Saturday, August 29, 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

how much how much how much

Sharing is caring,and today I am going to share something with you my audience in regards to my experience when it comes to males posing the question "how much"?

A typical scenario goes as such

male:Hello Miss I would love to serve you

Me:Hello to you,have you read my profile,and comprehended what it entails in regards to expectations of service?

male:Yes Miss

Me:Very good. Are you prepared for the initial task which ALL prospective males must undertake in order to be considered?

male:Yes Miss

Me:The task is two part,and both must be completed in order to continue forward. 1)A poem personally composed in my honor. 2)An amazon gift card is to be sent to in appreciation of my time.

male:How much should the gift card be for?

DING DING DING goes the bell cause you are out!

This is generally how it goes down,and the outcome is 100% in my experience the same,meaning that I receive no poem,nor a gift card,why...because they peckered off once they seen an amount. Regardless of the monetary amount named,they get off on hearing it,so alas I now cease all interactions when I have that query posed to me.

A male that truly wants to serve me,and please me,is NOT going to ask that question,for he knows that the first tribute is his first impression. Take note of this boys.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

bow down beneath my feet

At my feet is where you beta boys belong,now get down there and worship the very ground I walk on as you lay your tithe beneath my sinful soles

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Not single and ready to mingle

Today's post comes due to a recent issue I encountered with a new to serving me male,and I feel that it warrants a bit of discussion on my part,as obviously I was making an assumption that is not commonly made. Anyways just so it is very clear,I am in a committed relationship with a wonderful man(and I am monogamous),which is why I do NOT accept males seeking a FLR,sexual relationship,or any service sexual in nature. Although I make sure to list the above things as hard limits on my profiles,it apparently is not clear enough for some to comprehend,hence this post.

I absolutely understand that many males seek what I described above,and that is not my issue,unless you make it mine by wasting my time,and yours in making it so,sooooooo to eradicate further complications I am stating boldly I am not here to date,romance,or develop a sexual relationship with any male who serves me,thank you,and now back to regular kink friendly broadcasting.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Findom spoils

Take a cue from those that show appreciation for my attention.
New Dell desktop and coach perfume!

Oh and boys Goddess has arrived on kik after lucrative begging..come find me at #PureFinancialDomination

Feminine ego destruction in findom

In my last blog I spoke about tenacity in the financial domination realm(hell even in life itself),and today I intend to expound upon it. Being tenacious like a bulldog with a bone can be one of the very best things you do for yourself. Some would say not to set lofty aspirations for the fall will break you into pieces,and that can indeed be true,but if you settle for the mundane,then you cannot complain.

How does this relate to findom? Findom is the harshest fetish scene that I have ever seen. It is a culling affair. You will be rejected,insulted,degraded,ignored,objectified,and absolutely suffer from ego destruction if you are not careful,which is why I do not advise it for the feint of heart. Surprise I am not referring to males in the last sentence. *Gasp* I know that it is shocking,but true nonetheless.

1)You will be rejected and denied service by males for the very same reasons that occur in the vanilla dating scene ie your age,your weight,your height,your race,your hair color etc..and do not expect them to always be kind about how they relay it.
*The key*Accept that people can be just as rude and shallow online as they are in person(more so actually),so slick yourself up with grease(confidence) til that shit slides off of you.

2)You will be called an ugly whore,scammer,gold digger and the likes due to the financial aspect of the fetish.
*The key*Recognize that money brings out the best and the worst in people

3)You will be treated like a fetish vending dispenser,degrading yes,as if you are no longer anything more than a one dimensional character.
*The key*Recognize quickly that you deserve better than this treatment,and make liberal use of the block hammer.

4)You will be ignored,and bypassed see#1 for the reasons and key.

5)You will be treated as if you are only a piece of flesh created for the masturbatory pleasure of males.
*The key*Learn to turn the tables,and show males that they were created for your pleasure and entertainment(value yourself).

