Thursday, June 25, 2015

The honeymooners

Aw the honeymooners(no I am not talking about Alice&Ralph). The honeymoon(or courting) phase of a D's relationship,especially one which involves the beloved findom aspect,is an absolute rush. Like the pistons on a locomotive,tributes tend to pump fast and furious in this stage...where the simple sight of a username dries the mouth,pounds the pulse,and heightens all sense of anticipation. It is a heady experience,beautiful,yet dangerous as well,for this is the stage where often we see overpromising,and underdelivering..or worse yet,a boy goes beyond his means,and becomes bereft of the needed income to survive,and honor financial commitments til the next pay period.

It is not only males who are vulnerable and at risk for pushing too far at this point. It is the duty of a respectable and trustworthy dominant to ensure that no harm occurs,and whilst the reasoning could be applied that these are grown ass men capable of deciding for themselves if they want to be broken,we must as Dommes  maintain a degree of responsibility(atleast we should do so). If we do not control the depth to which they plunge,then we run the very realistic danger of breaking a boy,which is a lose lose.

Sometimes I fear that a cold and clinical atmosphere(strictly keyboard-monitor relationship) possesses the possibility of detaching one from a sense of compassion and regard for the very realistic consequences of allowing boys to go for broke. I completely understand the almost orgasmic pleasure of seeing tribute after tribute spoiling our accounts,and recognize how difficult it can be to say no to something that feels so good..but being grounded in reality aids me,and allows me to take a step back and maintain control of the situation. I truly believe that a leader leads by example,and cannot guide the way if judgement is clouded by hunger,hunger for the almighty dollar. Yes money is both loved and hated. It is chased,and responsible for some of the most despicably base actions of human beings,and yet we need it to survive in this world,ironic.

Navigating the honeymoon phase is a learned experience,and yet still there is room for error. I avoid these pitfalls by taking this time to delve further into the mind of the submissive,for these are the moments when he is most vulnerable,and most likely to open up to you. He desires only to please you,which is a gift greater than money. If this desire is nurtured,it can develop into a longterm addiction for him,thereby gracing your life with a male who seeks the enrichment of your existence,and that is worship in my estimation. Of course a male is easily led by his libido,but that will not capture his mind,and once the ejaculation is over,so might his craving to serve be as well,which is why one should grasp this golden opportunity to swim in the darkest recesses of his psyche,enslaving him to your will.

Once past this phase,the work begins in earnest,and requires time and effort from both sides,yup I said it. It would be lovely if all I had to do was just sit back and watch hapless males fall prey to my appearance,but that just won't cut it if I want to forge a lasting bond. The formation of a bond is not going to happen overnight. It takes sacrifice(many an hour of sleep have I lost,spent interacting,and really getting to know a boy,the facets of his life,and aspects of his personality,not just his kinks) I recognize the importance of kinks meshing,but if I cannot stand the male as a human being,then it will not matter a lick if we like the same activities.

I realize that longterm is not the goal for everyone,and that is absolutely cool(no judgement from me),and of course I understand that some crave to always be going through the honeymoon phase by either bouncing Domme to Domme...or in the case of the Domme,draining one after another dry..and I say whatever tickles your fancy :)...just don't play that game with ME,and all will be well!

Anyways,the prime message I wanted to send out is that at some point we must all exercise some degree of control,lest harsh realities be visited upon our asses,either in the form of not being able to pay bills,buy food etc for the boys,or lack of worthy worshipful servants for the Ladies. Good luck to all,and may you be blessed with what you seek :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sinful Soles

Kneel,Grovel,Crawl&Beg to lick my Sinful Soles.

Kindness and cuddly cute domination

***Disclaimer:Title is misleading***

Sometimes I like to address queries,or comments I receive in my inbox on various sites,and today is one of those days,so strap in,and lets go.

"Miss(ugh I detest being addressed like this) you do not sound nice in your profile." Hmm this one should seriously bother me shouldn't it? Well it doesn't. I word my profiles in a way to genuinely reflect my style,and what can be expected whilst serving me. I see no need to bait and switch(tacky). This is not to say that I am never kind,for no one person can be 100% of the time a BITCH,but I do fairly well on the percentage lol. Honestly though,what some view as cruel or harsh is the fact that I do not play the usual games one sees online. I do not kiss ass,or beg for service(tributes included). I am real,and I want submissives to know it with eyes wide open going in. There is no parading my bare ass around in a ploy to seduce you,there is no allure or hints towards the possibility of sexual relations,chances of dating me,or being in my life 24/7 as a live in slave,so why even lie about it?? I refuse to. When a male comes to me on bended knee,I want him to do so,because he has taken the time to study my words,and realize that yes he is prepared to serve me in the manner I desire,rather than role playing some fantasy he has which gives him a stiffy. I hold my time as a valuable commodity,so why not put it out in plain sight how best to earn it,and my expectations? This way no one gets their time wasted. Once a male reads my words,he should know then and there if he is going to mesh with my requirements,therefore if not,then he has not used up my time or his if he isn't. Just makes sense right,so do not get your knickers twisted because of my honesty. Now if you are one of those males whom suddenly suffers from illiteracy when it comes time to read my words,well then you gain no pity from me for wasting your own time.

