Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No words of wisdom today,just pics of me playing with my cam...ENJOY!

You belong beneath my salacious soles

Monday, September 15, 2014

Incorrect terminology for a sissy

So many of you are grossly misinformed as to the correct terminology when it comes to sissy body parts in my estimation. Now I realize that it is all the rage to call your asshole a boy/man pussy which is the height of insult. How in the world would you equate a foul smelling filth producing black hole with that of a divinely sweet scented and tasting Goddess orifice? There simply is no logical comparison,so stop it this instant. A pussy is the pleasure center of SUPERIOR FEMALE beings,not the fecal facilitating shute of inferior males period. Nor is that appendage between your legs a clit,or clitty. It is a dick,no matter how ill formed or undersized it is. It is a physical manifestation of your designation as a subservient object. Do not ever think to group it in with that which is a woman's blessing.

Regardless of the feminine artifices you apply or adorn your pathetic body with,you are NOT a woman born,therefore are forbidden from naming yourself or your physical failings as one,hence the term sissy,which is merely a male being attempting to elevate himself to the status of woman.

Many of you list being sissified as a form of humiliation,which is a gross misrepresentation of the truth. There is no greater honor than to be a woman,and you malign females around the globe with your claims. Your weak attempts at becoming feminized are laughable at best,with only the blind being fooled by the farce,so drop your dick out of your hand,and pull your head out of your ass. Be on your knees grateful that you are of any use at all to your superiors rather than perpetrating ploys to mock their sex,as this is merely another subtle form of misogyny,and I see it for the truth it is.

Being a sissy is not contained to playing at dress up,which is how entirely too many of you view it. It is an admittance that you are not possessing of the qualities that one associates with dominance. You are caught in the in between...definitely NOT a female,but lacking in that which defines alpha male,so where does that leave you. Serving your superiors of course.

From this day forward you are to call your asshole by it's proper name(fuckhole),your mouth as (cumguzzler),and your dick as (worthless male member). No discrepancy,no distortion of the truth,complete transparency.

Lest you forget,I will remind you once more. You are not a female,you are only a male playing at being one,so no more using feminine terminology for male anatomy.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The gentlemanly concept

A gentleman in today's society is a rare breed especially in the online realm of financial domination. This is the disappointing reality for all that seek such a man, and yes in order for me to deem you worthy of the title "man" requires more than the adhesion of specific anatomy.

What is a Gentleman, specifically what are the attributes of such a being? A gentleman is mannered,  educated, successful within in all areas of his life, and able to engage in a conversation with a lady that has no sexually entitled over or undertones (I really love your tits, ass, pussy, and masturbate when I look at your pics). Whether online or in real time he embraces the boundaries of what is termed decent behavior towards females, meaning he does not initiate contact with a Lady selfishly (what do I get from you for my money), nor salaciously (unsolicited penis photos, or vivid descriptions of his wank fantasy). He accords respectful behavior towards all women, not merely just in the direction of those that elicit blood flow to his nether regions (You are an ugly bitch in my eyes so I am going to ignore your basic rights as a human being by being disrespectful, and rude). He sees within himself the ability to be an asset within the lives of those whom he surrounds himself with. He lacks the driven motivation of personal gain (online to get a nut off) within the relationships he forges, as he recognizes that a giving nature (not one where his is demanding that a female give, give, and give to him ie attention, energy, and wank fodder) is his incentive towards fulfillment. He seeks no praise for actions which should be accorded to a Lady as her due. He need not be bullied, (gimme your money loser) coaxed, (sending nude or implied nudity photos) cajoled or seduced into acting accordingly. Going out of his way, and above bounds to make a Lady smile (sacrificing) is inherent within his nature, sans expectations of a fair exchange for his exertions (tit for tat). He is a being for whom his word is his bond, therefore a lie shall never pass his lips ( I want to serve only you...when in reality what he means is that he shall serve only so long as she keeps his mushroom mounded). He displays through his actions and words respect for himself and others. He is not a "loser" for he knows that he is of worth through his service. Last but certainly not least, a Gentleman displays appreciation of a Lady's time and attention with a monetary contribution (financial tribute).

If you are what I have described above, then welcome to the minority. You are the needle within the haystack which I have awaited hearing from, but if your actions, manners, and mindset are not as I detailed above or those which are ensconced within parenthesis, then feel not alone, for you are merely one within a sea of miscreants whom hold no appeal for me.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nothing worth having is free

I do not offer free slave training,that simply is not for me. This does not detract from the fact that I highly enjoy bringing a male to heel,but it comes at the exponential cost of my time and energy doing so. This is exactly why I bear zero tolerance for those seeking the easy way out(a free ride). Nothing in this life is free,and I do mean nothing,and nothing worth having would be free.

There is of course the argument that love is free,but is it really. Have you ever tried dating without spending a single cent, spent hours,days or weeks wooing a prospective partner,or even your personal energy devoted towards coming to know someone...I think not. Some relationships may be free in the sense that you are not paying for it financially,but none the less it does require time and energy,and those are priceless commodities,so tell me why is it that so many of you possess such a vehement distaste towards investing your finances along with your time and energy towards the development of a D's relationship?

