Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Passing muster

Will you pass muster? The odds are NOT in your favor. By passing muster I am referring to making it to the point of falling under my consideration. A single tribute will not get you there,nor will compliments. In fact,compliments of a physical nature will harm you more than help you. Words simply do not move me. You have to do better than the usual spiel. You must be better than average.

This week alone 10 males who contacted me have failed before they got one step forward. Sounds depressing yes? MY words are not meant to deter the worthy,but I do mean it when I say that MY standards are set high for service,and it would not do me credit to accept any servant not worthy of me.

So how is it that you can stand out as cream of the crop?
1)Read the entirety of my profile(upon whichever site you found me).
2)Think with your big head when you contact me,which means do not convey thoughts that are based upon what makes your dick hard.
3)Be prepared to prove your sincerity with tribute. If you are not prepared to tribute,then do us both a favor,and admire me from the shadows instead.

It truly is not that difficult to make a positive impression. You wouldn't know it from reading the messages I receive though. Why is that?
1)You are too lazy to read my profile,and they all state that I am NOT seeking a domestic,live in,boyfriend,husband,lover,or sex slave.
2)You make sexual comments,or relay what you would like done sexually to you.
3)You refuse to tithe.

I have been around long enough to know how to read between the lines,so do not discredit my intelligence by attempting to slip past me with bullshit. Your words tell me so much more than what you think. I can see when one is focused on themselves rather than me. I know who is in the scene to be served,rather than to serve,and you will not pass go.

Those that I desire drawn to my service know,accept,and embrace their lot as a beta male for ME,and perhaps even to me in life alone. They have long since set aside foolish notions of personal gain from a woman. They respect all women regardless of station,and display such manners accordingly. They are generous with their time,and gifts to ME. They would never,even internally question what is in it for them,for the reward of service,is service itself. They crave my presence,attention,and guidance in their lives,and long for nothing more than to worship at my altar. If this resounds within you,then come forward,and if not,well then,nice not knowing you.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Jerking is for jokers

The title is misleading,as I am in no way referring to jerking in the masturbatory sense,but rather discussing the behavior of being a jerk.

In the online realm as well as real time,relationships do not always go smooth,or even last. Some are even fated to fail from the get go,but that does not mean that they need to end with sour thoughts and hard feelings.

One of the defining qualities of being an adult is maturity. Now I know that everyone has heard that word at one point and time,but,and that is a big but,not everyone is capable of handling situations with maturity,especially ones that have the potential for uncomfortable emotional outbursts.

How you deal with such situations is up to you,but always be prepared for the repercussions if you do so with a juvenile approach. There are right ways,and wrong ways to break off a relationship,even a bdsm one.

The most common action for dissolution I have seen is the magical act of disappearing. In this scenario,the servant simply fades from existence(just like a deserter from the armed services). They may cease logging into the site where they met the other person,or even going so far as to block the one they served or close out their account,and make up a new one entirely. Now these are the juvenile actions I referred to. It is akin to closing the closet door,and pretending that the monster(problem) is no longer there,but where this will bite you in the ass,is that eventually you will run out of closet space,and all of your junk will be visible to the world(community)...then what shall you do? Believe it or not,dominants do speak with one another,even warn each other about the undesirable proclivities of certain males. You may even find yourself credited with a poor reputation,which will deter you from being taken seriously,or even considered for service at all,and that equates to game over for you.

I realize that it is a difficult feat relaying to a dominant that you no longer desire to serve them,but this is what separates the men from the boys. Men do not run from possible verbal confrontation. I mean seriously,what can someone actually do to you from the other side of a monitor,virtually nothing other than pointing out you are acting like a douche,and let's be honest,it most likely is not the first time you have been described as such,so man up.

There have been plenty of males that just did not work out when it came to serving me,for one reason or another,but the ones that hold my respect are those that came to me directly and stated in a polite and deferential manner why they felt that it was not working,and asked for release. By being honest,I had absolutely no reason to be angry,or whip them with a tirade of backlash. This type of behavior,also leaves the door open for a return to my feet if they are able to work through their issues.

The ones that behaved like asshats though by running without saying a word,are the ones I block permanently. As the saying goes "never burn your bridges",because then it is too late for reconciliation of your transgressions,and yes there have been quite a few who regretted jumping ship,but there was no way back for them,and no amount of tribute could alter my decision.

I am not saying that all dominants will accept an application to sever ties in such a manner(there are always exceptions),but you will never find out,especially if your modus operandi is tucking tail and burrowing out a hidey hole til the storm blows over,so in conclusion I will end this post with a spongebob quote "don't be a jerk".

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

No words needed

Not all of you are aware,but I actually have an account on more than one social media forum,especially those geared to fetishes. Now this means that I view multiple profiles daily,and have formed an opinion of who I desire to interact with,and who I do not,just by assessing words,and photos on a profile. This is not an esoteric practice,for we all do it. Can you honestly say that you do not? If not,then you are a fool of the grand order.

In fact most of those that contact me are dead in the water before they type a single word of greeting. It may seem counterproductive,but actually it is me being kind. You may ask how it can be considered a kindness to arbitrarily dismiss an individual before giving them a chance? Well, I consider wasting anyone's time to be cruel and unmannerly,so truly I am being nice enough to save us both time(valuable commodity).

What are the signs that you are unsuitable to be considered by me?

