Friday, October 24, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

So you think that you are ready to serve

"I want to serve you". This is the single most common email I  receive from males on the various sites,and this is generally the very last thing they actually have in mind of doing. Now I am not referring to the notorious timewaster when I say this,as many times it is not the intention behind the contact with me. Fortunately as well as unfortunately there are torrents of new to the lifestyle males entering the bdsm realm daily. Fortunate for the fact it displays to me that males are accepting and actively pursuing the fruition of their submissive natures,unfortunate in the reality that they are basing their notions of what serving is upon non-fiction ideals.

This creates disappointment on all fronts,for neither side is having their expectations met. The easiest action would be to dub the male in question a timewaster,or equally dubious,a wank watcher,whilst the male names the Lady he contacted a fake,scammer,instadomme,or fraud. How does anyone walk away from this exchange enriched?

This is surely a case where a bit of knowledge would have saved the day,and avoided a negative interaction. I have always preached research,and educating yourself about the nuances and practices of bdsm prior to jumping in. No doubt that many activities are best experienced first hand before deciding if they are truly what you desire,but it will never negate the purpose behind possessing knowledge of the basic bdsm principles. Otherwise you are going to be like a lost wandering little puppy.

First I advise you to tale a deep breath (more oxygen to the brain is a good thing :). Now take a mental scouring brush to your mind,and eradicate every single thought which you maintained  of serving being based on you,or any of your most lurid orgasmic fantasies. Taking all preconceived notions of having your wants met out of the equation will lead you to a state of mind much more conducive to submission. Submission is relinquishing power,releasing control(not cum). It is placing yourself without reservations into the hands of a dominant being for their use. It is not a guarantee that you will love every single task before you,but then the enjoyment is not meant to be derived from the task itself,but from the pleasure the dominant receives upon your completion of it.

Service is not a 24/7 kinkfest,let's face it,that would be utterly exhausting if it was. It is not all glamorous,and picture worthy either. Serving a dominant is not always a sexy erection provoking joyride. It is work. It is effort. It requires more of you than a mere physical response. That is why it takes a strong individual to kneel in submission.

Never forget that dominants are human beings too. They have duties and obligations outside of their servants,which means that they are not your handy dandy johnny on the spot kink candy dispenser. They do not ascribe to the myths which depict them clad in leather and lace minute by minute awaiting to tease and tantalize the senses of submissive males,that would be a selfishly absurd thought,now wouldn't it? Nor would it be realistic to assume that they idle their time away engaging in sexual scenes and acts portrayed in pornographic films. That is not to say that they do not engage in erotically charged sessions,just that they are not likely to with you.
Once you are able to take "self" out of the equation,then and only then will you be ready to serve. This is why your ego is not a positive attribute,egos are things which generate entitlement and the illusion of superiority,and in the beautifully exotic realm of service,you are not superior,it is your service which should bear that adjective,not you personally.

Now ask yourself one simple question. Are you really ready to serve?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Safe play

This is a subject which needs spoken out about more often,as it seems not to receive the recognition it deserves. I know that some of you are sitting there thinking "why the hell is she bringing this shit up,I know what I am doing"...well that is not a correct assertion for some of you elsewise I would not be typing my pretty little fingers to the bone right now,and believe me my keyboard is not enjoying the pounding it is receiving.

I seen an offsite account with photo proof provided of males inserting objects into their rectums which should not be there ie a baseball bat amongst other large objects,and thought to myself,HELL NO. 1)Why the hell would a male actually follow through with such an order? 2)Why would a female convey such an order? Boys please do not disregard the fact that you can permanently damage yourself with this type of action,not to mention the shame and humiliation of explaining to hospital staff and loved ones how this injury occurred,or worse yet the pain it would bring your family to hear from the coroner your cause of death(anal hemorrhage from fucking a baseball bat) cute huh? For fuck's sake I do not care how turned on your are by the person you are sessioning with,use your big head to reason out unsafe actions,unless you think it is sexy to wear depends the rest of your life...oh yes that will have the ladies lining up outside your door.

You boys get all worked up with penile erections,and do whatever you are told by a hot young girl in this particular case,whom obviously has zero real time experience,now doesn't that make you feel all warm and cozy? It sure does me, NOT. Conserve some of that blood flow,and find out if you are placing your health and safety into the hands of an experienced Domina before you shove shit in your gaping filth maw.

Since entering the online realm I have seen far too many unsafe practices,and no I am not on a crusade to change the world or shame anyone,what I am doing though is tossing out a slap to the head of each of you for being so irresponsible. Luds knows that I would not care for the majority of you to reproduce,but did you know that inserting pencils or any object with a sharp end into your penis can tear or damage your urethra. How pleasurable do you think it would be to shoot your wad out,only to have it double you over in pain...boy I would want to have lots of sex if it felt that way...NOT.

The point being that in this one instance I am advising selfishness in you boys. Care about your health more than entertaining someone who could not give a rat's ass if you bleed out when the cam shuts down,and for you females engaging in this type of play,did you know that you can and will be legally liable for injury up to death,for you were a  willing witness and in part coerced them into unsafe play. It boils down to you being responsible for their safety when you play with them,and if not,then may the shit storm from it rain down upon you :)

In case you could not tell,I feel quite strongly about this subject,and if it offends you,then buh bye,cause I have no time for ignorance.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ugh,Goddess is not going to make anymore vlogs as they appear to upset too many people with their messages...sorry Believe me when I say that unless I am naming names,then I am most likely not referring to you personally.

Maybe I should just remove the videos altogether hmmm

Research is the key of the day. Listen and Learn