Sunday, January 7, 2018

Financial Dominatrix Goddess Sydney

Welcome disciples of Goddess Sydney


 I chose the title Goddess as it is closest in alignment to how I view myself,and how I desire to be designated. What does being a Goddess mean to me?

1)That my station is not sexual in nature. Sensual perhaps,but in a more ethereal plane of existence. 
*My goal is to guide males away from the drive of their dick,in order to better facilitate service of a selfless nature.*

2)That tithing is a requirement rather than an option. 
*An empty collection plate is an insult,and to incur the displeasure of a Goddess is the height of hubris.* 

3)That to serve a Goddess,is to serve a purpose higher than one's self.
*You must possess the desire and ability to get past thinking of self first and foremost. The epitome of submission is based out rather than within.*

4)That One must be devout and faithful in service to a Goddess.
*Service is not a part-time position in life. You devote your mind,heart,might,and wallet to being worthy of serving.* 

5)That a Goddess is not a toy that one places on a shelf,and looks to only when it is convenient or cock ready. *One erects an altar to their Goddess and practices their faithful mantras daily,so that they may evolve beyond the sins of patriarchal teachings.*

6)That a Goddess is a woman who needs not the accolades of man,but expects worship as her due. *Worship is not of the flesh,but rather originates of the mind,for it is your mind that I desire to cultivate and craft to my liking.*

7)That a Goddess commands respect simply for existing. 
*One does not attempt to approach a Goddess as they would any other woman. Respect and accord are afforded immediately without reminder.*  

Any questions?

Friday, January 5, 2018

Femdom lightening

Welcome home my puppets

 Meeting the FemDomme of your dreams is like being struck by lightening. It is a breath catching, soul shattering experience. One from which you wish no end. 

I adore how consumed males are by me. It takes them to the edge of eroticism, and pushes them that one step over the cliff into idolization. 

The sheer empowerment of being worshiped by males across the globe is a heady sensation,from which I drown my senses in. Knowing that those who serve me, faithfully wake with the thought of me, daydream of pleasing me, pray to me at bedtime, and drift to sleep pontificating ways that they can be a part of making my life better.

I love that males will willingly and gratefully sacrifice their comforts for my happiness. It simply tickles me pink to see my inbox ping with notifications of tribute. Why? Because it shows me that I am appreciated, that I am adored, and that I am truly worshiped as a Goddess. This is the power exchange I thrive on.

Money is the most powerful motivator in the world. Undoubtedly some will argue that love is, but I would assert that if you love someone, as a submissive should love their Dominant, than you would want the world for them, and joyfully give to them with an open heart. After all, love may move mountains, but money ensures that you do not have to heft mountains.

One of the first things males learn of me, is that I am not forceful. Being forceful is not synonymous with being in control. In fact, my belief is that if I am in a position where a male must be forced to comply with my wishes, than I am best suited to walk away, for I accept nothing that is not given to me willingly. I have no desire to make demands, when so many are begging for the honor of laying it all down at my feet in loving compliance.

So you see, I truly am the iron fist in the velvet glove. Uncompromising in my beliefs of what submission and dominance are meant to be, yet quietly refusing to out yell my detractors who disagree. You will find me kind to those that have earned it, but bitter cold to those that have not. There can be no half measures. You are either in it to serve me wholeheartedly, or you are an invisible spectator frozen in uncertainty. Come in from the cold my pets, and bask in the warmth of Goddess's presence.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Primal Predator

Welcome to Goddess Sydney's world

Oh you misled males,I see you. You believe that you are misunderstood,and that women simply do not grasp what it is that you crave,but my boy you are wrong. I do know what it is that you want.

You dream of flipping the script on the norms of female vs male behaviors when it comes to interactions. You want to be sought after,you want to be made to feel as if you are more desired than any other male. You seek to feel relevant,and revered for your sex. Tell me beta,does this image sum up your innermost twisted fantasy

 You want to be chased,to be courted,to be feted. You desire to seen as prime grade meat,consumed by my passions. Sexualized,and objectified,which is why you are so angry when women do not respond positively when treated in such a manner,for it is all you want. You quiver inside fantasizing about women demanding that you show them your cock,beg for you to stroke it for them..all the while telling you what a dirty boy you are. That is exactly what you yearn for isn't it...admit it.

You hunger to be the prey just once. To be taken,to be absorbed by the will of a woman. To relinquish yourself without guilt for giving into your lust for the dark side of desire. You want to be absolved of the filth of your urges,and what better way to do so,than by placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of a primal woman. No guilt,no shame,cause she made you do it. You would have never perpetrated those acts of perversion if she had not forced you to.

