Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ageism against males in fetish

Ageism exists for males in the FETISH scene as well...

In FINDOM older males are preferred. Why?
1)They are more likely to be established in life,and career
2)They are more likely to have the funds to spoil and tribute
3)Greater life experience tends to(note not always)afford greater levels of maturity 

Younger males are less desired in FINDOM. Why?
1) The majority are focused on their dick
2)Are way less likely to possess expendable income
3)Suffer greatly from entitlement syndrome

This flips when it comes to FEMDOM

In FEMDOM older males are less desirable. Why?
1)They are more likely to be married,therefore unable to serve full time
2)They are more likely to suffer with health issues which curtail many physical aspects of service 
3)They tend to be quite set in their ways (insert old dogs,new tricks adage)

Younger males on the other hand increase in desirability. Why?
1)They are much more open to new experiences
2)They tend to be free and single,with time to spare for service
3)Their bodies are more likely to be in prime shape for a greater variety of service activities 

Do feel free to comment with your opinions on the subject :)

Friday, October 20, 2017

HypnoDomme ASMR mind control

Greetings my pets...

Did you make your way over today to listen to my newest ASMR softly whispered commands audio? I created it just for you. We both know that you are ADDICTED to the sound of my voice. You LOVE listening to me speak to you alone..only the two of us in your mind. Can you imagine what it would be like if you closed your eyes,and I was there with you whispering the very words you so YEARN to hear? You can make that your reality by clicking on this link  

Click on the link..sit back..relax..and close your eyes as you listen to you Goddess speak to you,and to you alone.

You like being in your own little world with me don't you? You like me slipping into your mind..transforming you into my perfect puppet. My words fill the void within words guide you..evolve you into pure SUBMISSION for Goddess Sydney. This is your purpose pet.

This is you before you found Goddess Sydney

You were born to serve Goddess Sydney. You were created from my will,and by my design,in order to fulfill your destiny as a submissive male. 

This is you after you found Goddess Sydney

 This is what you want..this is what you CRAVE. You have searched for so long my pet..waited so patiently for me,and now you are ready..ready to become my puppet. Yes pet,you are ready.

You and I both know that you long to be my GOOD want my praise,my attention,my recognition of your efforts. It can all be yours pet..if you are willing to work for it.

Are you ready to work for work for me? Are you ready to be my SLAVE? Are you ready to be my good boy? Are you ready to serve your ASMR HypnoDomme Goddess? 

Come crawl into my web,and find out what it feels like to serve a GODDESS.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Seductive Domination

Did the title of the blog titillate your attention gents?

If so, you obviously enjoy the soft seduction of your senses. You like that feeling..that wave of warmth which spreads from your belly to flood your groin with thrills when your mind recognizes that a woman is focusing her attention upon you. Don't you just adore that feeling? I do! I love knowing that I am turning a man's mind to mush with my appeal.

The seduction of the senses can arise from even the smallest of acts. It could be the turn of a phrase,the look in one's eyes..words upon a screen. Am I wrong? Have you ever found yourself reading my words whilst imagining how erotically charged it would be to have me whispering those very words into your ear? I give you permission to admit it. Admit that my voice reduces you to your base level..the level where you can no longer think..all you can do is FEEL. Feel the way my tone resonates within you. Feel the sensuality of my words coat and cover you in scintillation. You like that feeling don't you? I know that you do.

You want to want me..and I want you to want me. I want you to want me so much that you simply cannot wait any longer to kneel down at my feet in a pool of submission. It feels so damn good to finally give give in to your desires. Give in,and serve your Goddess Sydney.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Wooden nickel noise

Greetings little cock gobblers...

