Sunday, June 26, 2016

down time

At last after a couple of weeks spending evenings performing volunteer activities,I am finally at a place where I can catch my breath!! Thank goodness because the heat and humidity have been wearing me out enormously since my projects were all outdoors based.

Breathing out now,and on to my next project :) Rarely is it that I simply allow myself to have a lazy day. I am just not wired that way,and idle hands do not suit me well(gosh that does not sound much like the life of a Goddess now does it ?) I am happiest though when my mind is fully occupied.

This does mean that I am not open to giving away tons of my valuable time as I am more prone to doing in the cooler seasons. It does not mean though that I am absent from the lives of those that serve me. It takes a very special type of submissive to remain under my heel. One who is able to function in life without my constant application of pressure. A submissive who is in possession of common sense,and knows how I wish them to live their lives,and does so.

Those that do receive my attention should appreciate it as the blessing it truly is. They should be doing their very best to please me,and ensure that they are enriching my life with tribute,so that my leisure time is really a time of comfort,without me having to beat them upside the head to do what they are supposed to naturally desire(please me,and better my life).

This coming week will see me spending a bit more ME time in the balance. I am going to soak up some rays,and maybe even take up an offer or two for drinks *gasp*.

As well I have been checking into some local bdsm groups...gotta fuel and feed my fetishes outside of findom. Spanking has really been my focus of late. I love the sights,and sounds of smacking a rosy red ass lol! Oh and before the thought pops into your head,no I am not looking for new real time play online fellows have to earn that honor through dedicated service online before you can even appy.

Onto an opportunity for you gents to impress and make a favorable impression. I am adding onto my deck,which means I am converting my amazon balance into gift cards for supplies...this is where you come in :) so here is your chance to put a smile on my face!! Send amazon gift cards to

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Stalemate is about reaching an impasse. This is the case most of the times when "submissives" reach out to me begging to be of use. Honestly it has become something quite ordinary and droll for me,and what I seek is the extraordinary.

I actively engage in findom,so it should never come as a surprise to any male who contacts me that financial sacrifice will be a part of service(well atleast to those that display respect by reading my profiles). Reading profiles appears to be a momentous obstacle though. For the majority of males,they view fetish sites in the manner as one would a comic book. They look for photos to tell the story,or in this case pics to fuel their fantasies. Photos unfortunately will not provide an in depth view,although they do give clues into motivation at times,and yes I am referring to the base creatures who only post up reflections of their genitalia(sad little one-minded self-centered cretins),so if you are opting to contact me based upon the outer shell,you are not going to get far with me. Compliments bore me to the point that all I hear is blah blah blah. Get originality or get going.

Now a few will take a scant moment to scan what I type up,but bypass the parts that do not involve their masturbatory moods,which means I constantly get messages of a selfish non-serving manner,or worse yet the ones where the sender expects to be served. I spend too much time blocking and muting displeasing words :(  This is an annoyance that I could do without entirely.

One of the first questions I pose to males who breach my inbox is "did you read my profile?" Almost entirely the response is yes(but I know it for a lie). You see I make it clear that I am to be addressed as Mz Sydney,yet they opened with "Mistress,Ma'am,Princess etc..." strike 1. I then ask how they can be of use to me. This is the most telling part of the exchange for me. Generally I receive answers such as "I can suck cock for you,I can dress like a sissy for you,I can lick your holes,I can cook and clean for you"(strike 2). Some of you are thinking,wow wouldn't that be awesome for her,but is it really,cause it reads to me like they are attempting(and failing) to use me,rather than be of use to me. They are seeking to fulfill their fantasies,instead of serving me as I choose. Now don't get it twisted,I do have males suck cock,and dress like a sissy to please me,but only when it pleases me,and never just because it pleases them(else the power exchange does not exist). So how can a male be of use to me,of course by doing whatever I ask of them,and yes I am safe and sane,so no I never command completion of activities which will cause permanent damage to a person.

If a male has made it past the above two points,then the matter of sacrificial tribute comes into talk. This is where impasse is 99% of the time reached. I get responses like "what is tribute,or you are a jobless whore". In the past I used to take the time to explain tribute and findom,but found that most times it was just me wasting my own time,so ceased,and now advise males to google the explanation(which ironically leads them back with the declaration of "get a job whore" lmao!

