Thursday, February 11, 2016


That is my question to you. Are you ready,willing,and able to serve?

Many of you of course are going to sound off in the affirmative without hesitation,but I doubt the validity of that statement. Experience has taught me that few even realize what it actually means to submit truly. They have watched a few movies,or clips(written and produced by fellow males),and suddenly they are experts upon the subject of submission,and that is laughable. Submission is more than an action,it is a lifestyle mindset. It is not a romp in the bedroom that gets you off. It is not about the objectification of women's bodies for the carnal pleasure of men. Do you honestly believe that submission is based upon the submissive merely engaging in sexual activities for their own gratification? Do you think that it is the duty of a dominant to make all of your perversions and fantasies a reality? If you are nodding your head verbalizing yes,yes,yes...than you need to dunk your dick in a bucket of ice,and wake up to what submission really means.

Being ready means that you have worked though any issues of entitlement,and self proclaimed me me me ego mentalities. That you are at a stable stage mentally and emotionally. That you are prepared to fully engage in submission,rather than hits and runs at it. That you have researched what it means to give your submission into the hands of another. That you are making this decision with mental faculties rather than physical endorsements. It is a matter of your mind saying "I want,I need this in my life",not your dick straining at the bit chasing tail.

Willing to serve..hmm this becomes problematic for those that come with that entire "I must be forced" attitude and approach. The willing need NOT be forced into doing what it is that they truly want. They require no coercion,no screaming out "get on your knees bitch". They are supplicants who recognize their place in a woman's world,and run to embrace it. The notion that one must be cowed into obedience is pathetic. Expecting a dominant to hahaha force you into their will(undeniably undisguised as your own wants) is your own selfish desires,and there is NO room for the obsession of serving yourself in service.

The ability to serve hinges upon the circumstances in your life. If one is married,then obviously there will be snags,but not ones that cannot be overcome if the dominant so desires. If you are unable to be available to a dominant any other time then when your cock is cork full seeking release,then that is a definite issue. One must be able to devote a portion of their time to their dominant. Yes we all have lives,but if you cannot even take the time to make your dominant aware each day that they are in your thoughts,then no you are not able to serve. I know that it is difficult to wait until your life has settled,and you are able to bring your best service to the table,but the experience will be all the more rewarding to both dominant and submissive if you are patient.

Cheers to those that really are ready,willing,and able! May you find your dreams,desires,and destiny encapsulated within the dominant form soon :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reality of Ruination

Fantasy smantasy is what some say when it comes to ruination. Ruination is as serious as a heart attack when becomes reality.

Now when I first ventured online,I connected with a sweet little married sissy who liked to play around with the ruination fantasy. I of course recognized that it was purely a fantasy,and that this sissy did not desire to be ruined in reality,so we played in the shallow end of that pool. Sissy would send pics that she definitely did not want to get out in public,then gift me because she knew I would keep her secrets,yet delight when I teased her about logging into her fb acct(no I never did that,and never would have). As a sadist perhaps some would believe that I would jump at the chance to apply such delicious life changing pain,but to me I seek first to create no permanent damage when playing with my puppets. If you seriously ruin a person,then you have lost a valuable asset,and source of amusement. I am no masochist,so I play nice and keep my puppets in working order :)

Unfortunately little sissy had issues with commitment,and ran away to play in another sandbox,and what do you think happened? I bet you guessed correctly. Sissy engaged with one that did not see it for a fantasy,and instead brought all her secrets into the glaring harsh light of day. A case of actions and undesirable reactions. Sissy lost her high paying position teaching,her home due to loss of income,and it destroyed her marriage,so sissy ended up alone,and spoke of suicide. I cannot tell you dear readers what has happened to sissy,for even though I advised her to seek help for her depression,and encouraged her to make a fresh start,she dropped away to never be heard from again by me,which saddened me(yup I am human,and yes I do care for those that served me).

Ruination is very real,and the repercussions can be catastrophic(yes there is a living breathing person on the other side of that monitor),so please if you are going to venture into it,do so knowing that it could very well ruin a life.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Who are you here for?

Every male in the bdsm scene should ask himself this simple question,who are you here for? It's answer will tell him exactly where he needs to go,but I think that many of you do not pose that query internally. No doubt that a great many of you are new to the scene,and possess no idea of even the basic principles or practices,much less the definition of all the varied fetishes. It is ok to be new,and none should fault you for your interest,so long as you remain respectful in any inquiries you initiate.

