Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sinful Sunday Submission

Morning my pets...

It is sinful Sunday,and I have a task for you today. A task that will please me greatly! You do want to please me don't you pet? Of course you do,for to be tasked by a Goddess is an indisputable honor.

What I want is for you to create an altar of worship for Goddess Sydney. A shrine where you are free to offer your prayers up to me.

What you need:
  • a photo of me printed off
  • a white candle
Now you are to light the candle,kneel down,bow your head and repeat after me three times.."Great and Glorious Goddess,I offer my humble submission in your honor. I pray that you will look kindly upon my offering,and accept my tithe this day" Blow the candle out,log into amazon,and send your tithe to Goddess (

For those of you that are unable to create a physical altar,you may open up a photo of Goddess on your phone,and follow the above instructions.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Respect and Research Femdom

Welcome pets..

Why did I create this blog? Why do I spend so much time here exposing and sharing pieces of my Femdom self with you?
Simple subverting logic. This blog is a free look into my sensually sadist soul. This blog is chalk full of content which allows the reader to "get to know me" without ever having to bother me with inane time consuming questions.

You my pet may think to yourself that you are only trying to see if we would suit..if we have chemistry,but here is the quagmire..there are only 24 hours within a day,and I the selfish sot that I am require sleep during that cycle,so detract approximately 8 hours from the equation. That leaves a total of 16 hours. Now subtract the time I am working(gasp a real job) 8 hours. We are left with 8 hours..ok now let's take into account the time spent bathing,preparing meals,eating meals,dressing,cleaning,laundry,running errands,peeing,and pooing..gosh that is another 4 hours gone. Holy crap that brings us to a total of 4 hours to indulge in my fetishes. Oops we must also note the time I spend interacting with those that already serve me. 

The point I am getting at is that I do not desire to waste the time I do have online answering questions that have already been answered here or on my website. That would be the height of insanity! Think about it,say I receive at a minimum of 10 males contacting me daily to ascertain if we have "chemistry" and I spend 10 minutes interacting with each one..that is 100 minutes out of my day..mind you that the odds of each one of those males showing appreciation of my time with a tribute is less than 10%..most days I have essentially just wasted 100 minutes,which is time I could have better spent interacting with those males who do tribute to be in my presence.  

Before you point it out,yes I have heard this saying
I do realize that if you fail to spend time interacting with submissives,that none will desire to serve me,but here is the thing. I do have the right to decide who I will spend that precious time with,and I choose to bestow it upon those that have proven to have already done the leg work. Those that took the time to read my words prior to contacting me,thereby proving that they are willing to put forth some effort. Is that really such a bad thing? Is it absolutely horrid that I expect males to come to me already knowing whether they want to serve me or not? I do not think that it is. 

Think about it from this point of view. Say that you are applying for jobs,so you scour the want ads for the perfect position to suit you. When you are deciding if you want to apply,do you research what that company does,what it stands for,and what you can expect of them as an employer? If not,than you are a dumbass. In essence you are applying to work for me as a submissive,so it is not beyond reasonable to expect you to do your homework before coming before me. 

This blog,and my website spells out clearly that tribute is required to serve,and that a submissive mindset is a prerequisite. They relay that I do not offer pay for play,sexual contact,the GFE,seek a housekeeper,driver,lawn boy,spouse,bf,or sex slave,as well as pointing out that I have no interest in 24/7 live in service. My fetish interests are conveyed as if I am not into what you are seeking,than you know right away that we will not suit.

In my opinion,the only ones who do not do their homework are lazy worthless bastards who deserve not a single moment of my attention. Is that you? Do you want to fall into that category? I hope not.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

So you wanna be a FemDomme or FinDomme

Welcome all...

Any female who has ever come to me asking about getting involved in the findom scene has been told via myself that you must have a thick confident skin to get anywhere in the fetish scene,and it is 100% accurate. Why do I say this? Whelp here are some of the things you will get told by both males and females at some point in time.

  • You are not pretty enough to be a FemDomme or FinDomme
  • You are not sexy enough to be a FemDomme or FinDomme
  • You are not thin enough or too thin to be a FemDomme or FinDomme
  • You are too old or too young to be a FemDomme or FinDomme 
  • You are not smart enough to be a FemDomme or FinDomme
  • You are a whore,a golddigger,a user,a predator
  • You are an insta,a fake,a fraud,a scammer 

This is just part of the gauntlet you will have to run in order to exist in the fetish scene. Onto the really fun aspect...NOT

  • You will be sent unsolicited dick pics(that happens to vanilla chicks too)
  • You will be sent spread asshole photos(never happened to me in the vanillasphere)
  • You will be objectified and used as wank fodder by males looking to bust a nut(all the time)

Let's tackle a few myths of FemDomme and FinDomme shall we

  • You have to be a cam girl(myth)
  • You have to get naked to be successful(myth)
  • You have to fuck your submissives(myth)
  • You have to suck dick,jack guys off,and fuck them in the ass to get anywhere(myth)

Now here are some truths

  • Do not base your worth upon the opinions of others! 
  • Accept that you will have haters,and fly that middle finger proudly in their faces!
  • Realize that insults are lobbied by the insecure,and never devalue yourself due to them!
  • Never fear to employ the block hammer! Ban negativity!!
  • Do not give up just because others do not believe in you!
  • Knowledge is your best friend til you gain experience! Research every aspect of fetish,and play safe! 
  • Recognize that not everyone is going to like you,and that is ok!
  • Don't change who you are to please others!
  • Know that a dominant woman will walk alone rather than bowing to the dictates of others!

