Saturday, July 23, 2016


Irony. I like to share stories basted in irony,ironic eh lmao

Anyways,along comes a little self-proclaimed slave on a site I will not name. Now little slave begs to serve me,to be of use to me,to be mine for all time. He claims,"I will do anything" just to be yours. Instantly my eyes roll,yuppers I can roll with the best of them!

Of course his statement is reeking of fantasized BS. Why? Cause anyone with a realistic grasp on reality knows full well that "anything" could mean exactly that. "Anything" could range from nude cactus diving,to severing body parts..and am I truly to believe that oh yes this person will go right out and do it? Mind you I am a fairly sane Domme,even if I do say so myself,so I would never expect these actions to be taken(but yes I have thought of shoving a cactus up an arse or two,only to those that deserve it though). Digressing, I know.

Let's get to the meat of the matter shall we. "slave" will do anything and everything for me. He will clean my home(play at it) cook my meals(nopes I do not like ramen noodles or frozen pizza) be my human toilet(ick,just NO) be my sex slave (egads NEVER),and all I have to do is fulfill his every fantasy,sate his fetishes,and allow him to live off of my efforts like a leech! Oh my gosh,I never thought that I would get this lucky. I mean who doesn't want an out of work lazy bum running around their house naked,touching their food with dickbeater hands,and coming near their body with gross ass overweight,saggy old man balls bouncing around?? Is that not your dream come true?

Reality check applied! I have always made it clear that I do not want a maid,cook,live in,or sex slave. Hmm what does this tell me? 1)This person did not read my profile. 2)This person is looking for a fetish dispenser. 3)This person is looking for a free ride through life. What a prize to be had yes?

Onto the irony! I politely explained to this person that I had absolutely no interest in the type of scenario he described,and that if he had read my profile,we could have avoided having wasted time on our hands. I went on to relay that I am a Domme who expects males to suffer and sacrifice for her financially ie gifts of tribute in my honor. Wow that statement flipped his switch. No longer was I this wonderful,beautiful,perfect Domme,I had now become the most hated of all women. I had evolved into a scamming money grubbing whore,who should get off my lazy ass and get a job! Gosh can you believe that a person who wanted to take advantage of me,had the gall to spew vitriolic diarrhea diatribes when I turned the tables on him?

Point is gents. I have a job I love,and a home I care for myself,meals that my own hands create,2 toilets in perfect working order(with plenty of TP)and a lover who sees to my sexual satisfaction,so offering any of those activities to me is redundant,and ill advised.

I am not a money hungry woman either. I turn away plenty of paying males who are seeking a jack off session,or craving live porn which they attempt to disguise as a desire for body worship. Back on point,I simply do not have to deal with that type of situation. I am able to selectively choose who I allow into my sect. The selfish,and self-centered driven,can keep on walking. What is the use in a "slave" who is out for himself,rather than the happiness of the one they claim to want to serve? There is none,and I will have none of it,so unless you have your shit together,and truly know what it means to suffer and sacrifice willingly without return expectations,than do not bother,or waste time with me.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Femdom feet

beta bois belong beneath my Femdom feet!

Sorely disappointed that not a single one of you has stepped up and sent amazon gift cards for the items I want. I doubt though that this is the first or will be the last time you are referred to as a disappointment to a woman. Could that possibly be why they whisper the word "loser" as you walk by them hmmm?

Snap snap bois,redeem your standing in my eyes by fetching my desire.

Take a breath

Slow your roll! I like that saying,and it really applies in the situation I am about to describe. So you are a newbie "sub" wet behind the ears so to speak,and you are looking for the ultimate in highs(serving a FEMDOM). Woohoo,you will never experience anything more profound than serving. Not even sex compares to the all consuming feeling of pride and joy when you earn a "good boy"!

What type of site you start your journey upon will set the pace you trot. There are quite a few fetish sites on the net,but please do try to stay away from the less respectable ones. If you are strictly a service slave(meaning you seek to clean house,cook meals,repair work,yard boy) than I highly suggest Great site which allows you to search out members in your surrounding area,as well as connecting you with groups who hold munches(greet and meets) with locals. Munches are a good way for a newbie to get a feel for how things work before jumping right in. You will even get the inside scoop as to when play parties are happening,and this is quite beneficial for learning the ropes. You will have the opportunity to view scenes first hand and live. Imagine how exciting that would be :) Of course if you are there observing,do not forget to follow the rules in place by not interrupting scenes in play,or attempting to insinuate yourself without permission. If a dominant wants to play with you,than by all means do so if you desire,but make sure that you have a safe word in place,and alert them to the fact that you are a newbie. Never try to fake experience! Doing so may bite you on the ass literally lol.

If you are seeking out the unicorn,FLR(female led relationship) fetlife is definitely a good venue(see above reasons).

Kinky hook-ups are not my thing,but I do know that smartphone app) has received very good reviews for just that. Do not,and I repeat do not even contemplate using craigslist for this activity. Need I remind you that people have been seriously injured,some even killed trying to make kinky connections there!