Do you hold to the stance of high moral grounds such as "paying to serve is no different than engaging a prostitute" or the more pseudological theory that is if one loves an activity that they would participate simply for the love of it? Perhaps in your erroneously skewed view you are equating serving with the popular porn versions of femdom you see on the internet. If so,then allow me to educate you upon the fact that what you see is not real. No not as in what you see is one of your more detailed fantasies,but in essence yes it is a fantasy. Ask with your big head "Do I really believe that females run around all of the time in the bedroom breasts on display,corset applied,stilettos strapped up to match their strap on,just salivating at the though of having a male specimen there to play with his dick,and fuck him in the ass"? Seriously does that scenario even sound realistic? If your response is yes,then you need to double up on your medication today. The scene I described is merely a script written for entertainment value...to sell to a customer base. Sex sells especially to males which is something advertisers have known for eons,so why would you not grasp that the producers of femdom porn are playing to the weakness of males,and making massive bank from it. My point being that service is not sexually based,meaning that your expectations should not involve intercourse at all,and most likely you will never even view your owner in  flagrante,nor in the all natural state of undress either,which is what you pay a prostitute for. You pay a lady of the night for the fulfillment of sexual services. You tribute a Domina in the hopes that you please her in a non-sexual manner. No sex,no payment,just a contribution towards her happiness,and no sex=no prostitution.

In regards to the loving what you do,so why not do it for free angle. Let's be frank here. I absolutely love my outside job,but would I labor at it for free,no. Why,well because I value myself and my time,ergo why would I give myself away in such a manner? I see the role described as that of a slave. It is the position of a slave to toil for me and other superior women non gratis,not for us to do so for the pleasure of a lowly male. I am not the provider of free based male gratification,as that would designate myself to that of an inferior position,which would not suit me well. I am an alpha female. I lead,not follow. I command,not obey. I reign,not supplicate to actions which serve the libido of males.

It all boils down to you being the beta within the hierarchy structure,and it is your place to serve your superiors in a worshipful,and enriching manner,however that may be that they require. The decision is not yours to make as to how you please them,only whether you choose to serve,so if your pubescent intellect does not allow for you to comprehend the dynamics of enslaving yourself into the service of one whom expects to rule all aspects of your life(financial included),then run along and twiddle yourself in privacy whilst your submissive souled counterparts embrace the reality of actual service.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Males are meant to labor

Laboring for the happiness,peace of mind,and comfort of the superior sex is an honor which should be your driving motivation. You were created for the divine purpose of slavery to women. My vision is for males to eschew all physical pleasures in order to obtain pure and dedicated focus upon their destined path,which is the submission of their entire being. Dehumanized,and objectified for a higher calling. Enslaving yourself to a woman is not meant to be humiliating or an exercise in the demeaning of males,in fact it is a cage of freedom. No longer must you adhere to societal expectations of male behavior in regards to how you view and interact with women. Your very actions will provide you with the opportunity to redefine what it is to be a male being. The key to achieving this goal is that a male must willingly relinquish his former behaviors in life. Accept that he no longer has need of an ego. That his days of self indulgence and entitlement are at an end,and only then may he progress.

Too many of you have securely cocooned yourselves within the oppressive patriarchal standards of behavior,which are not conducive to the development of your submissive potential as a male. Our sons as a collective unit are fed a steady diet of feminine objectification,and the cultivation of a mindset whereupon women are of value in only 2 aspects,as either a breeder or as a bedmate. Neither role is complimentary.Women are much more than they have ever been accredited for. This is a lesson and philosophy which must be taken to heart,and allowed to flourish within the male population.

Once you have completed the process of defragmenting your mental hard drive,you are then prepared to be of use in the life of a superior female. Used for the replacement of trivial toils perhaps even as a whipping boy,a footstool,a pet. Regardless of how you are to be of use,you should be grateful and proud to serve a purpose in your owner's life. Serving her selflessly. This concept appears to be the most difficult for males to embrace. The principle of serving is not now,nor has it ever been about the one whom serves. You feel that you are entitled to have your "needs" met. Why? Did you miss the part about becoming dehumanized? No longer do you need anything other than to please. Your life no longer revolving around you,and your selfish wants. This comprehension is essential in regards to the successful search for an owner,so I advise each of you males to lay your past along with the prescribed views of what male property is to rest,and take up the gauntlet of your destiny.

Personal insights into my dominant journey

There are no facades when it comes to how I present myself whether it be online or real time. As I am ever evolving along the path of what I consider actual dominance,I have definitely learned exactly what I am not. Keeping in mind that I pass no judgement upon the choices fellow women elect within their own lives,in fact I am an advocate of empowering all women regardless of whether they traverse a path that intersects with my own. With that being said allow me to share what personal insights my journey to date has provided.

1)I am not an entertainer. My actions are not enacted in order to put on a display for anyone. This is the main reason why you will never see me "jumping on cam". To see me via cam is similar to being in my presence,and that is not an honor I dole out lightly. In an age of self indulgent entitlement,there is a loss of earning your way,working for something that you desire,but in my eyes you are entitled to nothing that you are not due.

