Monday, March 12, 2018

Making a commitment to being dependable

Welcome one and all to the sphere of Goddess Sydney....


Do you know what it means to be dependable? Being dependable means that a person can continuously rely upon you. Is this something you think about, or is it simply ingrained within you?  

Your youth tends to set the tone for the development of dependability.  Ask yourself these questions to ascertain the truth of your level of dependability.

1)When you were in school, could your teacher depend upon your attendance, and diligence to completing your homework, or were you a truant sloth?

2)Did you have friends who felt comfortable sharing their secrets with you? Was their trust misplaced? Could you be counted on being a dependable friend?

3)When your parents assigned you chores, could they rely upon you to see them done, or did you offer excuses and insolence? 

4)When you applied for your first job, did your prospective employer make it clear that you must show up on time each and every scheduled day if you wanted to retain the position? Did you keep faith with that commitment, or were you late with regularity, or absent many shifts? 

5)Did you have girlfriends, and were you faithful to that relationship, or were you a cheating coward who lacked the backbone to sever the ties before seeking thrills elsewhere?

Fast forward to today

1)Are you a dependable man?

2)Are you a man of your word?

I want you to really think about your answers before you ever approach me to serve in a submissive capacity. Dependability is a required trait in any submissive I undertake to train. 

If I cannot depend upon you, than you really serve no use. Trust is one of the cornerstones of a bdsm relationship. You trust me not to push beyond your hard limits, or to the point of permanent damage, and in turn I trust you to be an honest, loyal, selfless, devoted, dependable man. Without that trust, there is no future in a power exchange, and I for one play the long game.

When I set a task, or ask that you be available to me, even note a schedule for regular tithing, than I need to be able to depend upon you to accomplish what I put before you as commands, so keep this in mind when first you ask to kneel for me, otherwise you are knowingly wasting my time, and yours, which is a cardinal sin in the book of Goddess Sydney!

Monday, March 5, 2018

No need to be shy, step on up

Welcome to my world pets

Do you have any idea how many times I have been told that I am fearfully unapproachable? Many many many times. It is actually laughable. 

If you follow my twitter feed, than you will see me actively engaging in interactions sans tearing off heads, and crapping down throats. I detest admitting this, but I truly am a quite genial gal. I have been known to possess manners, and treat people like decent human beings. Mind you though, if you approach me like a twat waffle, well than all bets at civility are off the table. And no, that in no way means that I am going to dish out some free degradation if you come at me that way, odds are that I am going to play block and forget, because louts are not worthy of my words.

There are very few types that will immediately set my dander up, and lose out on any chance of speaking with me. Who are these creatures? Here are the top 10!

1)males who view themselves as God's gift to women (doesn't matter how big your dick is, if the chip on your shoulder is larger). 
2)males who aren't really interested in serving women, but pay lip service to Femdom in order to attain some free domination.
3)males whose only contribution to humanity is their appearance.
4)males who lack intellect, and critical thinking.
5)males who on the sly are misogynists (yes even comparing other women to me in a negative light is a no no)
6)males whose laziness is blatantly apparent by their refusal to read my profile, or speak proper English ie "how r u"  "hey bb"  "hmu" 
7)males whose profiles are comprised of dick pics, pussy pics, porn
8)males who possess zero ambition towards serving my happiness 
9)males whose interests lay in getting laid
10)males who whine or demand attention (never forget that I owe you nothing, and I will not allow myself to be used for you to get something for nothing)

If absolutely none of the above mentioned applies to you, than you need have no worries about approaching me. Oh, and a biggie that I accidentally omitted...if you are an owned or under consideration male, you have no reason, and I mean, no good reason to contact me. Learn how to submit properly with your Dominant. I have no use and gain no benefit from training submissives who do not belong to me!!

No reason to be shy now pets..step up, and earn my attention :)

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Victimization of male submissives in findom

Welcome to the sphere of Goddess Sydney. A safe space for males to experience the reality of being inferior to a woman :)

A lot of misguided individuals believe that poor little paypigs are brutally taken advantage of by those most "despicable vile con artists" known as FinDommes, and my mission today is to set the record straight by asking and answering some basic questions.

1)Are "paypigs" in the findom scene victims? 
Males in the findom arena are consensual participants in a recognized valid fetish. They engage in a power exchange facilitated by the relinquishment of control via financial tribute. The prime adjective to note in that statement is CONSENSUAL. Consent determines the course, and thereby lays waste to the accusation of abuse. If an adult human being of sound mind consents to an activity with defined rules, and outcomes relayed, than they are no more a victim of a crime than any other person who plays in the bdsm world.**Please note that I am NOT stating that victimization never ever occurs in findom, but only that it is NOT the norm.** You will have people with ulterior motivations, and shady agendas in ALL walks of life, but for the most part I am speaking to the normative group who engage in findom.