Yes I understand you quite well, but guess what! I do not allow males to shift their projections upon me. To serve me,you must own your own appetites. You must acknowledge how far down the rabbit hole you want to slide. I do not offer absolution,I offer the opportunity to proclaim your wants,and travel the road to submission,but you will do so because it is what you want,rather than being a passive passenger. 

Claim your submission. Be active in it,and shelve the shame.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Femdom life

Welcome minions of Goddess Sydney

The beauty of your Goddess is ageless and eternal

You have no options other than to bow your head,and pray for her almighty grace

Pray with all of your soul that you shall be found worthy of her presence

Pray that she accepts you as her disciple


She is frost and fire in a combustible combination bent on creating havoc upon your will 

You are no more than her prey..and you will be snared within her designs and desires

The thought of escape or denial,no longer exists for you

You see,you accept,you eagerly and lustily embrace your purpose in her life

She is pure perfection from face to base

You are but a seed blowing in the wind..til you find purchase at the feet of Goddess

Plant yourself deep within the soil of service and

Grow your submission in sacrifice for Goddess

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Sanctuary safe space

Welcome pets...

Are you ready..prepared to take the next step on your journey to submission at the feet of Goddess Sydney?

1)No..then exit NOW 

2)Yes..then come,come my pets,and become disciples of Goddess Sydney 

Come to the altar pet...come crawl to your Goddess.

Here you will worship,here you shall pray.

No more fear of what you truly are.

No more doubts of where you belong.

The sanctuary of Goddess Sydney is your safe space. The place where you are allowed to let your inner submissive out to serve,as it is meant to. Home...yes the sanctuary is your home. Locked away from the world,and free to worship Goddess without shame,ego,or entitlement.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

The first tribute

Greetings,and welcome to Goddess Sydney's world...

Take a seat little ones,cause we are going to talk about the all important first financial tribute you pay a FinDomme. So frightening,yet ever exhilarating! You begin your contemplation of tribute by asking yourself:

1)How much do I send?
2)Will she be insulted if I send very little?
3)Will she come to expect big tributes if my initial one is very generous?
4)Will she take my money and run? 

Now I am going to answer those questions for you pets.

1)An initial tribute should be no less than what you would be out of pocket when taking a woman out on a date..a ballpark figure of around no less than $50.
2)Yes she is going to be insulted if you try to be a miser,and send $10,cause seriously her taking the time to interact with you,is deserving of appreciation,not a fish slap to the face capiche? 
3)So long as you explain that you are unable to remit large amounts on a continuous basis,than no she should not be upset..just remember to communicate the fact. 
4)Yes there is always the chance that a female will take your money and run,but just like anytime you ask a woman out,she may not care for you,so you are essentially out of pocket anyway.

How do you up the odds of not getting "scammed",and by scammed I mean by one who never had any intent of getting to know you,or considering you for service.

1)Read her profile before you contact her.
2)Study her photos to ensure that it is the same person in each one.
3)Pay attention to what she posts on social media,and ask yourself if it meshes with what you seek,or if you are what she is looking for.
4)Don't be so fucking shallow..just because the appearance of a woman makes your pecker pop,does not mean that she is a good fit for you. Use the big head,cause if you fail to,then it is your own damn fault if you get burned,so don't cry me a river.

So many of you get so angry about tributing in the first place,but here is the thing gents,you are not a special boy who is entitled to a woman's time and consideration. The very first thing you should be acknowledging is that you should be grateful when a woman opts to give you notice,cause she owes you nothing at all. 

***Most importantly pets***
1)Be appreciative of a woman's time by thanking her when you receive it.
2)Tribute without being asked(I guarantee that it will make a positive impression).
3)Don't be a cheap ass,and never assume that your tribute buys you anything.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Is Altruistic submission dead

Greetings my curious kittens...

A question which tickles at my awareness of frequent is in regards to altruistic submission via a beta male. This ball of yarn opens my mind to more and more queries such as:

1)Are males capable of altruistic acts?

2)Are males willing to act selflessly without compensation?

3)Do males even recognize the entitlement disposition that they carry with them like attached luggage?

4)Are males intelligent enough to evolve past their patriarchal castings of objectification,and misogynistic sexualization of women?

If you are a beta male, and you are reading this...I want your input. I want to know why,in your opinion it is that males are self driven towards acts of selfishness rather than altruism. 

I have had beyond count interactions with males in the fetish scene over the years,and yet my question remains unanswered.