2)I am not an actress. Service is very real to me. Dominating males is not a game which I play that ceases when you tire of the role,or your life intrudes. It is a way of life suited only to those sincerely seeking it. At the end of the day,I remain the same as I began it. No on and off switch.

3)I am not a caterer of fetish. I uphold with being served in the manner of my choice,and those that seek anything else would not find happiness serving me. I truly believe that my servants purpose should be serving me,not me "playing" to their desires. This is why I actively encourage those whom approach me to read through my profile top to bottom in order to ascertain that I am honestly what they seek.

4)I am not a session provider. You cannot purchase my time with any coin of the realm. My attention is not bought nor bartered. As I touched upon in number 1,you will earn all that you receive from me. Tributes are gifts which are freely bestowed as an indication of appreciation,and in no way entitle you to a single breathe of mine,nor should they be offered if you have any expectation other than to display your admiration for me as a superior woman. Keep it foremost in your mind though,that I do not interact with any males whom possess no intention or ability of enriching my life through tithe as is the due of a Goddess.

5)I am a female supremacist. This is highly offensive to some,but alas it is my belief. I believe women to be superior to men,note I did not state that all males are inferior beings unworthy of living,merely that I hold with women being elevated above men. This is not a passing fancy of mine,for I have since my coming of age found the truth in such beliefs,and if you choose to approach me in the hopes of serving me,then know now that I will not view you as an equal to me,nor would I call you friend,for you shall ever be beneath me.

6)I am not a conformist to the visual expectations of femdom inspired pornography. Meaning I do not house a wardrobe of leather and latex,nor do I lounge around my home in a bikini with a strap on accessory. My sense of being a dominant woman is not scripted around a male fantasy. If yours is,then you would not find pleasure serving me.

7)I am not an escort,call girl,lady of the night,or even a prostitute. Sexual contact does not exist within my relationships to those that serve me.

As I relayed from the onset of this post,I am continually learning,therefore so shall my knowledge of that which I am,and that which I am not. May each and every one of you continue forth rather than stagnating and settling.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The sacrifice

The word sacrifice can mean many things to many people,what does it mean to you? Sacrifice is a word widely used in the financial domination realm,but what part does it play in your life of service? Do you give 1%,10% or even 50% of your earnings to your chosen lady? For some they see buying clips as an indulgence worthy of tossing out a couple of dollars,whilst others indulge their fetish sweet tooth purchasing sessions for a nominal amount. Are either of these considered a sacrifice...NO,but why is that? How can they be considering that the only thing you are playing with is your fun money. Money that you will not miss. Look at it like this,most and I did say most clips will cost you the equivalence of a visit to starbucks,and the average cam session will run you less than a trip to the movies(mind you I am not referring to a session with a high end Domina),so how does this equate to a sacrificial offering?

Proferring your tender should involve a sacrifice. Whether it be that you will have to deny yourself dinners out,or the latest and greatest tech toy. If you find at the end of the week that you retain finances to splurge,then you are not truly sacrificing for the one you serve. I am not advocating that you go without the basic means of survival,but how do you define what you actually need? Think about it seriously. Do you need a high tech phone,no. Do you need five star dining and premium food staples,no. Do you need designer clothing,no. Do you need cable,or even netflix,no. All that you truly need is food,water,air,clothing,and a place out of the elements. It goes without saying that as well you need a way to keep in contact with the one you serve,which could be a pay as you go phone,and a library card since almost all of them offer computers for member's use.

Now this is where I may differ from what some of you would term a "real" finDomme. I will not take on a male whom barely keeps his head above water before tributing. It leaves an acidic taste in my mouth to even consider it. Yes I realize that males have uses outside of financial,but for me the financial is a big part of my pleasure(money is an orgasmic symbol of power),and if I believe that a male will starve due to serving me,then the appeal has flattened like an open can of soda.

Something that I do not share often is that I do not keep many of the tribute funds I receive. Gasp. I find enjoyment spoiling my family,and friends,therefore the majority of what I am given is given away. Is that the action of a "real" finDomme? Not to some. Now you may ask why I even bother if I am going to give my tithes away...well for me the excitement I consider bliss is the fact that males sacrifice for me. They gladly give,and that is what makes me tingle,not the money. Make sense? The more they give,the higher I fly from the power exchange. It is not my greed being fed when I am gifted,but rather enhancement of my pleasure,and I am like a ravenous animal in regards to my pleasure being fed,never sated,and never full of receiving your cash.

Financially is not the only way I expect males to sacrifice for me though. I want your time,your energy,and sometimes your physical pain. I want your free time spent thinking of me,your energy spent pondering ways to please me more,and your pain to feed my sadistic streak. Sounds like a tall order doesn't it? This is why I refuse to take on any with a lackadaisical approach to service. I expect,nay demand more than a bit time player can offer. If servitude outside of a session is not your thing,then you will not measure up to my standards,but I do wish you well in your journey.

Now that I have provided my definition of sacrifice,it is up to you whether you choose to take that monumental first step.