Thursday, April 16, 2015

Time waster tips for Dommes

One of the recurring questions you will see posed on any financial domination forum is,"how do I find slaves",and whilst I do not have a tried and true,absolute guaranteed methodology to offer,I can tell you how to spot the manure before it has time to ferment,thereby saving time,which would have otherwise been wasted.

Behavior of a time waster
1)They will effusively compliment you. Now of course it is simply good manners to praise a Lady,but it can be overboard,such as "you are the most gorgeous woman in the world"(overkill). Their compliments may as well include sexual undertones,or hints of  sexually objectifying you ie "your tits,ass,pussy,make me so hard" "i want to jack off looking at you". I realize that some like to use their bodies to ensnare the male senses,and I say whatever works for you go for it,but remember this,if all they see you as is a sexual object,then they will not view you as a real human being,one that lives,breathes,gets ill,has bad days etc...and how can you expect respect when all you are is a tool of sexual gratification in their eyes (wank fodder)

2)They will brag about how much money they make,or possessions they have. This is a huge red flag,because this is not something people ordinarily bring up immediately,and those that boast tend to prevaricate. It is fairly easy to aver that one is flush with riches,all the while sitting in their parents basement,so be wary of those that attempt this ploy. The best way to avoid this trap is to operate under the saying of "money talks,and bullshit walks",so if they cannot offer even a token tribute for your time,then exercise your block button.

3)They will attempt to get you to cam verify. Of course there are exceptions to this,and yes there are some legitimate submissives who will ask you to verify,but they are also the ones that are willing to tithe you for the honor beforehand,so keep in mind anytime you are asked to cam verify that you are possibly going to be wasting time as they sit back plucking their puke stick. One of the ways I judge the situation is,if the male in question has offered to do all sorts of activities for you prior to tribute being mentioned,but demands a cam verify once tribute is mentioned,then they are most likely a waster.

4)They will question you as to what you would do in a given situation,this is a classic ploy. "what would you do to my cock during cbt" "how would you tease and deny me". These males are best left to their own devices(rosie palm,and her 5 sisters),and far away from your inbox.

5)They will right out of the box insult you in some manner or form in the hopes that you will relinquish your control and tear them a new asshole,effectively providing them with humiliation and degradation. It is sincerely not worth the time you would spend typing up a scathing reply. I rarely respond to such,but I have been known to wish them a lovely day before I block them. Killing them with kindness is a bitch to their agenda.

6)They will send you unsolicited penis pics(just ewww). Any male that disrespects you,and yes this is disrespectful,is only playing to their own agenda,rather than seeking to serve,so it is best not to respond at all to them.

7)They will attempt to ingratiate themselves into your life as a "friend",and of course blatantly or subtly try to coerce details out of you,such as how you dominate males,or what you have done to other males. They want to live vicariously through those that have served,without ever serving.

These tips apply to all Dommes across the board,regardless of being into financial domination or not. Never forget that you are here to be served,rather than serve,and if you fall prey to a time waster,then you are serving them. Most of all,do not beat yourself up if it has happened to you. All of us have been new at one time or another,and had to learn the hard way.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Findom merry go round

This past week for me has been a study in patience due to the deceitful nature of those I have come into contact with. To know me,is to know that I have always invested time in getting to know those that come calling with the supposed intention of submitting to my dominance,prior to the expectation of initial tribute,but (and this is a big but) I have found this action to be counterproductive,and in fact detrimental to my time schedule.

It is common knowledge within the financial domination realm that one should expend with a prospective submissive only the amount of time that they feel comfortable with having wasted if by chance the one contacting them is either a poor match,or a lover of lies. Generally I am a spot on judge of character when it comes to whether the person I am speaking with is going to fail upon the first task allotted to them (tribute),but even I can be on the fence when it comes to some,which in that case I usually give the benefit of the doubt. This is where change is going to be enacted,atleast with me. Have no doubt that if this new rule effects you,you will know it,for I am not shy when it comes to showing a male the way out of my inbox.

