Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Financial Domination Niche

One of the very first pieces of advice I was given when entering the online realm of Financial Domination, was that I would have to find a niche for myself in order to become successful. Now successful is a subjective term. How does one measure success? Is it by the number of males serving,or the amount of tribute received weekly,perhaps even by your follower counts on social media sites?

If I were to judge myself by any of the above mentioned standards of grading,than I would be deemed a failure*gasp* I have exactly 2 males serving my will,who are not rich by any means,but who give their best effort to provide for the fulfillment of my desires,and my social media followers are not numbered in the thousands either,so I guess most would say that I have failed abysmally in my quest to break to my bit the Financial Domination pony. I myself would disagree with that estimation though.

To me success is gauged by the loyalty and devotion of those serving under me. I would rather have a single servant that worships me selflessly,than 100 who seek to sate their own agendas instead. Making males cum,or teasing them into erections with my naked flesh,just holds no interest for me. Sure there are thousands who do work their magic that way,but I have never aspired to be one of the crowd. I stand out due to the fact that I do not play many of the popular findom games,nor employ the proven strategies

I want servants,true devoted gents who cannot imagine nor desire a life where they are not working towards my happiness alone,rather than them spewing a few key words role played with the goal in sight being their sticky hand. I have always been forthright about my not being the one to come to if you are looking for a wank. Getting off is not serving in my opinion. That is simply a male being a male.

With my eyes I take note that over 90% of the males in the Financial Domination are not submissive in any way,shape or form. These are males who differ not at all from their non-bdsm brothers. They gravitate to this scene due to the bevy of beautiful women who dwell here. Findom is a literal smorgasboard for horny males. Tons of nude,near nude,and erotic photography. Truly with all the visual candy displayed,they do not even have to come out of pocket at all to get off. Now for those who must have some interaction with their jerk fest,well for a few pennies on the dollar,or tokens,one can receive a fine ass show to masturbate to. Plenty of cam sites where females will be at your beck and call for the dolla. For a bit more,clips can be purchased to rouse and release your pud roll.

Let's be frank here..nudity is no longer shocking or risque in this time and day. Spread vaginas are pasted everywhere you look..lots with dildos implanted in them even..so why is it that any male would find their way into my inbox? Honestly they do not...well not tons atleast,and that is a plus for me.I do not want to deal with males who are looking to get a nut off,or call the shots with their wallet.

Another aspect which relegates me to the outer rings of the revolving door of findom is that I do not chase after the money. Whether it is on a site or social media,I do not pm or dm males trying to get them to see the uniqueness of me,and sway them into serving me. I want no servant that I would have to cajole,seduce,coerce,or bludgeon into being mine. I feel that a male should serve me,because that is his aspiration,and if a male soulfully craves to serve me,than he will approach me,rather than me chasing after him like he is a prize. I am the fair maiden. I am the Goddess. I am the Queen whose attention you must earn,not the other way around. I do not work for males,they strive to impress me..to leave a favorable lasting impression.

Lastly I do not lie! Even if I know that what I am going to say will hurt little male feelings,or ding  egos,I will not lie. If I say that I am not interested in your service,than I am really not. It is not a game I play,or some means of getting you to open your wallet a bit wider. I have no qualms about being blunt,Lord knows that honesty trumps deceit every single time.

So,what does this post convey..it says 1)I will not adhere to practices of others to get a dollar 2)I will not chase males down(that includes making initial contact) 3)I will not lie to get my way 4)I will not be ruled by the wants or wallets of males. These are traits that set me apart from a great many,and appreciated by the few,but that's ok with me :) Quality > Quantity every day in every way!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Support my charity works

Whew Goddess has been way beyond busy with work!! Have you missed me?

I did take the time though to post some photos on IG for my foot boys :) If you are not following me there,whelp that is your loss toots.

Anyways,today I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart. My charity work. Yup bet you were thinking that I was going to talk about a fetish lol.

So,today I added a new wish list with a few items that I want you gents to get on buying and sending to me pronto!! These are items which will aid in keeping the homeless a little bit more comfortable this winter. This is a rare opportunity for you to impress me without going deep into the bowels of your savings account..I suggest you get right on it. Prove to me that you can act selflessly,that you can gift without the expectation of receiving,cause the only reward you will receive is my happiness,and the knowledge that you were a good boy for me.

Here is the link WARMTH FOR HUMANITY

The clock is ticking!