeable to it,but baby I want the meat and potatoes,not just an appetizer when it comes to being served. Call me greedy,but what is the point of getting into it,if I am not going to "have it my way"? Yes I adore cash and gifts,but they do not fill my plate full. Being served,feted,adored,revered,and worshiped are the toppings on my D's cake,and believe me when I say that I have a demanding sweet tooth.

When I say that "I want it all" I mean more than the contents of your wallet,or the limits of your credit card. Do not get me wrong,cause I will expect your all in the financial arena,but I will not tolerate any less in other areas either. Service is more than the sum of your bank account,but it is not less than the devoted tribute you lay before my sovereignty. There is not domination without financial,and in the same coin,financial without domination is not half so filling. This is why "I want it all"

It is not enough to mouth the words,to type the correct terminology. You have to mean it,to live it. Anything less is just going through the motions of a fantasy which I did not script. Share with me the words which make your mind and soul stretch,not your dick. Make of your life what you will,but at the end of the day keep it real,cause a sticky dick cannot compare to a the bliss of a long term total power exchange,and that is the meat and potatoes!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Today was a rather dreary day work and weather wise,but the sun did come out to shine upon me around 11am when I heard a knock on my door
and what was in that box made me happy happy happy !!
I so wanted these boots,and good boy les showered his Goddess in adoration by gifting her with them. Looking at them you would not know how super comfy they are to wear,not to mention looking badass :) I am going to be feeling the smexy when I bust these out for our next rt play jealous fuckers,cause only those that worship me as I deserve are honored with being at my feet in person.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Profiles can make or break a boy

I was inspired to type this up due to a piece I had read by Goddess Lea in which she touched upon the subject of a boy's profile and how it can influence an approach or a bypass,which I am choosing to expand upon regarding my own personal views.

I am always looking at profiles,males and females,just because lol. I have viewed tons of male profiles,and skirted away from ever interacting with some due to what I have seen or read there. I am positive that it could not be merely little old me that judges whether I would like to know a person based on what is on their profile.

One of the things that I bet most males do not realize could be a deterrent is if they have a ton of friends. It could just be that you are friendly,or that you want to have access to private photos which are set to friends only for some,or that you are not here to serve because you are broke,but it makes you feel important to have so many "friends",or even that you engage in that odd behavior of just collecting friends like some people do pez dispensers. Is that a fetish?

I also look at who their friends are and seek patterns. Now if all of their friends are brunette,does that not tell me something? Just as,if all of their friends are of a younger generation than I ,does that not relay something as well? These are both clues as to the fact that we are not going to mesh well.

The ones which really send up red flag warnings are those that are blank and non-verified,for this is indicative of sloth,and a lack of respect for the site and fetish. Surely it does not take that long to type up a couple of sentences,they need not even be full ones at that,not to mention that a non-verified status especially if you have been here longer than a couple of weeks just screams I am too cheap to support my fetish,or worse yet BROKE(yuck). In a fetish based upon financial,being cheap or broke likens you to a leper,get my drift,but then if you joined with the agenda of peeking and perving whilst pulling your pud,then enjoy your free time til your account becomes frozen :)

Onto ratings. You know those stars on your info page,whelp they mean something to those of us whom have been around awhile,and yes I always take note of them. If you have 20 1 star ratings I am sure as hell not going to place any faith in your ability to serve. This is not to say that you will never peev someone off and end up with a poor rating,but multiples are a no no. The best way to avoid this downfall is to remain honest and true. Never over promise,and most certainly never under deliver,last but not least,NEVER cancel orders,or make a promise which you cannot nor intend to keep. Your word is your bond baby.

The most icky(yes I used that juvenile verbiage) aspect of any profile is generally the photo section when it comes to males. For all that is holy man,women do NOT want to see your pecker or your puckered arsehole(personally it makes bile rise in my throat). Keep that shit under cover. Do not employ the site as a means to obtain free humiliation. If you just have to flash your equipment,do us all a favor and do it in public,that way you will be arrested,and unable to log into the site from the grey bar motel.

And finally if you are under consideration or owned,do your handler the honor of placing her name on your profile,lest someone think you a liar,but of course no male has ever lied about being owned when he wasn't now have they,ya right, so show pride in the fact that someone actually thinks you are of value to serve.