Collarspace is purported to be a fetish dating site as well,but I will be bluntly upfront with are more likely to find a live unicorn than a date there(not what I am searching for anyway),much less any type of serious connection(it is a free to join site though). The odds of even interacting with a dominant female on this site are very low,for there are at best 100 "submissives" to 10 Dommes. You will find interactive chatrooms on the site though,so this may provide you with an opportunity to learn about submission,possibly even gain the notice of a Domme. Of course this is all coming from a female dominant perspective. I am on the site daily,and mainly what I see are tons of ass and cock shots by those looking for an ass pounding,and those that claim to want to serve,but only serve their cock,or possess an unrealistic expectation of what serving means. Honestly though,my best and longest serving submissives have come out of this cesspool. Maybe I am just blessed with luck :)

Twitter is yet another place where people go looking to serve,but I would not advise it either. It is not chalk full of useful information,but if you are just concentrating on looking at nude women in provocative poses,then yes Twitter is the place for you. To date I have never come across a serious minded male submissive on Twitter,weird isn't it? What I like about twitter is that it is an opportunity for me to meet new Dommes,and interact with those who share my fetishes. Mind you that if you approach a Domme here,and attempt to talk her up with compliments,you are going to end up blocked quick.

Now if you are a "finsub" or one that enjoys gifting Dommes in appreciation of their time and energy,than the site I would guide you to is All women there are cam verified by the staff as being flesh and blood females(no males posing as females). This is a friendly site,and way less judgemental than other sites in regards to fetishes. Hard to imagine,but yes there is fetish shaming that goes on at times on other sites. This is one of the primary sites I visit,and have been a member of for years. Now there are many other financial sites bouncing around,but none as successful at maintaining decent membership. Mind you that as a submissive member you will have to pay an upgrade fee after a couple of weeks of checking the site out,but if you cannot afford $30,than this is not the site for you. is another fetish site that I have heard of,been around for years,but I am not a member,so I have no inside info to share,but one thing I do know is that you will have to pay an upgrade fee as well there,even though it is not a findom site.

Some have relayed to me that they have had success locating a dominant female to serve by using instagram,tumblr,skype,and even kik. All of these are free to use,and might be worth a try :)

I know that when you are new that some of you get all gung ho and beg each and every Femdom you come across to serve,do not do that(makes you look like an ass). Take your time,and learn a little along the way. Do not jump at the first female to approach you. Now on a regular bdsm site,you are unlikely to even be approached by a Domme,which means that you are going to have to do some serious legwork(hard work is a cornerstone of submission). Make sure you fill out your profile,and for cheese sake,do not post up one of those tired bdsm quiz results,or start out with "I never know what to say on these things"(lame)..oh and most important do not just upload ass and dick pics. Show that you have some personality,manners,and intelligence. On the other hand if you are logging onto a findom site,expect to be pounced on. Trite and classless,but desperation is real,so if you find your inbox full up,do not say to yourself "I must be a special snowflake",cause most likely you aren't. You box is full because the feelers are out to see if your wallet is too. I am not bashing on fellow females,but take my advice,take your time,and breathe. You are not obligated to serve the first beautiful woman you see,nor do you have to tribute every woman that demands it of you(how scary is that thought)! What you are expected to do though is to be polite when you interact with a female dominant,regardless if you find her attractive. Be a gentleman first and foremost :) and good luck in your journey!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Opportunity to please

Goddess is offering you the opportunity to please and provide for her desires,which should be your purpose in life.

Goddess desires a new washer and dryer..yes so very mundane,and devoid of sexiness,but my wants are my wants,and your want should be to provide for my wants. Tribute amazon gift cards to for the sure and unselfish joy of ensuring my happiness!

Female Supremacy

Are you a devotee of Female Supremacy? Do you ascribe to the belief of females being superior to males? If so,yay you!!

I possess an ardent desire for the male population of the world to embrace this philosophy and put it into practice real time. It goes beyond respecting women for being a vessel of new life. A woman's body is not what encompasses her value in life. Flesh is flesh,and as such ages,withers,sags,and wrinkles with time,but her value as a woman does not alter. Regardless if a woman is 22 or 92,she is beyond value. She is an icon to be adored,an idol to be worshiped,a saint set above males.

Now I am not stating that all women are superior,as that would be a lie,but for the majority I would declare it an accurate summation. You may doubt the validity of my statement,and question the authenticity,which is fine,but it will remain my opinion. I recognize and accept that women may not possess the physical strength of the male sex,but truly leverage can eradicate that entire issue. Women have proven themselves to be superior leaders on the home front(yes even stay at home Mothers deserve respect),and in the workplace(even though patriarchal society pays them less). They are less likely to allow their anatomy to rule their decisions,and are capable of basing their choices upon reality,rather than perverse sexual fantasies(they lose no vital flow of blood to the brain,thereby allowing them to make better choices). They are unlikely to rape and pillage. They are a source of calm in the eye of the storm we call life,unaffected in their behavior by raging testosterone.

One thing that female supremacists are not,is misandrists. Often times a female supremacist is labelled such inaccurately. Just because I believe women to be the superior sex,does not equate me to being a lesbian loving man hater. I don't hate men at all. I have held quite a few men in respect,and even like a few lol..but I still think them less in comparison to women.