2)Aren't "FinDommes" money hungry scammers who should just get off their dead ass, and get a real job?
Reality=The majority of women who engage in findom as a dominant, do work regular joe jobs. It is a fetish for them, and even an innate desire to dominate submissives. I am going to estimate here, so keep that in mind, but perhaps only the top earning 1% of women in the findom scene actually rely on findom for all of their income. Just as in any other occupation, earning is competitive, so those top 1% of women are forced to work their asses off to get to the point where they can claim it as a career, which means that they are not sitting around on a dead ass taking advantage of wandering mentally disadvantaged schmucks. I am not denying that they are capitalizing upon the predication of horny males seeking to "get off", because they really are, but they are not employing force, for males will line the blocks to wank off, and you know full well that I am not being disingenuous here. The bottom line here, is that males are willingly, and with foreknowledge reaching out to these women, therefore if any blame must be assigned, than let it be lain at the feet of the instigator. 

3)FinDommes don't really care about those lost hapless souls serving them, now do they?
I have seen many, wonderfully  fulfilling long term findom relationships evolving over the years. I myself have a male who has been in service to me 12 continuous years as my finsub. He finds supreme satisfaction and fulfillment in sending me gifts of adoration and appreciation. Does he consider this abuse, absolutely NOT, because he finds pleasure in my happiness, and why would I want to deprive him of that? We both receive in the exchange of power. He gives gifts, I receive happiness from his tokens of love, and he receives purpose, direction, and pleasure from pleasing. Now I am going to aver right here and now, that not all findom relationships are identical to the one I just shared, but they may be more similar than what one may think to outsiders. Everyday you can pop on social media and see the terms blackmail and forced ruination, which to the average joe creates the appearance of abuse, but in most instances what you are really seeing is a fetish game played out publicly. Do you honestly believe that blackmailers display their criminal intent, and actions out for consumption? Get real here. Blackmail is a fetish, mind you that it is not one I engage in, but I recognize the edgy excitement of it. As to financial ruination, it occurs, but how much of what you see is real, and how much is fantasy? Fetish play is primarily based upon fantasies, and for most people, being bankrupted is an extreme dose of reality, which is skirted around, but never fully indulged. Sure you may find males who are left broke til next payday, but than, who isn't most of the time??

4)Do all FinDommes consider and treat findom like a business? For some it is. Take a look at 2 of the most popular venues for findom services (niteflirt & iwantclips). These are legitimate business models where consenting customers pay for products. No one is being deceived about what they are paying for. They cannot claim that they did not realize that their wallet was not being tapped. I did say some, but not all ok. Some FinDommes do not sell services. I personally don't, and I am not the only one. This is not to say that I never will, but at this point in time, I do not. As well, I do not judge those that do. So long as no one is being misled, or harmed, it is certainly no business of mine what people choose to do, and this is a philosophy most if not all should adopt.

5)Aren't FinDommes just beggars who chase after every male for money? If a completely random woman is slipping into your inbox asking for or demanding money, that is not a FinDomme, That is an entirely different animal, so do NOT mistake the 2.  Findom is not based upon a woman needing money from a male, but she will happily accept it from males who want to give it to her free of strings. Can you tell me the name of any woman who would not want to be given gifts without attached expectations for no reason other than existence, me neither. 

6)Aren't FinDommes just whores who fuck for money? Most of the women in findom that I am acquainted with, do not offer sexual services for compensation. Findom at it's hear, atleast for me, is not about tit for tat. It isn't even sexual for me. Yes it is sensual, and yes the power exchange arouses me physically, but it is more about the act of being on the receiving end of a powerful tribute which sets me soaring. I do not masturbate thinking about money, nor the males who gift me with it. I do not stroke a dick for pocket change, or allow a random penis to penetrate me for cash. There is a difference between how a FinDomme operates, and how an escort does. Yes they are both in the realm of sexworkers, but they are not dictated by the same rules. An escort is a service provider, which means that she provides a service for which she is compensated, whereas I do not provide a tangible service, but rather receive service for which I am paid tribute. I hope that makes sense. In the end, if you are looking for intercourse, or a blow job, your best bet is to go with the escort, cause any type of sex, is not happening with me. 

