Monday, December 5, 2016

Feet like heaven

I know you want to touch them,to smell them,to drown beneath their smothering caress. It is your duty,and honor to spoil my pampered peds. You know what you need to do. Give in to the desire,and send tribute to their glory.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

You aren't a real Domme

One of the basic aspects of being a human being is opinions. Everyone has one. In some situations that is a good thing,whilst in others it is detrimental and unwanted. I am going to share some insights as to when opinions are skewed,and require redefining in regards to the fetish scene.

You are NOT a real Domme if you do not have a clip store. This opinion has sprayed the sides of my inbox many a time. This is only an opinion,not a proven fact. How do I know this? Well let's see,I know of women that rock their workplace,that rule their home,that have men begging to be with them,BUT yet they do not have a clip store. How can that be true??? Sheesh people,not every dominant woman in the world has a fetish account,or engages in online domination,but that does NOT negate the fact that they are dominant in life. Oh and another tidbit to chew on for a bit. Just because a female has a clip store does not mean that she is even dominant at all. There are studios out there that have capitalized on the monetary boom of selling fetish clips,so they employ actresses to play the role of Domme,and you fools are none the wiser,nor do I actually believe that you would care if you did know it,cause buying clips is NOT about submission,but rather it is about males getting a nut off. Maybe I should form the opinion that you are NOT a real submissive if you purchase clips..hmm or maybe I already have.

You are NOT a real Domme if you do not do sell cam sessions. Look back to my explanation stated above. Exactly how many women do you think have no idea of the online realm of domination? How many women do you think live the Femdom lifestyle without ever publicizing it online? How many women do you think dominate in their home without a cam in sight? How many women do you think are disgusted by the thought of watching males jack off,or shoving objects up their hairy asses? Does this make them less dominant? NO it does not. It merely means that they are not focused upon male gratification. What is male gratification anyway other than selfishness in disguise,or so you think it is disguised when it is claimed as a need. Need my fat ass. Getting off is NOT a need. It is a want,so cease parading it around as a need. Shoving things up your ass is not a need either btw.

You may think that I alone am not a real Domme because I do not offer services,and yes clips and sessions are services,but I am not alone in it. I have a real life,and yes a real time servant who is dominated without ever getting off in my presence. A servant that sees the goal of service as my happiness,not as a bodily release. This my readers is what I would define as real submission,and do believe when I say that he feels and doubts not my dominance in his day to day life,without ever having purchased a clip or session from me!

My dominance is not defined by having an online presence,or by my number of followers on twitter,not even by the number of tributes I receive. At the end of the day,I remain in control of my life,and those that serve me. That dear readers is the truest statement in regards to my dominant nature,for dominance by nature is about control.

Reminders: An online label does not prove accuracy,neither dominant,nor submissive.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Never settle

Surprising,but I spend most of my time within my own mind. Sounds odd yes? What I mean by that statement,is that I prefer my own company above all others,and base my decisions upon my own beliefs rather than going along with the popular trains of thought and action. I have no qualms standing beside my words even when others attempt to derail my confidence within them.

Lately I have given much pause and thought as to what it truly is that I seek to gain from my time online. Some look for friendship,others burn for undying love,and for the greater majority sexual release. Basically in my eyes we all seek to fulfill an aspect of our lives that remains devoid,else our time would be spent elsewhere.

For some of you,your every desire and expectation is focused upon your own gratification. This is human nature,although I find it an abhorrent quality in males.

Back to me lol :) What is it that I want? I want that which appears almost miraculously impossible. I hunt the near extinction beast,a finsub. The creature that serves not out of a desire to be rewarded with sexual favors,or scenes that gratify the base nature of males. A male who equates his happiness and fulfillment with mine. No hidden agenda,no overbearing ego,no sense of entitlement due to being born with a penis. A Y chromosome who recognizes that X is superior,and deserving of worship. One who truly believes it an honor to play any part I allow within my life,who takes pride in serving my wants above his own. Have you ever heard of such a being? Is it even possible for a male to be that selfless? Can such a paragon of submission even exist in this day and age? I certainly hope so,for I am not willing to accept into my service any other than one such as this. I have no need to settle for less than I desire. Settling is for the weak,and that is not an apt adjective when describing me.

My advice to all those seeking in this scene,be honest about your expectations,and what you are willing to offer. Keep lies away from your lips and fingertips,and with some effort,you just might find fulfillment. Happy hunting  :)

Monday, November 28, 2016