6)Combine all of the above,and what tends to happen=ego destruction

I am not painting a pretty picture I know,but who actually gains from having smoke blown up their ass? This is exactly why you need the hide of a rhino and the tenacity of that bulldog in the findom world. Otherwise it will break you,I promise. It can and will instill ugly negative insecurities if you allow it(please don't).

I know firsthand how difficult it is to remain positive,to shore up your defenses in a place where you are judged critically for your words,your level of experience,and your appearance. It sucks massive ass,and some days you are going to want to say "stick a fucking fork in me cause this shit ain't worth it". I have been there believe it or not,many many times. There will be times when your inbox gathers dust,and your accounts suffer a drought of tribute(happens to us all). How you handle it though is up to you entirely,so you either seek life elsewhere,or you grab that bone in your teeth and hold on tight!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Welcome to the world of Financial Domination Ladies

The most  sage advice I can and will offer to any new to the findom scene Ladies looking for guidance,as well as an anchor in a storm is 2 part.

*We all have seen or read articles regarding the importance of self belief and purpose. Amazingly a simple quality,yet one that has defeated the masses in achievement. Not so difficult to believe that we as women in this day and age lack confidence,considering that we have been raised under the patriarchal society's definition of what is beautiful,and worthy in a woman,and yes the focus is based upon what is seen,rather than what is hidden to the naked eye sadly. In eras long past,women were regaled and lauded for their manners,their decorum,kindness,and consideration,yet today these fine examples have fallen to the wayside in favor of an obsession upon what is deemed provocatively sexually alluring(hence the overtly sexualized and objectification of a woman's body in media advertising),and it is no secret who empowers such campaigns(males),else the world as we see it,would not revolve around the oppression and suppression of a woman's worth,other than her physical attributes,and how they can be put to purpose for a male's pleasure.
*How does one then maintain a healthy level of confidence if they do not fit into the ideal,ie being a circle in a square pegged world. Easy,by not allowing your worth to be determined externally. We as women are our own worst critics(due to beliefs,insecurities, and ideals instilled within us since childhood). Yet those with strength of character are able to realize,embrace,and embody the acceptance of appreciating the differences between human beings. Whilst one may not fit within the parameters set by skewed misogynists,that does not mean that we cannot love and celebrate how we differ. I myself am not what would be labelled by the masses as a beauty of renowned proportions,yet here I sit knowing that I am gloriously lovely,and confident in the fact that my self worth is based upon the internal. I decide my value,therefore I suffer no setback due to outside judgment or commentary which harbors negativity. This you too can achieve. One of the rituals I adopted early on was positive affirmations(hibberty gibberty to disbelievers). The entire fake it til you make it concept is based upon a working reality. Doubt me,well then I challenge you to stand before your mirror each and every day picking out just one thing that you find beautiful about yourself,whether it be the curve of your jawline,the razor edge of a cheekbone,perhaps even the delicate flush of color across your face. Now I know that I encouraged up above to not focus upon what is seen,but if one is to possess confidence,then they must find love for the internal,as well as their external being to make that happen. Inner beauty is radiated without,once you accept it. Yes I know that many will doubt what I am saying,and that is ok,but if only a single fellow woman finds the realization that the power of her worth is held within her own hands,due to my words,then I am overjoyed.

*This is a word which I claimed as my middle name. Being tenacious means not giving up. To keep pushing on til you achieve your goals,not allowing outside influences to detract you from your purpose. The fetish scene can be cruel,and unkind,therefore you have to be prepared to overcome these obstacles,or atleast determined to circumvent them. This will require fortitude,for if you give up at the first hurdle,you may as well not have even entered the arena. You will be tested by those that play upon insecurities,and ignorance of the celebration of women as beings of power and influence,this I promise,which means that you must  dig deep,and develop the stubbornness of a mule. This is why I advise a high degree of confidence in yourself(hence my mention of it primarily),for to last you need to know your own worth first. In short,hold steady with your head held high,and your belief in yourself held even higher.

I sincerely believe in the empowerment of all women,and hope to see the fruition of it's evolution. Therefore I welcome all that are new,and hope to see you being worshiped for the Goddesses you are in the many years to come :)