It is my hope, that my words have cleared away some of the confusion in regards to findom, and that all may atleast attempt to be less judgemental of fetishes which they have no knowledge of  :)

Friday, March 2, 2018

Submitting to a Dominatrix can be the most exhilarating experience

Welcome to the wonderful world of Goddess Sydney. A place where submissives line up to lay their submission at my feet!

 Submission begins in the mind, not the flesh. It is a conscious decision to relinquish control over yourself. It must be a conscious decision, else submission would not be submission, but rather an exchange painted by the stroke of abuse. 

Submission brings forth an avalanche of emotions, which can at times bury you beneath them. It can be frightening to the point of fight or flight survival mode. It may come with a full body tingling awareness of pure bliss. It may even trigger thoughts, and feelings that should be left alone. My point being, that submission can be many things to many people, which means that no two may ever experience it in the same manner, even if they are both subjected to duplicate stimuli.

The path of your submission is in most part within your control. You retain the power to make choices along the way. What choices do you have within your power?

1)You alone will decide whom you offer your submission to.
2)You alone will decide exactly what your hard limits are.
3)You alone can decide for yourself to sever the ties of submission within a D's relationship.

Submissives are not what society has scripted for them. They are not created from birth meek and weak of will. Many will be indeed of strong character, and moral fortitude. A man may bow before a woman, yet remain a man. There is no written, nor unwritten rule declaring that all submissives must be doormats to be walked upon. 

Submission is a contract, and no I do not refer to a legal document. You as the submissive agree to submit your will to another, with the provision that it is followed within the parameters that both submissive and Dominant agree upon, which may vary, and change over time, but it remains constant that the submissive has the right to refuse to remand control over aspects which they have not agreed to, or decree limited scope in specific instances. 

At the core of submission is the desire to let go, to give of yourself, to be free of the yolk life tethers you with. You will fly uninhibited from the constraints of society. It is both beautiful, and a blessing to submit to a Dominant. It is a life altering experience. An awakening of sorts, from which you will embrace wholeheartedly. 

Many will flee in fear, for the unknown blankets them beyond their expectations.Others will grab on with both hands, and ride the ride in exhilaration. One thing I have noted over my years in bdsm, is that those that run as if the wind cannot catch them, will eventually drift back to it, for if you possess a submissive heart, you will never be able to completely cut ties with it.  A submissive nature, a yearning to be dominated, cannot be imprisoned irrevocably. It will bring itself out, one way or another. 

My advice is to NOT run headlong into submission, but rather to gauge your ability to submit at the point in time, and take small steps til you find yourself knee deep. At that time you will hopefully possess the knowledge you need to survive the roller coaster  emotions of submission, intact. If you remain draped in doubts even then, tread water, take a deep breath, and immerse yourself slowly, til you find that one Dominant who makes you feel safe in submission. It may take months, years, even decades, but if you persevere, it will happen for you someday :)

Monday, February 26, 2018

FemDomme days of the year

Welcome to the diversely perverse world of Goddess Sydney

Do you know what time it is?  Odd question to ask online yes? I agree, but I am not asking you to look at your watch, or peek at your phone for the time of day, what I am asking, is do you keep track of time? 

Do you know that Valentine's Day comes once a year? Do you know that Christmas arrives on the same day, every year? Have you noticed that your birthday announces itself on that one special day, the exact same special day, every year? 

I bet that you have noticed these annual events. You would have to be beyond obtuse not to. What am I getting at? No it is not my birthday, or Christmas, or even Valentine's day. My point being, that these holidays come once a year, year in, year out. Decade after decade, they keep on coming, have an entire year to plan around these things.

You have a year to figure out what to buy that special someone in your life, which means that there is absolutely no good reason to ever say "oh I forgot". To excuse negligence is insulting. 

Part of showing a woman that she matters to you, is acknowledging your appreciation of her existence. This means remembering special days, and gifts to go along with them. Did you know that women love gifts? A wise man knows that women are the center of the universe, well atleast his anyway.

Women are the central figure in a male's life from birth. You are born from a woman, and you will spend your lifetime trying to get back into a woman. Ironic yes?

There is a saying that goes, "If Momma is not happy, than no one is happy". Do you understand that concept? If not, well allow me to explain it to you. When a woman is not happy, she will make it known. There will be no smiles, no kind words, no laughter, and no joy in how she goes about her day. This is a tragedy! Women deserve happiness, and you as a man should be ensuring that happiness through your words, and most importantly through your actions. You have an obligation towards it. 