Some attempt to employ the argument that Dommes should dominate for free...and I do not charge for services(cause I do not offer any),BUT I do expect tangible sacrifice and service. More than any hole offered up,money is power. It always has been and always will be,and I dominate for the rush of power exchange,so why would I not expect any form of power to be denied me?

Another way of viewing tribute,is that it is a form of appreciation for the presence in your life of the divine. All throughout history, civilizations have offered up sacrifices for their Gods,and you are no different. You provide an offering to gain notice,and favor. You offer up your power base(finances) to better the life of the one you do less is selfish,and that action has no place in service!It comes down to 1 simple point,no sacrifice=no serve,which means impasse,and(strike 3) you lose.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sometimes even I am kind :) I will share with you something which made me laugh today.

This is a message I received upon a fetish site "hi Mz Sydney would you like to watch me on cam fuck my ass with a large cucumber? thx"

Now besides this being so NOT the way to come at me..this is what the sender has written in his journal entry upon said site "10/11/2014 12:08:10 PM: my list of blocked users is huge (mostly ghetto 'findommes' after an easy buck) "

Rather odd that a male who professes to block FinDommes reaches out to one is it not? Can you guess what I did after reading this message? You are right,I blocked his ass.

There ya go my dear readers,my humorous tale of the day :)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Reading saves time

Reading is a fundamental requirement in life,and only those whom I deign lazy would attempt to get out from doing so. Why is reading so very important you ask,well I am pleased that you asked gents! Reading and by reading I mean research,is the way to making sure that your approach will be well received.

Example:You are a self serving slug who only thinks to his next jerk off session...well whoopty freaking doo dah barking up my tree,cause I do not care about your dick or the ooze that seeps from it,so you have wasted your time and mine contacting me. Self servers should keep the contact list cleared of any who are not contained to service providers. You want a service,than you reach out to those that provide a service PERIOD.

Example:You are a toilet serving slave. Why would you initiate conversation with a Domme who lists toilet training as a hard limit? Wastes time yes?

Example:You are a selfish twat who feels entitled to a woman's time and energy simply because you possess a pecker. In what alternate universe would it be justified for you to try to get into the inbox of a woman who values herself,and expects to be spoiled and served financially in appreciation for the attention which she doles out?

Example:You want to be a 24/7 indwelling locked in a cage slave. Do you hit up a woman who states that she does not want a 24/7 indwelling slave,with the delusion that you are a magical snowflake whom all yearn to own?

Are you guys getting my point? No one enjoys having their time wasted,and if you are not reading profiles,than you are doing exactly that. What joy comes from irretrievable senseless losses of time? None!!

The most prudent route to success is to employ the use of the big head,for the smaller one just fucks off and around.

Friday, June 10, 2016

thick thighs and feet poolside

 It rubs the lotion upon Goddess legs!
Thick thighs to tease and tantalize!

Get down on those knees gents,and beg to be mine.

Female empowerment

Many males purport to support female empowerment,and supremacy of the female sex,yet refuse to tribute towards the fulfillment of the cause. In order to promote the rule of women,males should be begging to finance the hopes,dreams,and future ambitions of women,period!

How do males imagine that women succeed? Of course women are intelligent and resourceful all on their own,but to truly corroborate the claim of belief in female supremacy,one must be willing to take action. Words alone provide nothing. It boils down putting your money where your mouth is.

In today's workforce women continue to fall short of equal pay and opportunities for advancement within the patriarchal dominated workplace,which is absolutely unacceptable! So if you are one of those males running around sprouting "I believe in matriarchy",then get off your ass,and do your part in achieving that goal.

What is rarely recognized by males,is that women deserve way better than they receive as their due from your fellow misogynistic mates. Males in fact can make a difference,but not exactly in the way they may think.

In findom(just like in vanilla society) women are perceived as objects,yes I know many will deny it,but is it truth,and a very apparent one if only the time was taken to see exactly how the majority of males approach and interact with women in the scene,hell in life itself. I do realize as I blogged about previously that findom has evolved into a service industry,but what I am speaking of does not dwell in that category. Femdom is about female domination yes...but more than femdom,I am talking about female empowerment,and that my readers is not always dressed in leather,pvc,or even latex. Sometimes it is a women dressed in business attire,maybe even mom jeans. My point being is that the promotion of female empowerment progresses no where without the drive and ambition to see it to fruition.

