Monday, August 22, 2016

thick thighs&sinful soles

Every day at the gym is paying off
Thighs thick enough to squeeze every last $$$ out of your wallet!

Behold the sinful soles of Mz Sydney..ordained holy and divine by Goddess herself! Tribute and tithe their beauty today!!

Can you tell that I am loving my bodacious bod??

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The whole truth

I received a couple of messages yesterday,one of which amused me,and I wanted to share with you my readers a basic remedial reminder of who and what is acceptable to Mz Sydney.

Now the missive which amused me was sent by one who had read my profile on a fetish site wherein I list what I desire,and what I do not:

What I seek:
*Generous gentlemen admirers

What I do NOT seek:
*males under 35
*sex or oral slaves
*promotional slaves ie males to promote me via social media outlets
*friends(I have plenty of those)
*personal toilet(just no)
*live in servants

Pretty much straightforward is it not? Yet still I received a message asking "What the f*** do you want than?" This I found amusing due to the fact that when I read his profile,all he had listed was that he was a sex slave hmmm. Why would a proclaimed sex slave contact someone who clearly states that they are NOT interested in anything sexual? Anyone else smell a troll?
Regardless I wanted to take a moment to provide you all with a brush up on serving Mz Sydney,including those items listed above.

Can you serve Mz Sydney for free? NO
Can you provide a service in lieu of tribute? NO (this includes all of you offering web design skills to get out of tribute)
Can you just be Mz Sydney's friend? NO. I do not allow males to live vicariously upon the efforts of my good boys (leeches=ewwwww,NO)

Can you tribute Mz Sydney without asking permission? YES. Send amazon gift cards to
Can you provide services,and tribute as well? YES.

In conclusion for those of you that cannot grasp what I am saying, NO ONE SERVES MZ SYDNEY FOR FREE!! There are no special snowflakes in my realm who receive a free pass,just an ice Queen who accepts nothing less than a true financial sacrifice in her honor.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Working hard

Goddess has been busy this week with life! Basically I have been working hard,and working out even harder!!
I did take a bit of a breather yesterday though. Enjoyed a lovely relaxing day trip into amish country with my man. A little peek into his view this evening
Isn't he a lucky guy??? He sure seemed to think so :) Nothing better than ending your weekend with a big OOOOOO!! Now it is your turn to add to my pleasure by sending amazon gift cards to

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

No money,no time

One of the biggest whines I have heard lately is "you just want my money". Let's talk about this shall we?

If this is what you believe about me personally there could be a reason why,and most likely it is all on you. If you are interacting with me,it is due to you reaching out to me,not vice versa. I repeat,I do not chase after male attention. I have no need for such tactics,and if I am not the one making contact,than I am in no way obligated to react in a generous manner. We are not friends,and I owe you zilch. You on the other hand are rather self-centered and obnoxious popping up in my inbox expecting something for nothing from me,so slow your roll before you hurl accusations .

If you have come to my inbox,ask yourself why you did so. Did you pounce in looking for a quick jerk? Were you reaching out for selfish reasons(anything to do with your dick is selfish)? If you responded yes,than you are the type of male who receives not an ounce of respect from me,nor do I care for your poor tender feelings of entitlement,or cater to you attempting to use me non-consentually. I have not signed a release stating that any and all swinging dicks have the right to impugn my person with their dick delusions,so when you come at me with your own agenda,you will certainly get the "fuck you pay me" response,because I detest you right from the start,and if I am going to gift a single moment of my time,than you are going to pay dearly for it. In my eyes males like I described are the scum of the earth,and I have no qualms treating them as such,which means pay up or STFU.

A totally differing subset of males approach me with my interests in mind,and these are the males who do not regurgitate the tired pity me line of "you just want my money". Why is that? They do not do so because they realize that it is their duty to contribute financially to my life,and are happy to play such a part. They take joy in being of use to a superior dominant woman in any way possible. They recognize their place in a female supremacist's life. Instead of breaking out the cheese for their whine,they say "she just wants my money!" They are happy that they are allowed to make a difference in my life,and beyond the moon ecstatic that I acknowledge their existence.

Basically I see it like this...using that line is subversive ploy to receive attention from a woman without ever showing her due respect. It reminds me of the juvenile saying "I double dog dare ya" a way it is exactly the same. It is a goading statement,in that I should prove them wrong,and interact with them for free,ergo they win. As well it is intended to shame and guilt me...oh she is such a bad person..once again meaning that I should prove them wrong by giving them my time free. Who honestly comes out on top in either of those situations,ya right not me,and believe me when I say that I am all about ME.

Would I speak with males who are not contributing to my life,NO. Do I have to,NO. Does it make me a bad person not doing so,NO. It merely means that I value myself above such BS. My time is my own,and I am the banker who decides how to spend it,and I will not apologize for opting to share it with those who actually appreciate it as a gift.

In conclusion,keep your manipulative "you just want me for my money" ass out of my inbox. Thanks :)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

poetry speaks to me

A pure work of art that speaks to me. Observant gents already know that poetry holds a place in my affections :)

When the sweet air turns bitter
and the leaf falls from the twigs
and the birds change their language,
here I sigh and sing because of him,
because of Love, who keeps me ensnared and caught,
whereas I never had him in my power.

Alas! I haven't gained, of Love,
but the torment and pain,
for nothing is as hard to gain
as that which I am seeking,
nor any longing affects me
as that for what I cannot have.

I rejoice because of a pearl
so fine that I never loved anything as much;
when I am with her, I am so astonished
that I don't dare vouch my desire,
and when I part, it seems to me
that I lose all my sense and my learning.

The fairest woman one has ever seen,
compared to her, isn't worth a glove;
when the entire world turns to darkness,
light shines from the place she rests.
I shall pray god that I may touch her one day
or that I may see her go to bed.

Awake or asleep, I quiver and am all startled
and shaken because of my love for her.
I am so afraid of dying
that I don't dare think how to entreat her,
but I shall serve her two or three years
and then, maybe, she'll learn the truth.

I don't die nor live nor heal,
nor do I feel my malaise, although it's serious,
for I am not parted from her love
and I don't know whether I'll have it, nor when,
for in her is all the grace
that can raise me or cast me down.

It pleases me when she drives me insane
and make muse and gape in stupor;
it pleases me when she abuses me
and makes fun of me, behind my back or to my face,
for after the ill, the good will come
soon, if her fancy turns that way.

If she doesn't want me, I wish I had died
the day she took me in her service!
Alas! She murdered me so sweetly
when she seemed to love me,
for she has gripped me so
that I don't want to see any other woman.

Although worried, I rejoice:
for, although I shun or blandish her,
for her sake I shall be false or faithful,
or righteous or full of guile,
or a complete scoundrel or a complete gentleman,
or agitated or peaceful.

But, whoever may like it or grieve it,
she can retain me, if she wants.