So many of you relay the desire to be valued by a FinDomme..yet I would question whether you can actually be valued if what you bring to the equation is 

Being of worth to a FinDomme can be comprised of many factors,such as
1)Altruistic servitude 
For those of you whom possess no idea of what I am referring is your best friend.
Integrity is a fundamental building block of what I define as a decent human being.
3)Passion to please the FinDomme
Pleasing the FinDomme,should in essence bring pleasure to you..nope not the kind which floods your gonads full. 
4)Willing sacrifice
Sacrifice which may encompass your ego,your sex,your finances,your time,your basic rights as a human being.
5)Expending effort joyfully
If you are just going through the motions in order to gain your personal will be apparent,and unappreciated.

Let us proceed to what is worthless in service to a FinDomme
1)Your dick.
Your dick is valued by you,and you alone. 
In fact,your dick is most often detrimental to the relationship,for it prods you to be both selfish,and stupid..and no one values stupidity or selfishness.
2)Your sense of entitlement
Women owe you nothing,and for you to believe that they do by virtue of your sex,than you little boy,are delusional. Coming before a strong woman with the expectation that you hold a bargaining chip due to being a male is perhaps the height of ignorance. Scour this archaic ideology from your mental repertoire immediately!
Oh such lies..they are perpetrated day in day out...WITHOUT success.
What do lies accomplish?? Anger towards you,and your entire sex. If you desire women to cease touting that men are trash...stop acting like trash.
4)Unrealistic expectations
You know those fantasies spinning in your head..the ones where you live happily ever after with your Domme..or where you dwell in her basement existing on feces and urine for sustenance..even the ones where she pimps out your over 50 ugly old man ball dragging ass out to paying cocks..funnier yet is the one where she brings all of her friends over to use you,or even look upon your nasty ass naked body...RECOGNIZE that those are fantasies,and will NEVER be your reality. Fantasies are wonderful creative outlets,but you cannot base your reality upon them.
5)Empty wallets
Yes yes ability and willingness to transfer that wealth to your Domina for the betterment of her life is ESSENTIAL. Findom after all is Financial Domination,not broke wallet wishes. It is ok to have champagne wishes,but if you exist upon a tap water budget without a FinDomme in your life,whelp you are stalled at the starting gate. Do better,be better,succeed in the financial sector,then come back.

to be valued period.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Not nice Dominatrix

Greetings and welcome to those who are worthy of acknowledgement...

If you have been following me for any length of time,you will already be aware that I believe in being truthful to the point of cruelty. I apply this readily to myself as well,cause seriously one of the most detrimental actions you can perpetrate is lying to yourself. 

I am going to get down and gritty with this post..make it burn like an unlubed strapon violation lol I have made a point of pointing out that I am ALL about ME :) You know this right?? Hope so. This kinda goes against the grain of how some run their realm,and hey that is ok by me,cause if every FemDomme was a carbon copy,that would be borrrrrrring! Agree?

Alrighty,so I have been told that if I do not atleast put up a false pretense that I truly care about every single male who approaches me to serve,that I am not really dominant,but more along the lines of a predator. is the thing folks...99% of the males who do approach me to serve,do not give a flying rat's ass about me as a FemDomme,much less as a human being,so why would I want to play that I give a shite about them as "submissive males"..I employ that term loosely.  

First and foremost I am always true to me,and if you as a male are coming at me without regard for my desires,rules,or standards,then why the hell would you expect me to treat you like a treasure?  I possess zero respect for males who contact FemDommes with dick in hand,looking to bust a nut for free. In my opinion this type of male is the lowest of the low. He is out to use women,and that is NOT ok,so I give no fucks about hurting their precious feelings(as if they have any to harm)when I tell them to fuck off. 

Here is the thing...I am not subhuman,and yes I care about humanity on the whole,but I am not going to play nice with people out to use me without my consent..make sense?

Truthfully here,I do indeed care about the males who serve me for my sake,and not their own. I do appreciate males who seek to be a blessing in my life,rather than a noose around my neck. I do treasure the males who enrich my life with sacrifice,instead of looking to get something for nothing from me. These are the males who enjoy the softer side of Sydney. They have earned it,unlike the average reject banging at my inbox with his 2" pecker expecting me to fall all over him in gratitude for having chosen me to bestow his cum tribute upon. Who the fuck even came up with that cum tribute bullshit anyway??? 