**Most importantly,Be you,and believe in yourself!!**

Monday, August 14, 2017

Seduction of the Masochist

Welcome pets...

Your pain and suffering is sweeter than chocolate on my tongue
I am truly the sweetest sadist you will ever serve,and we both know that you are dying to take a trip to the dark side with me. A place where your pain becomes my happy place :) You like to suffer don't you? You love that feeling of being at my not so tender mercies :) I will strip you of all masculine pretense,til you are nothing but flesh for my flogger. You like that don't you...imagine yourself quivering in my presence awaiting the lash upon your exposed skin. 

I want to drown my senses in your mewls of pain. I want to bathe in the slickness of your tears.
See yourself as my whipping boy,for that is how I envision you always. Even if that pain is via the violation of your wallet. I want it all! Every last cent belongs to me. I will reduce you to your very essence..which is a submissive who lives for the suffering his service to Goddess Sydney brings. Your only solace will be the knowledge that you have at last evolved into a creature of my creation. This is what you want,and where you belong. Denial only encourages senseless suffering..come to me and I will give purpose to your pain.

Come now my pets...come to your Goddess Sydney

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Suffer for the solace of serving

Welcome pets..

Your life with Goddess Sydney in it
vs your life without Goddess Sydney
Your life with Goddess Sydney in it
vs your life without Goddess Sydney
Do you get my drift pets? Do you understand what it means to be without the presence of Goddess Sydney in your life?

Right now you exist,but you will never truly live til you seek out the purpose of your life,and kneel down at her feet. Come to Goddess Sydney,and begin living.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Blocked boys

Welcome pets...

Are you truly welcome though?
Over the past 5 years online I have compiled a block list longer than the number of twitter followers I possess. What does this information relay to you? I imagine that my list is far shorter than many others,but than again it is most likely enormous compared to most in my position. 

When I convey to you pets that I am a no nonsense,no game playing,no BS swallowing Domina...I am not exaggerating to prove a point. I seriously lack patience or tolerance for the usual antics or perps.
I am a preemptive yet decisive blocker. 

I do not ascribe to the 
methodology. One would think that I am quite cruel to not allow at the very least a few mistakes by those seeking to serve me..and I do,but if you are striking out before you even reach my inbox,than why should I allow you another opportunity? My belief is that when someone really truly wants to succeed at something,that yes they are going to run afoul at times,but they will correct their errors expediently.

What is it that is keeping you from a warm welcome?
It is you are the one holding yourself back. You are to blame..the problem. Why do I block people you know why? 
  • ego
  • entitlement
  • selfishness
  • dick pics
  • spread ass photos
  • misogynistic statements
  • willful disobedience
  • disrespect
  • whining
  • demanding behavior
  • refusal to tribute..and I mean tribute as in a gift freely given without expectations
  • attempts to manipulate my domination
  • disregarding my hard limits
  • failure to comply with commands without my justification of reasons
 Long list of reasons eh? Not really. No doubt that you are thinking "sheesh she harps on this alot",and mayhaps I do,but there is a very valid reason for my doing so. I do not enjoy blocking people(it devours time that could be spent more enjoyably). My wish is for you not to end up on this yourself the pain..and me the effort.  

Now I advise you to keep yourself on my sweet side :) *hint* gift cards make me smile!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Angry submission

Welcome back pets..

Are you angry,frustrated,and full of rancor due to not being able to find the Domina of your dreams? You are not alone. There are thousands of submissive males out there searching for someone to serve,and if lucky a few hundred will succeed. The odds are not in your favor.
You can increase the odds in your favor! 

 Anger is a powerful emotion,which can be turned into positive creative energy. Use that anger,that angst,and sense of failure to drive fuel your ambitions. Allow yourself to mold that anger into a tool which works for you instead of against you. Control that anger and channel it into a higher purpose.

Gather up all of that negative emotion and repurpose it into an instrument of determination. Armor yourself with the determination to better yourself. Better yourself in life,and as a submissive. Stop wasting time redirecting internalized anger into misogyny. It is NOT the fault of women worldwide that you are not one of the chosen few. It is your fault..own it..accept it..embrace it,and change it!

Instead of asking "Why can't I find a Domme to serve when there are thousands out there" say "There are thousands of Dommes out there,and I will be a good submissive for 1 of them". Repeat it til you actually believe it,and then begin the hard work of reprogramming your patriarchal poisoned brain.

Start with the realization that women owe you nothing..not time,attention,domination,and especially not sex. Serving a woman entails setting aside any sense of entitlement. You are owed fact it is you that is in arrears. It is you that owes reparation for every misogynistic thought and deed you have perpetrated. Accepting this will aid you in evolving into a humble male,which is what you should have been to begin with. These alterations will set you upon the path to becoming worthy of the domination of a woman. Mind you though that the process of enlightenment requires lifelong dedication. Be diligent and persevere regardless of what your he-man woman haters cronies advise you to do..and perhaps someday you will be one of the "lucky ones".