A male's duty to aid in empowering females may come from donating to a woman's cause,or supporting women's abuse shelters,perhaps even so far as to financing the education of a female. Some of the things I see being placed under the heading of empowerment,certainly do not make sense to me. I have seen males claim that by calling a PSO that they are empowering women,now come on,any idiot can smell that cow patty. Empowering women should not come at a cost to women. Women have been repressed,misrepresented,objectified as sexual objects,and trod upon by the boots of males long enough,so if you are one of those males claiming to be all for women in power,then do not make your words empty and meaningless by failing to back them up with action. Do something,cause that is what says something!

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Handfasting is a term employed to describe a matrimonial ceremony..but for this moment in time I am using it in place of hand holding,because to be honest,a long term D's relationship is comparable to a vanilla marriage. With your D's partner(for my post,partner is not interchangeable with the term spouse) you share more of yourself(those secrets you hide from the ordinary world)than you would within the usual type of matrimonial relationship. It is my opinion that a D's bond is more profound and enduring than the words upon a piece of legal paper. It is forged with honesty,and shared desires(nope not alluding to carnal ones)rather I am speaking as to the shared desire for the happiness of one's dominant. Sharing the "darkest" aspects of yourself with another being requires trust which lacks in many relationships outside of the fetish realm. Let's be frank,not many ordinary folks are going to get that a servant wants and needs to subjugate themselves to another human being,outside of a family member,so this is something which is hidden from public consumption.

I am digressing a bit :) the object lesson I intend to convey is that while it is expected for the submissive to look to their dominant to lead them,to ensure that they remain along the desired is not and should not be the expectation for a submissive to depend upon a dominant to hold their hand constantly in the proverbial nor physical sense. A submissive is not a doormat,and should have enough common sense to live their life if necessary sans constant dictation. When one cannot depend upon themselves to make a single solitary decision in their life without express consent,than they in essence have become a mere robot,a tool to the will of any and all who hold stronger opinion,and whilst this may be expected within a TPE,it brings to my mind the definition of a slave,not a submissive. For some reason unknown to me,well perhaps it is known to me lol...many are interchanging the two descriptors. A submissive is not a slave,and a slave is submissive,but not a submissive. Does that make sense?

If you my readers will recall,I have harped upon many occasions about the need for a male to work hard for the one they serve. It regards to that statement I have seen males putting forth that dominants should work just as hard for their servant. Well,I do agree that a dominant should indeed put forth effort in training those beneath them,but I do not agree that dominants must work just as hard and diligently as their submissives or slaves. It is the duty of a servant to serve. They are to serve and sate the wants and needs of the one who holds their leash(figuratively or in actuality). It is the dominants responsibility to relay their desires to the servant yes,but once told,it should not require repetitive announcements,nor for force of compliance to be applied. If a servant "must" be forced,than one must question whether the servant truly wishes to serve,or if they are instead playing at having their own personal wants satisfied. This is why I am not into forced activity of any kind,and yes that includes tributing. If I were operating under the expectation that I should hold the whip in hand whilst walking a servant through each and every act of service,than I seriously do not wish to undertake such a journey. Servants that are able to make logical choices upon their own,which enhance the quality of my life,are treasures,whilst those that demand from me a constant presence to accomplish the smallest of details,are a burden. Sorry not sorry,but that is my way of thinking.

I simply do not want to expend my energy directing 24/7 of a servants life. A servant is an extension of their owner,but they should not be an energy leech. Holding one's hand continuously is droll and truthfully it is more effort than a dominant should have to exert once expectations and requirements have been shared. If one cannot exist in daily life without a dominant hand spelling out each and every move,than are they really living?

Basically it boils down to this,Do not expect your dominant to hold your hand through each decision you ever make. That is placing way too much responsibility upon them. Instead let their wishes,and way of thinking lead the way. For example if you know that your dominant would never condone lying,do not tell lies. If your dominant has told you that they like you to speak a certain way,or behave in a specific manner,than make sure you are compliant at all times. No need to ask,for her words should be on playback within your mind,and that gents, is your beacon. Always take note of what she likes,and what she dislikes,this way you will not have to drain her patience or tolerance for stupidity,and for fucks sake bois,do NOT ask,can I tribute? Just do it(unless your dominant requires that you beg first :)