Have you ventured in to sate your own desires(it's all about you),and yes that includes serving your penis. Example of what it means to serve your penis=looking for people to get your rocks off(that is self-serving,not submissive) You should not,I repeat should not be seeking out those that expect or demand to be served,you are not for them,and will only waste theirs' and your time. You fit more into the category of a fetishist or perhaps a bottom topper,maybe even a client/customer,so your best course of action is to seek out a service provider(online or in a dungeon),either to purchase a paid session or a cam site where you buy time with a female who will provide for your wants. If you cannot afford or refuse to pay much out of pocket to have your wishes granted,then you can find your way to clip sites customs4u  and iwantclips or phone sex operations niteflirt.This way everyone is satisfied :) **Note:if you are not willing to pay anything,I mean a big fat zero to spew your pecker puke,then you are better off cruising the net for free porn(vine or tumblr won't virus sweep your pc),and stay far away from the bdsm scene**

If you are here to find one to devote your life to,then you will find yourself most welcome with many. Some things that you need to pay attention to are,1)Is it a lifestyle Lady you are hoping to connect with? One where you engage in the lifestyle 24/7,live in,or even eventually marry.
2)Is your life complicated with commitments which deter you from full time service? Always be honest if so. 3)Are you just looking for someone to serve every once in awhile? 4)Are you unable or unwilling to commit to serving a single Lady,and prefer to "slut" around? Sites for you to check into for possible matches are fetlife or collarspace

Now if you happen into my neck of the woods,well then you are in findom country. You may be asking what the crack is findom country lol..well that simply means that you have journeyed into a place where you display your devotion and dedication with your willingness to see to the material comforts of your chosen Lady. It takes a special type of submissive to serve financially,for serving in such a manner is pure servitude. It is a power exchange unlike any other. Money is power in today's world,so to part with it is more meaningful than laying your ass on the line for a whipping. You are giving in a way that impacts your everyday life beyond that of a sore ass,and what a beautiful sacrifice it is. It is not the vulgar crass objectification those who lack understanding would deem it to be. It is life changing. It is focusing your energy on the happiness of another. A selfless giving. To me,that is what submission is meant to be. Submission is not about getting what you want as a submissive(that is a fetishist mentality),rather it is about providing for another's desires period. Sites to check into for possible matches include findoms and elite financial domination

If you are one that cannot grasp the concept of selfless giving,then I advise you to avoid findom all together. Some may say,well how do I know if a Lady is into findom?  DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

New hat from my precious brat boy,who exists solely to make me happy!
I want,and he provides,which is why he is my number 1 boy. The rest of you need to follow his example.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I just say no to illegal activities

This week alone I have already had a few individuals contact me regarding blackmail "play",even though I have ALWAYS been clear in my stance regarding it,so now I am posting this,and will link it to any further future inquiries.

"Extortion is a criminal offence whereby an individual obtains money, goods and services, or desired behavior from another by wrongfully threatening or inflicting harm to his person, property, or reputation. Extortion is a different criminal offense than robbery, whereby an offender steals property through force. Instead, the property gained though extortion is handed over to avoid threatened force or other harm. Extortion involves the victim's consent, but the way in which it is gained is unlawful, and therefore the entire act is considered a crime"

"Blackmail is a common method of extortion. Blackmail is extortion by threatening another person's or organization's reputation with the disclosure of information that would be damaging to that party if released. This incriminating information may be true or false. The actual disclosure of this information does not have to be criminal, nor does the offender have to actually receive money, property, or other benefits for the act to be considered extortion. The act is extortion because the individual demands money, property, or other considerations in exchange for non-disclosure of this information" 

"When a person is charged with extortion it is often considered a felony crime punishable by incarceration, heavy fines, and more. The federal government and all fifty states have laws regarding extortion."

Now many argue that if they give consent to being blackmailed,then it is no longer a crime,but they ARE wrong. Regardless if consent is given,a crime is a crime. For example,I have had delusional beings contact me begging to be killed by my hand through various they are consenting to it,BUT 1)I would never and I do mean never even consider playing along with that type of fantasy,nor the reality of it,and 2)It would still be murder. Does that make sense?
Giving consent does NOT negate legal ramifications,except in the case of kidnapping,which by definition to be truly termed kidnapping one must not have provided agreement to it.

Think about it logically. How easy would it be for one to consent,even go so far as to sign a contract agreeing to it,only to later on become frightened,and then report the blackmailer to the authorities?  Of course going in the "victim" would deny that they would ever do such,but one never knows what they will do when they feel as if they have no options available to them now do they? Remember that fight or flight instincts human beings have,that just may land the blackmailer in prison garb.

One should always assess the risks of engaging in any type of fetish play,especially those that are edgy,and blackmail definitely falls into that category. After all,is your freedom from imprisonment priceless to you,or are you willing to chance it for the possibility of a few bucks? Keep in mind as well,that big brother does work the net too,and perhaps the very person you are speaking with about this fetish works for them. I am not attempting to instigate paranoia with my last statement,merely that I want people to be aware that their actions can carry a stiff sentence in reality.

All that I have relayed above are my reasons for just saying NO,and I expect,nay demand that all who desire to enter my realm respect my limits,just as I respect theirs.