Saturday, October 22, 2016

Birthday Wishlist

You gents have a mere few weeks til the holy celebration of the birth of Mz Sydney. Make yourselves useful and clear this Birthday wish list!! WISHLIST

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Reality is real online

Odd title huh? I chose it for a reason which you will understand after you read this post :)

Anyways have you ever seen photos of tribute which are just too good to be true? You know what I am talking about don't ya gents? The ones where there are thousands of dollars in a female's hand,at her feet etc.... Screenshots of sky high gift cards,or bank accounts showing thousands in deposits. You know exactly what I am talking about. I wonder if you shake your head like I do.

Something not spoken of often is the fake it til you make it approach. Did you know that you can purchase fake money that looks extraordinarily authentic? I have never bought any myself,but it does exist,how cool right? If you seen a photo of a female holding stacks of cash with a wrapper stating that it contained say like $5K,would you immediately think to yourself "Holy shit she must be good at the hustle",or even "I have to serve her,cause obviously she knows what she is doing to rake in that kind of tribute"? Most would jump to the conclusion that she is wildly popular,and most sought after. Would it ever cross your mind that she could be displaying faux money? Lol it happens all of the time. It is actually a successful marketing ploy. Have I ever used it,nope,would I,nope? I believe in being as real online as I am in person,which means no BS,no lies,no fakery. Am I judging what goes on,no,but I do not want my brand associated with any type of foolery. I have worked too hard to prove that I am 100% real,and that I possess integrity,so when you see me sharing cash pics,I guarantee that they are as real as the hair on your ass.

Screenshots of bank balances and received gift cards. This is actually a pretty good one,but did you know that photoshop will edit anything til it looks like the real deal? Truly it does. Amazing right? I am not bashing on photoshop,I hear that it is a wonderful product. There are some really cool videos on youtube showing people how to make those photos and videos that look like a ton of money is actually there in the room with them,on the bed,falling upon their bodies,you get the drift. You will notice that I have zero,count them,zero photos of bank balances right,could be cause I do not trust any of you to send funds that way. I stick to amazon gift cards that sly little shits cannot cancel on me :),and in the history of my incorporating findom online,there has only been 2 males that I have allowed to send me cash in the mail. One being my real time brat that is whose tribute you are seeing in my money pics.

Let's get to the meat of the title shall we. Reality is real online with me,that I promise. If you see me in a pic with cash,that cash is real. If you see me posting a photo of a large gift card amount,that shit is real.

I do not play the fake it til you make it game. Never have,never will. Honestly I do not play any games. I have always been straightforward whether it is online or real time. Of course there are aspects of my life which I do not share with my readers or servants,but I am entitled to a private life.

The Domme you see online is the same Woman I am in real life. To know me is to know that I am a bitch,and I seriously mean that. I am a bitch in the sense that I do not swallow BS ever. I will call a spade a spade. I refuse to tell pretty lies,and if you ask me for honesty,than buckle up buttercup cause you are going to get it every time. If I like you,you will know it. If I detest you,you will be without doubt of it. I do not talk about people behind their backs. I do not engage in shady activities,nor illegal ones. I can be a ball buster,and male ego crusher. No matter where you are speaking to me,you will always know that I believe males to be inferior to females. I will not treat you as I would a fellow female. I will not kiss your ass for a dollar,nor play along into your fantasies based on demeaning women..and yes coming to me with shit about wanting to be humiliated by being forced to dress as a woman is a slap in the face of keep on trucking right by my inbox.

I am not a lazy twat like most of the lifestylers like to title those that are a Financial Dominatrix. I have been a full time member of the work force since I turned 15,so yes I know what it means to work for what I want. This does not mean that I do not believe in Female Entitlement,cause I fiercely do. I absolutely believe that males should be remitting recompense to women for the sins of patriarchy. I believe that it is the duty of every male to provide for the financial comfort of women. These are my beliefs both online and real time. Nothing about me changes when I log off of a site,or out of a conversation.

This is what I am referring to in the title. I am real,and I expect real servants(no I am not talking about the in your face,in your home,at your literal feet 24/7 real servants). What I am saying is that I will accept none who are not honest,who are not exactly who they say they are,and who do not provide what they say that they will provide. Make sense? Hope so,cause I cannot break it down any clearer.

Now if you are looking for phony and fake..smoke and mirror domination,than yay for you,but begone from my presence. I am real,so you be too :)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

No acceptable reason not to TRIBUTE

What your sacrifice (TRIBUTE) says about you. Your sacrifice conveys that you care about my wants, my needs, my comfort, my ease. It signifies that my happiness is a priority within your life. It speaks highly in regard to your dedication, and devotion to me, your Superior. It displays your desire to be a part of my life, howbeit ever so insignificant. It speaks of your ability to provide sans ulterior motivation, for you know full well that to sacrifice (to TRIBUTE) is a gift without strings or expectations of reward, other than being of use to a Dominant Female. Sacrificing your finances for the enrichment of a Woman's life should be the pinnacle peak of a beta's endeavors. It is a truly selfless action when done correctly.

To not or a refusal to sacrifice (TRIBUTE) can only be seen as a selfish action regardless of how one attempts to excuse the behavior with faux explanations of how it demeans a D's relationship. It boils down to one simple is more concerned with their own self, than with providing service. Findom in no way detracts from a D's relationship. In fact it enhances it immensely, so to relay that you desire above all things to please and serve, yet refuse to provide, equates with you being self-centered, and driven only to bring to fruition your own desires, which is an undesirably selfish motivation towards service.

Sacrificing for and Tributing a Woman is an honor, not a punishment that should be viewed with disdain or distaste. It should bring happiness to your heart when you are able to do so. You should do so with pride that you are of use, and being of use brings purpose to a beta's life.

There is absolutely positively no acceptable reason not to sacrifice (TRIBUTE) if you are in fact a submissive male as so many of you claim to be, so swallow any excuses trying to get past your lips, and open that wallet wide for Superior Women!

Monday, October 10, 2016

money on my feet

There should never be any doubt as to where your money belongs
It is only through financial suffering and sacrifice for Mz Sydney that you can be absolved of patriarchal sins committed against women. Stop holding back..come running to the divine feet of Mz Sydney and beg forgiveness with tithe.