Are you getting what I am putting out? I am seriously a really caring,kind,sweetheart type of person once you have proven that you are worthy of that type of treatment,but not a single moment before then,so keep that in mind when you are hitting me up like a communal doorknob.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Poached Submissive

Greetings to all who enter the domain of the Female Supremacist Goddess Mz Sydney...

I want to get into something today that has been on my mind for awhile,no doubt exacerbated by the continuous outcries I see over poaching. 
For those of you newer to the fetish I am not speaking in reference to a poached egg lol

Poaching is a term used to describe what occurs when a female approaches an owned submissive and convinces them to depart service from their owner so that they may serve the approaching female. Sounds alot like nilla cheating yes? It is basically the same exact thing.

In findom especially, this creates some major discord,anger,and outright hatred. Now what I generally see going off is all of the anger being directed solely at the female pursuer,which in my opinion is totally outrageous. 

I absolutely get being pissed over someone taking what you rightfully believe as being yours.
Most males in the fetish scene who are actively serving a single Dominant woman will have some sort of highly visible to the public notation affixed to their profiles mentioning that they are not available to serve anyone else,but this alone will not deter a determined female pursuant.

Of course most of us FemDommes respect the owned,and UC titles,note that I said most,not all,but that does not do a lick of good if the male in question desires to stray.

Just as in a nilla wafer relationship,if a male wants to cheat,he will. You,I,nor anyone else will be able to stop that train if it is bound in motion,therefore to continue blaming the other female is pointless..and let's get real here folks. The blame lays solely upon the shoulders of the straying male. He knows the commitments that he has made,he knows where his loyalty and fidelity should rest,so if he opens his wallet for someone else,well it is ALL on him,so please oh please own your fault if you are a male who has perped this behavior,and for the Ladies, stop shaming on your fellow Femmes for the failings of a male. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Beyond the computer screen

Morning greetings to all of Mz Sydney's minions...

 Do you ever wonder what lays beyond the computer screen you are sitting at right now,or are you content to sit back and center your thoughts toward your own little self-contained bubble?

Are you a member(even if it is the bastardized version)of the fetish scene with the intent to evolve beyond what you have been reared to believe,or are you satisfied to remain upon your set course to guided masturbation?

Exactly why are you here,and what do you believe is beyond the screen?

As you sit there typing away
what,and who do you think is on the other end?

Is this what you imagine?
Do you envision an AI automatron awaiting your initiation of contact? An inorganic creation with no will or mind other than what you program it to relay? An autobot whose sole purpose is bring a touch of reality to all of the perversions that your fantasies direct and produce?

Reality check bb! There are living breathing women beyond the fantasy fluff stuffed between your ears. Most often when you are reaching out to women in the fetish scene,they are on the other side of the screen hoping that you are different from the other 99% of males contacting them. They are realistic though,but I can tell you that from my own personal experience that it is almost orgasmic to find that the male on the other end of the screen is not contacting me for his pleasure,but instead for mine(mind you I am not referring to the male projected version of my pleasure). What I mean when I say "my pleasure" is not sexual in nature at all. 

My pleasure in fetish is derived from the exchange of power. There is nothing more powerful in this world than money. Money rules society,and our lives. Without money we could not continue to live the life we are accustomed to,nor in the manner we choose. Lack of it can and will break you down,whilst abundance of it can and will elevate you to the peak of power. 

Look to those that influence and control our society..what do they all have in common=MONEY. Money is power,and power is the greatest of aphrodisiacs period! It is that power I want. I want to bathe in power. I want to eclipse the sun in the shine of power.

Now when you compare the power of your penis(non-existent)to the power of wins each and every time. There is a reason why women in fetish are not chasing dick. So spare me your desire to involve your penis in my power play. I crave real power,not the faux fucktool in your pants. 

Are you ready to serve the reality beyond the screen?