Sadly though for Dommes,there are entirely too many that will attempt to get on the merry go round of financial domination sans a ticket. They will claim that either a)they need to get to know you or b)that you are only in the fetish for the money. In response to (a) I am more than willing to spend time "getting to know" each other,after you have shown me that you are capable of seeing to the fin side of the equation. That sounds greedy does it not,but the truth is that,financial domination is not based solely on domination,and to expect otherwise is you fooling you,not the other way around,so be prepared to prove yourself worthy of attention,and (b)of course I financially dominate because of the money. Don't get it skewed though. I love and I mean love dominating males,but the financial aspect is the butter on my baked potato,and without it,it is just a plain bland potato.

Unfortunately sometimes there is this never ending cycle which infiltrates the best intentioned interactions,in that the male(you)refuses to tribute til he feels comfortable with me,and I(Domme)refuse to take the conversation any further til you have tributed. Both sides feel that they are correct,so neither gives,and what happens in that particular situation is that I sever all connections between us,and you lose out of ever speaking with me again,so my advice is to simply tribute. I am not saying that it need be a shockingly large amount,in fact as I said,even a token amount will assure me that you are serious. Now this is never even an issue when I am corresponding with the type I describe next.

Gentlemen admirers are my preferred type of servant,hardly shocking. One of the things I have noticed when it comes to a gentleman admirer is that they are courteous,respectful,and steer clear of sexual innuendos or queries as to how or what I would do in fetish scenarios. They spend their time in my presence getting to know me as a woman,rather than as a fetish vending machine,and they would never attempt to bother me with unsolicited penis photos,for that is ill becoming of a man who respects women. The absolute action I have noted when dealing with a gentleman is that he will always without mention of it,send a token of his appreciation,and that is what pleases me most,so if you want to get off to a good start with me,take a page out of the gentlemanly book of behavior!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Guys gone bad

In no way shape of form does this post resemble certain videos or commentary released in said videos which is based upon sophomoric female actions.

In fact this post pertains to the title specifically. Not many Ladies contain their online presence to a mere site,and I do not differ in that train of thinking(more is better,and less is less likely to happen).
Anyway I have spent a great deal of my time these last few days logged into a site which has earned a gimlet glare from an unprecedented amount of Ladies in the financial domination fetish(bet each and every Domme knows which one I am referring to).

The real reason I indulge my presence there so much,is that it has been the most successful for me in the action of acquiring servants,shocking that my appeal is better received on a site not geared to my chosen fetish over a site that is(yup I scratch my head over that one too). These last few days though have seriously tried my patience. My profile there does not spell out in direct terms that I engage in financial domination(against their TOS),but it is easily deduced seeing as I mention twice that I do not engage in training for free,but no different than other sites, male members are notoriously disrespectful in that they do not read profiles. Reading profiles is something I have taken to the podium over, many many times,yet it never changes. Could it be that I am flogging a dead nag,or that bausch and lomb could be in the market for a substantial financial windfall due to all of the males with faulty eyesight(maybe pulling that puke stick so much really does rob males of their vision).

Of course I do not ever just assume that a male has read my profile,so I generally ask point blank if they have,even those that I know for a fact have not(I inserted in the first and last sentence of my profile how I am to be addressed),so when I get a message starting out with Miss,Ma'am,or Mistress, I know that my words have gone unread. I am polite though,and point out that it is important for them to read it,in order to form an opinion of whether they are a good match for me,or if we are ill suited,yet many still do not bother ack! So dear reader can you guess how this scenario progresses from bad to worse?

