Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas dreams

What every foot fetish male dreams of finding beneath the Christmas tree...dream on...worship my prefect feet with your wallet!! Send amazon gift cards to mzsydney34@yahoo.com

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This coin does not flip

The financial domination universe is entirely out of whack due to actions perpetrated from females and males alike. Notice I said females,not Dommes,interesting eh? Let's talk about that.

There are literally hundreds of females in the findom playground,why? M O N E Y ! Now don't get my intent twisted,cause I am for all females,and believe they should do whatever enriches their lives,and pleases them most. Things get hairy though when the lines get erased between findom and provision of services. What I am basically saying is that a ton of males find themselves on cam sites,clip sites,or market places where sessions and items are sold,and whilst all is good in the neighborhood,that is NOT findom.

Peeps should have the google definition of findom bookmarked by now...it is a handy resource tool :) Now sit right back cause I am gonna break it down for you.

1)Buying a clip for your personal amusement,or gratification(wank spank) is NOT findom.
2)Buying a cam session to watch the pretty lady,or have her watch you,is NOT findom.
3)Buying used items for your jacking jerk off is NOT findom.
4)Calling NF for phone sex is NOT findom.
5)Tipping tokens in return for spoils back is NOT findom.

Notice how I used small words,so as not to confuse you? Gee whiz I am super nice :)

If you are purchasing product(clips,session,pedi dust,panties,used shoes etc..)you fall into the category of a customer/client,and the female is technically a service provider,rather than a Domme. Yes some in fact many Dommes do offer services,but if they are selling something,then that is NOT really dominating now is it? No,so you are NOT being dominated,therefore you are NOT serving. Ok here is where it can get tricky,if a Domme commands that you purchase her products,then in essence she is dominating you if you comply(confusing isn't it),but if you are just doing it all on your own for your satisfaction,then you are NOT being dominated,nor are you serving anything but your own kink.

What is findom then if nothing that I mentioned above,whelp I will spell it out for the lazy turds who won't use google.

Findom entails sending a tribute $$$ (non-reciprocal gift) to a dominant. Easy cheesy isn't it? No bargaining,no expectations,no force required.

Woot isn't it wonderful to have it explained to you! Knowledge is power baby,use it :)

Monday, November 16, 2015


Drum roll...Goddess now has IG,but it will cater to my foot fetish for the most part.

Most of you are sincerely pathetic for having not contributed to my special day..and I do not mean pathetic in that lovely shameful degradation way,so get your fucking cock out of your hand!

Oh and rick the measly tributing dick,I know that you are keeping up with my blogs,you owe me a birthday gift bitch!!

That is all for now :)