Being surrounded by relatively more males growing up,and even into adulthood has provided me with insight into the average male mindset,which has impressed me none,but did make an impression,just not a favorable one. Before anyone delves into the psychology of my mind,no I do not have daddy issues. I have seen firsthand the best and the worst in male behavior,and honestly it sickens me how low in regard most males hold women. Forgotten seems to be the fact that every woman is someone's Daughter,Sister,Mother,favorite Aunt etc..and that if you would not appreciate your own kin being treated and viewed in such deplorable and craven terms,than why are you doing so?

Women are seen as whores,and sluts to the male libido. Our flesh created merely to fuel,feed,and fulfill male choreographed sexual fantasies. This mentality is both degrading and dehumanizing. I realize that many males would not find this insulting at all if they were treated and viewed as such by women,regardless it is still wrong. You tell me,how many women do you think sit around thinking about sex all of the time,and imagine their co-workers,friend's spouses/gf's in sexual scenarios? How many women do you think masturbate daily(maybe even more than once a day),and allow their decisions to be based upon what turns them on(fyi these decisions generally turn out to be mistakes)? I am not saying of course that not a single woman exists in the world who does not fit within the category I described,but I do guarantee that the number would be avalanched by males who do.

Times and attitudes evolve,just as behaviors should,and nothing would please me more than to see males embrace and accept the superiority of Females,so not to be a preacher upon the pulpit gents,but you would benefit more by researching the reality of women in the world,uplifting,and enriching their lives rather than confining your searches to porn hub entertainment with your dick in hand.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Femdom reality

Welcome to you that are taking your first steps into the reality of Femdom! 

It is an exciting journey to say the least. Many of you though have stumbled into this lifestyle with unrealistic expectations,and those are what I am here to dispel. The first question I want you to ask yourself is "am I a submissive?" Your honest answer bears quite a bit of meaning whether you realize it or not. If you are a "newbie",than this question may stump you for awhile. How does one know if they are a submissive? Let's start simple by asking,do you want to bare your heart,mind,and soul before a woman? Do you know in your heart that it is your purpose to set aside your wants for those of another? Is it within you to discard that ego which resides within you,and humble yourself to the will of another?

I am Not referring to bedroom games,or doing what you really want under the guise of obeying a dominant. Nor am I talking about just doing the things that turn you on(submissives submit in many ways that would not be to their liking or choosing). Submission does not end when your penis goes limp. It is not a game. It is a way of life,it is a mindset. It is a conscious choice(not forced)to relinquish your power base into the hands of a Femdom. It requires the ability to entrust your decisions,and the dedication to see through all tasks given.

Submission is not for the weak,nor is it for those that are flip flopsie. It requires steadfast devotion. It is not going to be an easy ride,or a short trip to submission. You must be prepared to work hard for consideration and then ownership. It will not just be handed to you as an entitlement.

Something to take into consideration is that the Femdom scene is overflowing with males claiming to be submissive,and who are anything but that. This is why I asked the first question,are you submissive? There is no shame in admitting that you are not,so long as you are honest about it. If you would term yourself a "part-time" submissive(meaning that you have too many obligations in life to commit to the journey,than say so. Dishonesty only leads to disaster. You will be subjected to a literal smorgasboard of beautiful intelligent Ladies,and it is ultimately your decision as to who you will approach to serve,but never forget that it will be the dominant who decides if they will accept your submission. The multitude of males will never serve a single day,partly due to unrealistic expectations,or the fact that they just aren't submissive.

If they are not submissive,than what are they? The scene is comprised of fetishists who do not submit to the will of any other than their own pleasure. They engage in sessions where they submit to activities of their choosing. There are clients,who pay for services from service providers via phone sex,cam sessions,purchase used items etc... As well there are misognists who actually detest women(too many reasons to list why) who are not submissive,will never submit,and do not desire the happiness of a Femdom. There are those seeking a kinky hook-up(one that holds a little more spice than tinder). Do any of these types sound like you?

Being blunt here..if you are looking for sex,ya this is not the place for you. Regardless of what you have seen or heard,Femdoms do not run around dressed in leather with a concealed strap-on just waiting to peg a hairy ass. They do not get turned on when males send unsolicited dick pics(we have seen so many,and none are going to make us gush"wooza,what a pretty penis!" Oh and a tidbit of advice,even if you are into pegging or fisting,do NOT show us photos of your asshole(just ick).

If you have gotten this far and decided yes I am submissive,than the next step I would advise is to read read read. Note I did not say watch watch watch. In fact your best bet is to avoid Femdom porn altogether. Research blogs by other submissives. Learn the lingo,and definitions of the fetishes out there. You just might be surprised by what interests you. The most important thing is to keep an open mind. Never say never,unless it involves illegal activities. Binge your brain upon safety practices..nothing worse than doing an intox session,and passing out with a cord wrapped around your nether member(yup those things really will fall off dead without oxygen). To conclude,STUDY,READ,RESEARCH before you engage in submission :)