"Ma'am(another title I abhor) I really want to serve you,but you are so far away" This one truly is one of the biggest wastes to hit my inbox. If you require groveling at my feet real time,and cannot afford to travel to me,then why would I desire your service(cause it is no secret that if you can only barely,or not even barely afford to take care of yourself,then you are in no position to serve me)so save us both time,and keep these sentiments to yourself k,but if real time is not the issue,then I do enjoy distance training,and no that does not mean that I offer cam sessions. It means that I set tasks,and school you on protocol which pleases me,along with your weekly gifts of appreciation.

"Mistress(again hate hate hate)I would do anything to serve you." Boys please never say this. You do not seriously mean it,and I can prove it. If you tell me that you are willing to do anything,then I just might tell you to cut your cock off with a chainsaw,and we both know that you are NOT going to do that,so keep your offerings realistic. You would do better to say that you are willing to sacrifice your life savings for me,to surrender your ego,and entitlement issues in order to serve me best,you get what I am saying?

"Princess(wrong again) will you watch me stroke my dick and laugh at me?" This one is just fucked up from the get go. In no way is domination involved here in this scenario. A)I do not like to watch dicks cum...every beta male should be neutered with a chastity device in my opinion,and B)This is offered because it makes YOU happy,how is that serving me?? It isn't,so take that selfish entitled shit to a providers inbox please,and thank you.

That is just a smattering of what spams my eyes daily...kinda makes sense that I am so very anal about males reading my profile,which would have stopped the enter tab from being hit with every single one of these worthless missives,so here is to hoping that some of you begin reading before typing. Have a lovely day :)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

real time clarification

Emails that I have received in regards to a recent post of mine about sessions,have shown me that a little bit of clarification is in order.

Yes I stated that I am interested in playing more real time,which in no way should lead anyone to conclude that I am open to cam sessions...two totally separate scenarios. C2C sessions hold no interest for me due to a)I am not an exhibitionist & b)watching males get off,does absolutely nothing for me personally(anyone that has read anything about me should already know that I am a proponent of males being neutered with chastity devices) The only pleasure plebs deserve,is the joy of enriching my life,so no I am not going to sit back and watch males pulling at their equipment which doesn't even cast a shadow at high noon.

Real time sessions interest me because they feed my inner sadist who delights in the deliverance of physical pain,so if you are one that is only able to serve online,either due to distance or time constraints,then your suffering comes in the form of finances,and should be viewed as your honor to sacrifice for me. Real time toys tribute for my time and attention,so I expect nothing less from those that serve me online...I actually expect more since they are not truly useful in any manner other than financing my decadent indulgences.

There is so much anger and disgust when it comes to outsiders viewing the financial domination realm. Why though? Most is due to a basic lack of education in regards to the fetish,and the rest is simply entitled selfishness. Ignorance can be taught,but the other appears to be too ingrained to eradicate.

 I mean seriously I have had males offer to bleed their dicks for me,but land forbid that they be expected to worship with their wallet. Pain is an intense motivator,but the almighty dollar even more so. People have and will kill for money,but why? Because money is power. Money provides the ability to feed,clothe,and house oneself. Throughout time itself those that have not,have been enamored by those that have,so it is only logical that males will hold tightly to that which they perceive as the root of their power base. This is exactly why I require a male to sacrifice financially for me. The effects of doing so outlast bruises on the ass.

The narcissist in me knows that I am worthy of worship,deserving of your suffering and sacrifice,but if you cannot or will not overcome your own sense of selfishness,then you are truly a loser,in the sense that you will lose out on serving perfection incarnate. It is entirely your choice though,for even though I may be a cougar in real life devouring the sex of cubs,in this arena my victims come willingly in supplication to my altar. They kneel before me begging to lay down their offerings,sans forceful provocation,enticement,or seduction. I am their Goddess,and their purpose is my happiness.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Be not needy for my time

Many a time I have advised males against being needy as it deters you from being an attractive applicant for service,but apparently some do not care to heed my sage words,which does not end well for them with me. To prove my point,I am going to share with you a non-fiction story about the last little needy male who attempted to ingratiate himself into my service.