Believe it or not, women are the backbone of any society. They are strength, they are compassion, they are human kindness personified. They deserve your very best efforts, not your lukewarm leftovers. 

Today, this day, I want you to make a commitment, a promise to always do the utmost possible to provide for the happiness of that special woman in your life. If you are not quite following my words, than I will be quite clear! Your Domina should be your first priority, your center, the concrete upon which your life is built. Your obligations begin with her. She is the leader you will follow, and the icon you will worship, so her happiness will be paramount to your own. Do you understand? I sincerely hope so. 

Make that commitment, and I promise that your life in submission will sail that much smoother :) 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Don't let your mouth write checks your ass can't cash

Welcome to the fabulous Femdom world of Goddess Sydney

Yesterday I read a tweet that really chapped my ass, and led me to typing up this post, because it indicated to me that some of y'all males need some schooling!

What I seen, was 1 "owned" male bitching on behalf of another male over the amount of tribute that a female required in order to converse. This instance of poor behavior popped questions into my head, such as:

1)Why was an "owned" male calling a female a bitch due to her requirements? (This brings shame to him, and to his supposed owner) 
2)How was it any of his business to begin with? (If a male is in service, than his attention should be solely focused upon his owner, and making her happy, rather than sticking his nose in an unknown woman's business)
3)Why wasn't the male's "owner" publicly taking his ass down over his behavior? (Ladies need to understand that when a male wears your collar, that he can ruin your rep in an instant of stupidity)  

**Males in the femdom/findom fetish scene NEED to realize that their behavior does reflect upon whomever they are serving, because if a female cannot, or will not control the behavior of her property, than she is a piss poor dominant, and fellow females will be quick to take note of it, and cut ties real quick.*

Important lessons for males:

1)Never ever think that it is ok to spew out misogynistic statements. It can and will bite you on the ass quicker than a gator who hasn't eaten in a month.
2)Keep your focus on serving your owner. 
3)Other Domme's expectations for tribute, does NOT affect you, so keep your mouth shut. 

Does this make sense? I personally have no use for any male who bashes my fellow femmes, nor will I tolerate the presence of any female who allows her submissive to perpetrate such a lowly act. Regardless if it is online or real time submission, this behavior must be stomped out post haste, cause there is NO room for misogyny in femdom. 

Now, I do not even know, nor have I ever interacted with the female that was called to the carpet for demanding that her self-determined worth be honored, but I do damn well know that it was not right for a male to call her out as a bitch over it. 

Some seem to think that, "oh well he didn't insult me, and he is paying me, so I will let it slide" FUCK that mindset! If women are to succeed, than we must stand up and say something when we see this type of vile behavior. It can and will affect you as the scene is slowly poisoned by it. 

Keep my words in mind gents the next time you are tempted to butt your big nose into business not your own.

Monday, February 19, 2018

FemDomme window shopping

Welcome to my world, fetish pet....

Are you a window shopper of FemDommes? Many of you start out this way, and some never depart from this approach. 

Why are you always shopping, but never making a commitment to serving one single solitary FemDomme? 

Is it because

1)You are an eternal slut
2)You suffer from FOC

Inquiring minds want to know.

Everyone is new to the scene at one point and time, but to lurk around the fringes for months, perhaps even years, is going to get you no where near the blessed experience of serving a dominant woman.

If fear is holding you back, than you might need to reassess. I mean, how badly do you want to submit? Are you willing to come outside your comfort zone to achieve your goal? I am not telling you to commit to the very first Domme you speak to, or even the second, but you do need to get your toes in the water if you are going to progress beyond sitting on the bench.  

It is ok to be nervous, and unsure of how to go about finding the woman you want to serve, and there is nothing wrong with waiting to find someone that you can see yourself happily serving, but you do reach a point where ya gotta piss or get off the pot, cause all you end up doing is wasting your own time. Are you here to kill time? Are you just that bored with life, that you feel it is better to stagnate like a feces filled pool, than to take a chance? If so, I pity you truly.

Now if your driving force is to connect with as many women as possible (community slut), well you are missing out as well. Sure you are getting your rocks off, but that is all that you are doing. You may have it in your head that it is a win win situation, cause you pop off a tiny tribute here and there, plus you get to wank off each time, but you are depriving yourself of something which goes beyond the physical. I am referring to the transcending psychological experience of making a deeper lasting connection with a dominant woman, and isn't that the entire point behind submission? 

Life is meant to be lived, not to be squandered sitting on the sidelines.