Let's pretend that you cannot for the sake of my content running short. Well most often said males will start off by proclaiming that they want to serve me,to do anything for me,perform any action which will make them mine(heard that one about a thousand times,and no I am not overestimating). Now comes the butthurt part. I remind them that I employ financial domination in every single D's exchange,for I view it as simply another aspect of TPE,no not the entirety,but a part of it. Whelp,oh my gosh the tone of the interaction changes,and that is if they respond at all,so we go from begging to belong to me to static silence. Sheesh all of this could have been avoided,all they had to do was read my profile first. Something so simple,yet laziness or loss of blood flow to the top head(due to photo erecting erections) prevented it's accomplishment.

The moral of the story is once more to read read read,and for all of the douche canoes that even when caught out,lie and pretend that of course they knew about my penchant for financial domination,and definitely they are more than happy to serve in such way,yet turn tail and scamper away when the time comes to put their money where their words proclaimed intent,well,I do wish you the best in finding what your heart(not your dick)seeks,and if you just happen to stumble and fall ass first onto a cactus,it would not bother me a bit :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Finsubs, victims or willing conquests

Unbeknownst to those ignorant of the intricacies pertaining to financial domination dynamics,there are real dominance/submission relationships forged out of the sight of public consumption. To the untrained eyes,findom appears a shallow game of victimization,wherein mentally and emotionally downtrodden males fall prey to voracious feminine predators intent upon devouring all viable assets. The reality though differs drastically from what is perceived. One must actually look beyond the surface appearance to truly see that real relationships are developed in this fetish.

Financial domination is not a vicious power struggle where one emerges the victor over the defeated,nor the ploy of a hustler running a scam. Most generally it is not even the alpha whom approaches the beta for service,in fact the inbox of an alpha female is typically overflowing with messages and pleas to serve her financially,so she has no need to "scam",for the line has already formed two feet deep with wallets opened.

Similar to any intimate(note I said intimate,not sexual) relationship,there is effort expended,and time spent developing a lasting bond,which is the foundation for any long term association. It is not entirely idyllic,but than what relationship is? Nor is it without the ups and downs which any two beings overcome as a unit,and make no doubt that they are a unit regardless of where the hand of control lays.

What exactly is it though that portrays financial domination relationships in a poor light? The financial aspect of course. Dirty money grubbing lazy sluts too stupid to get a real job(yup those are the typical insults to rear their ugly heads in my inbox) I wonder why that is though,atleast from my perspective,these types of relationships have much in common with what is commonly called marriage,the main differences being that most likely the duo will not dwell in a single residence,nor will progeny be born,but as in the structure of marriage,one partner will control the finances and make all monumental decisions(alpha),whereas the beta partner generally sees to the comfort,care,and happiness of their alpha. Not that different,now are they.

One may argue that it cannot be a "real" relationship since sex is not involved,but I would advise one to look to the latest studies pertaining to how much actual intercourse occurs within a marriage(hint,it is not that much) rather it becomes about companionship,and whilst I do not consider my slaves as friends,they are indeed a part of my life,and I am very much a driving priority within their lives. I give them reason to get up each day,to work productively in society,and to develop the traits most desired in a decent human being ie selflessness,generosity,dedication,loyalty,and devotion to something other than themselves.

As their alpha I am responsible for them,in that I ensure they maintain their physical health,that they conduct themselves with respect to others,that they are corrected when mistakes are made,that they develop self -control. The picture I am portraying is definitely far off from how outsiders view it,but it is a closer fit than what most think,so the next time you say that financial domination is only about ruining poor hapless,and helpless males,try to remember that if the males in question were not happy with their lot in the relationship,then they would not continue with it long term,as so many do,so save your pity and outrage for the true victims in life,rather than males whom come willingly, hell even beg on bended knee to be ensconced within a financial domination relationship.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Findom spoil backs

Spoil backs seem to be a popular catch phrase these days especially on twitter. The first time I seen it used,I scratched my head,and thought what the hell does that mean...okay I am not totally standing in the corner with the pointy cap on,but it simply did not make sense to me. I am well versed in the definition of financial domination,and no where in that did I see anything about spoiling back,did you...seriously cause if you did I want to know.

