Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Un"sexy Mz Sydney

Today's post is all about the "un"sexiness of MzSydney. Kinda odd coming from a woman who styles herself as a Goddess amongst males,yes? Fiction,and non-fiction alike portray the imagery of a Goddess as being quite sensual and sexual in nature,yet here I am with all outright audacity declaring my "un"sexiness..quite the gall eh?

Most people coming into bdsm in general today view it as an atmosphere where any and all "sexual perversions" are embraced. A sexual hook up cesspool,where people play sexy games,and get laid,and to the general eye,I can see exactly why that belief is held,and gains popularity. Whereas I am at heart the antithesis of the supposed norm of typically viewed bdsm.

I am not here with the agenda of fucking or getting fucked,or even giving or receiving oral gratification. I have no designs on any penis in bdsm,nor will I ever. I am not about looking at penis or vagina either. Can you believe that shit?? Seriously I am confessing to not wanting to engage in any sexual acts with those that serve me!! Nor do I want to watch people masturbate,or stimulate their prostate with large objects. There is no pleasure for me in any of that,therefore I am not going to engage in it. How difficult is that to grasp?  I am realistic enough to recognize that yes people masturbate,and yes the majority of people in bdsm are in it to get off physically,but that does not mean that I have to go against my own personal desires and engage in it.

One of the greatest gifts human beings enjoy is free will. Free will affords individuals the option of choosing whom they enter into a bdsm relationship with,and I am absolutely all for that,which is why I turn away those that seek the type of interactions which I have no taste for. Believe it or not,dominants have the right to turn away service,just as submissives have the right to refuse to interact with those that do not offer what they seek.

What is surprising though,is that I have always been vocal about what I am about when it comes to dominating males. I makes no lies about my expectations or requirements. I am not a woman who gets nude,does sessions,hops on cam,makes clips,caters to penis,yet everyday I am hit up with the very expectation of providing those activities. Sad is it not? It is quite telling that our world has evolved into such a sorry state where laziness is the norm? A universe where people cannot even be bothered to read basic profiles :(

Perhaps this explains the state of unemployment here in the states. I mean,applying to be someone's submissive is not unlike applying for a vanilla job. Could it be that these same beings are just barging into the offices of human resources personnel declaring that they want this,this,and this,and that this,this,and this does not turn them on,so they will not perform that duty,but hey you will be lucky to have them,and a dumbass loser if you deny them. Does that sound like to type of person that you would hire?

I do not want males who think or act with their dick coming to me requesting to serve. I want males with brains,not boners. Of course it is natural to be attracted to your Domina,but that does not mean that the relationship is going to become sexual. If I slept with every being that I was attracted to,good gosh the list would be phenomenal!! Call me archaic,but sex has actual meaning for me. It is an intimate act which I engage in with someone I care about,not just an activity to get me off.

Are you catching what I am saying about being "un"sexy Sydney? I hear day in,day out how a woman must be sexy in order to amass followers and servants. Do I believe it,hell yes I do. Do this for me if you do not believe it..look to the profile of a woman (no celebrities) who posts up bikini pics,then look to one who posts facial photos only. Who has more followers?  Whose photos garner more likes,and accolades? Look at those numbers,then and only then can you come back and tell me that I am wrong,k?

So,what is it that is so "un"sexy about me?
1)I do not offer sexual services(no pegging,no bj,or hj,no stroke off instructions)
2)I do not post nudes or semi-nudes
3)I value brains over dick
4)I am not afraid to call a spade a spade
5)I do not cater to boners
6)I am a FinDomme (that fact has killed many a boner)

Now if you are in the market to actually serve someone,not something,than you just might be right for me,but if you are one of the cro-magnon males who only serves when their dick is involved,than you are definitely not suited for me. Get your sexy times somewhere else please and thank you :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Time out

I spent some time thinking this evening about the amount of content(photos,blogs,youtube clips) I crank out,and realized that my time is better spent taking a step back. The absolute lack of Valentine's gifts drove home the point quite well that my time and effort is NOT appreciated by any of you,so really there is no need for me to waste my own time producing content,when I could employ that time enjoying my life.

As of right now,I will only be available to those that truly have the desire to devote their selfless submission to me...and no more content will be released until I feel that my time is valued. The only avenue to receive any response from me will be through my personal email,and only if a gift card is attached to that message.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Rosy FinDom feet

Behold the beauty which rests on a bed of roses
Valentine's Day nears gents...get your gift cards sent to mzsydney34@yahoo.com

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

FinDom heart

Melt my frozen FinDom heart with tangible tribute. Beg to be the one who saturates my icy soles with the warmth of freely given gifts of adoration.