Tuesday, April 25, 2017

FinDom Sacrifice

I realize that I speak, post, and tweet a ton about sacrifice. Why is that though? Could it be that many of you simply do not get it?

The meaning of sacrifice to me is more than a sexy trigger word. It is real, it is tangible. Can you honestly state that you know what sacrifice is, and that you intend to engage in it? I do not believe that you can.

Sacrifice is not about offering up your flesh for the crop, or shoving a carrot up your backside. Those are activities that you want to engage in, therefore they are NOT a sacrifice. That is not you doing for me. That is you doing for you. Do you see that?

Sacrifice has meaning, and offers consequences which extend beyond online. It touches your life even after you log off, and get up to stretch your legs. It affects your psyche. It alters your outlook on the hierarchy of what matters most in your life.

If sacrifice has no meaning, than it means nothing. When I relay to males that I will accept nothing less than willing sacrifice, I mean it. I want what they do for me to remain in their minds, and to color their future actions. I want them to realize that they have been living a life of selfishness, which is detrimental to their growth as a submissive. You cannot be a submissive worthy of kneeling at a woman's feet if you are not willing to sacrifice for her.

Sacrifice is why I consider FinDom the most profound fetish which I engage in. Sacrificing financially has far reaching consequences. It affects your daily life. It forces you to recognize that your material wants are negligent in the face of my wants. It brings to light the true meaning of serving an agenda outside of your own. Sacrificial tribute is a reflection of your intent to sacrifice outside of selfish desires.

To me, FinDom is a mirror for submissives. It reflects either an ugly self-gratification seeking soul, or one that truly burns with the goodness to give and sacrifice for something greater than themselves.

So the next time you see or hear me saying "Sacrifice for Sydney", you will know exactly what I mean by it.

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