I actually took the time to research the phrase,and how it was being used. What I read comes across as a tit for tat type of interaction,with most of the spoils back being nude photos or videos. Now correct me if I am wrong,but isn't financial domination based upon dominating a submissive's finances? I am pretty sure that I am right,but it could be that the term financial domination has been redefined,and I missed the memo(note to self,check spam mail).

What I am having difficulty reconciling is how sending nude photos or videos falls under the line of financial domination. Of course I grasp the concept of gifting submissives that have excelled in their service to a dominant,but it appears to me that this is more of a business deal. Customer pays,and seller sends goods. Sound right? I guess some would attempt to group in like that of a tip,but still tips are received when service is provided,and if the sender is providing a service,then it still isn't financial domination,so yes here I sit,still going huh!

I guess that I am just not meant to get how it fits in,oh well. Anyways I should tell you that I abhor the phrase,and the ramifications of it. Now I know that to each their own is the motto right? Be accepting,unbiased,and non-judgemental...yup I sure am so long as it does not rain shit on my parade,then it catches my attention,and my ire.

One would say,why let what others do bother you? Well here is the thing. This phrase has infiltrated the scene,and has brought with it the ugly rearing head of entitlement,which needs lanced like an inflamed boil(nasty visual yes). I will give you an example of how this spreads like crabs in an unlicensed brothel. Exhibit A=new to the scene "submissive" who is just learning the ropes so to speak. He checks out twitter to see that woohoo smexy females are offering something called spoils he makes a bee line post haste to the DM box of a female offering it,and finds out that for a minute amount (generally under $25) he can get pussy and titty pics,OMG how sweet is that!!! Yup now he has some cheap prime spanking material,but dang a couple of days later he is horny again,and wants to try a little something different,so he contacts a woman with the title of Domme asking how much she charges for spoils back,and guess what,she is not liking it,not at all.

 Do you see where I am going with this line of reasoning? So,if an estimated 100 new submissives enter the scene daily,and if even a quarter of them jump right on the spoils back bandwagon,that means most likely that 25 Dommes a day are going to be dealing with this shit in their inbox(probably the number is higher,cause we all know how new submissives hit up several inboxes a day til they get what they came looking for),and what are the odds that some of them are going to make an appearance before me yes I detest this phrase,and all that it stands for,simply because it will affect me,and I am a domination Domme(I dominate submissives),not a spoils back entitlement providing provider(a pay for wank spank with a sprinkle of sugaring),so please do keep your spoiling back shit outta my inbox,Thanks!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dismission of submissives

This day has been a bleak one for all but a single male pet of mine. On what is known to be a day of celebration,I chose to release all but the boy who has been with me the longest. Sounds crazy when you hear of a FinDomme kicking paying pigs to the curb,and it would be if I were not more than just a FinDomme. I have forever told those beneath me,or begging to be beneath me,that it takes more than money to remain mine. Complacency when under my consideration is a vast mistake,for truly I will replace you with a pet that values my time and energy in the ways I require.

An initial tribute to me will gain you my notice for a moment,but even that is not guaranteed if I do not believe that you are worth a second of my time. Yes monumental sums of tithe are glorious,but you must be willing to give of yourself as well as your wallet...oh and before any misinterpret my words thinking that "oh the money does not matter to her,so I will run my broke ass to her inbox",save yourself the time,for I have no interest in those that cannot afford financial power exchange in conjunction with the relinquishment of their ego,pride,and time.

It amazes me how few actually get it,and by it I am referring to what it means to serve,to devote your life to your owner,to recognize them as the guiding force in your life,a willingness to display your submission to them daily by following the rules and rituals set for you. Serving is an esteemed honor,which less than 1% of you deserve,and even then the majority of that single percentage will screw it up.

In short,what I am saying,is that none of you are indispensable,which is what I have just proven to the recently released/deceased to me. A D's relationship is hard work,and slacking off is not going to get it,so keep that in mind when you make a promise to always do your best then fall short or lazy.