It all began with the usual entreaties to serve me in any manner I desired,nothing atypical here yet. Now this male proclaimed to be a poor boy,with a girlfriend,so he required discretion with tasks and time,and I condescended to set him on a trial period.

His hope was to be an assistant of sorts to me,to construct a website for me,and even supplied a link to one he had made for another female,which I found to be of poor quality,so I vetoed that idea immediately. This led to him attempting to configure ways to enrich my life by drawing in servants of my desired caliber=fail. How this fails is laughable. A male promoting me on twitter works right??? Hell to the no it does not. The followers of males,are females,and that achieves nothing for me. I follow plenty of females as it is,and believe me when I say that telling them how awesome I am does not gain me riches of any sort lol

We progress,now I charge him with researching topics of interest for me...mind you this is all over a 3 day period,and during this time he has gifted me with a single measly $25 tribute(yup pathetic). With this single tribute he asks daily when he can have cam with me,and expects continuous interactions day in day out. Do you see where this is going?? His neediness is wearing out my tolerance.

After the completion of a piss pouring task over his head,I agree to speak with him via skype in one week from that day. You would think that he would be overjoyed yes? Oh no,he continues with the email after email,which I tend to disregard if I am busy actually having a life. How utterly selfish of me.. An entire day goes by,and suddenly he is going back to the female he was previously serving. I of course bid hm well,and forget about him entirely.

Fast forward a month...lo and behold there is an email in my inbox begging to return,which I let sit for a couple of days. I then proceeded to inform him that he could not gain my attention with a paltry $25,so he sent $50,and once again the entire saga starts over with continous emails,and expecting cam,even though I explained that I had family visiting for the week,and what do you dear audience think happened? Oh yes you guessed it,he once again begged leave to serve elsewhere. This time though,I relayed to him that he is now banned from my presence. Does that seem cruel?? I do not think so....neediness and poor are not qualities which make a servant worthwhile in my fare thee well I say,and please do find a shite filled toilet to drown your sorrows in :)

This is what happens to the needy. Do not allow yourself or your actions to emulate this loser,if you want to serve me.

More real time play

As of late I have been pontificating some changes in my life in regards to domination,which is a plus for some of you. The decision has been reached that I would like to incorporate more real time play. My best boy is hard at work,and unable to quench my insatiable desire for inflicting pain upon submissive flesh,so this is your chance to feel the burn for MY pleasure :)

I know that this news has some of you poking in your pants already,but before you dash one off,I want you to pay attention to the ground rules for real time with me.

1)Absolutely no penetration of any kind ie no pegging,or fisting that cock sucking abyss of yours.
2)You will NOT see me nude,nor will any part of you be touching my divine feminine aspects. The closest you will get is my foot shoved down your throat.
3)You will supply the location(plan on coming to my city,for I will not travel to you),and of course playtime is NOT free.
4)You will be bathed before coming into my presence(personal hygiene is a MUST). You may yearn to be a filthy pig,but you best not smell like one.
5)No scat play(a hard limit for me)
6)You must be over 21,and actually I prefer males in their 40's.
7)No attempts to top from the bottom. Of course you can politely inform me as to your fetishes,but I will be the one who decides.
8)A deposit must be paid upfront(this effectively weeds out 95% of wankers)

Some activities which I enjoy are paddling,flogging,humiliating you with my spit or golden pulling,face slapping,and the list goes on...

Now is the time to beg for acceptance :) Send your most polite inquiry to ,and no I will not describe a session for you,or respond if you ask me to tell you how I will dominate you(that type of ploy is played out).

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Good morning,afternoon,or evening to all.

I have not forgotten you,or even disappeared,but instead have been living my life for me,which means experiencing rather than explaining.

Some parts of my life I maintain utmost privacy in regards to,and you my audience are not subject to the know all,but for those who simply must hear from me day in and day...well then I suggest you become more than a blip on my radar,if even that.

It takes more than a passing hello to gain entrance into my inner sanctum,so unless you are prepared to make an impact and a positive impression,then you can and will be left by the wayside like someone's discarded litter.

At this time I am allowing of only 1 additional servant the opportunity to earn the honor of being considered by I suggest you bring your best,and leave any ego or entitled bullshit for the rest.