1)Your profile photo is a depiction of femdom porn(pegging or kitty licking)
2)Your profile photo is of a toilet(or scat play)
3)Your profile photo displays your penis
4)Your profile photo displays your ass
5)Your profile photo is of you dressed as a maid or sissy
6)Your profile words read like femdom porn(I want to be pegged or eat kitty)
7)Your profile words have a recurrent self-centered theme(I want,I want,I want)
8)Your profile words indicate that you are seeking sexual relations(blow jobs,foot jobs,JOI),or have marital designs
9)Your profile words indicate that you seek 24/7 live in,maid or toilet
10)You profile words relay that you NEED to be forced into service
11)Your profile words include,kidnap or blackmail
12)Your profile words indicate that you possess misogynistic tendencies(insults heaped upon women)
13)Your profile reads like an ad placed by a desperate puppy(pick me,take me,please,please,please)
14)Your profile shares team viewer log in details and passwords
15)Your profile indicates that you dislike those that employ financial domination as a form of power exchange.

Quite a list yes? I agree,but it does allow me to narrow down to the number of interactions I engage in daily,thereby not enslaving me to my keyboard,nor making you the target of my acidic wit(now that is pure kindness).

Monday, April 20, 2015

Submission of the heart,mind,or flesh

Recently I was asked why I did not post more blogs focused on submissives,which took me back for a moment,as I clearly note that I have done so,regardless if it is a how not to serve,it remains educational. Humoring people is not a strong suit of mine,but a point may be made that I am not offering a how to manual...how dry that would be,and from the input I receive combined with my hands on experience,it would be a copy of non-fiction gathering dust on the shelf of some eccentric shop anyway. Be that as it may,let it not be said that I possess not a drop of kindness.

Submission: What is it that triggers such a response? In the wild animal kingdom it is generally brought about as a survival mechanism,for example,when two leopards are engaged in a scuffle and one gains the upper hand by sinking it's teeth into the neck of another,the one caught within the fierce bite of the other will simply cease struggling and lay still,thereby submitting in the hopes of being shown mercy.

Of course that it is not what occurs in the bdsm realm,but then maybe it does :)

Seriously though. Submission is triggered by arousal,whether it be mental,emotional,or physical.

The majority of what I personally come into contact with,are those that dub themselves "bedroom submissives",or commonly called sex slaves. Their interest in submission is based on physical arousal obviously. They submit so long as some type of sexual interaction occurs(I consider them the do me selfish sots),but that is not to say that there are not Dommes in the world who appreciate them,just not myself included. Now this may be my sole opinion,but if you are going to be a sexual slave,well you better have it going on,if you know what I mean,for it is pathetic when one sees a 60-70 year old male begging to be used in such a manner(ok I vomited in my mouth a bit). The conclusion being that once the bedroom door opens,their "submission" evaporates like cum on sheets. **To attract this type one merely needs to play upon the weakened awakened flesh with erotic displays or sexy slogans.**

Another type which falls into the physical arousal category are masochists. The interesting aspect to their submission is that it can be triggered by any of the three reasons. They may enjoy the pain of corporal punishment,or the freeing of emotional guilt for how they have treated others,even as a method of cleansing the mind,for with pain,clarity of mind can be found. For whatever their motivation,they are a pleasure to have beneath the whip so to speak,especially for a physically manifesting sadist streak.**Drawing a masochist of the physical sort to you is accomplished by being proficient with the tools of the trade,ie whips,floggers,paddles,cbt techniques.**

Mentally aroused submission:They are the ones who bypass photos of a woman,and seek out her words instead. Now this melts my butter. Commonly referred to as the "mind fuck". The effects lasting longer than any fleeting erection,and it does not require a wash up afterwards lol. This is the playground of sapiosexuals. Those that crawl into your mind,and enslave your soul. This form of submission if you had not noticed is my favored one. These are the ones not begging a Domme to pluck off looking at her pics,instead their arousal is based upon the words she utters,the way she turns a phrase. Words have become their sex,and how delicious is that! This is the type I desire to attract more of,for I am most stimulated when I am engaging a mind of intellect.**Luring these submissives into your web requires an expanded intellect,for they are not the sort to cave when they are treated to a flipped bird,loser sign,or a fuck you pay me approach**

Onto the emotionally aroused submissives,whom are perhaps the most complicated for me to connect with. They desire love,and acceptance,and often convey that wish with neediness(a pet peeve of mine). I see these types as those seeking a Mommy,or a femdom wife. Their connection must involve sentiment for them to relinquish control. If you are not feeding their emotional bond,then they will not continue to submit.**Hence the largest attractor is the ability to adhere a male to you with an emotional bond,by securing their affections**

In the end,submission is submission,just a matter of locating the type you crave. Oops I think I just posted another blog geared towards Dommes.
Adorable new summer sandals arrived from gimpy frank!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Time waster tips for Dommes

One of the recurring questions you will see posed on any financial domination forum is,"how do I find slaves",and whilst I do not have a tried and true,absolute guaranteed methodology to offer,I can tell you how to spot the manure before it has time to ferment,thereby saving time,which would have otherwise been wasted.

Behavior of a time waster
1)They will effusively compliment you. Now of course it is simply good manners to praise a Lady,but it can be overboard,such as "you are the most gorgeous woman in the world"(overkill). Their compliments may as well include sexual undertones,or hints of  sexually objectifying you ie "your tits,ass,pussy,make me so hard" "i want to jack off looking at you". I realize that some like to use their bodies to ensnare the male senses,and I say whatever works for you go for it,but remember this,if all they see you as is a sexual object,then they will not view you as a real human being,one that lives,breathes,gets ill,has bad days etc...and how can you expect respect when all you are is a tool of sexual gratification in their eyes (wank fodder)

2)They will brag about how much money they make,or possessions they have. This is a huge red flag,because this is not something people ordinarily bring up immediately,and those that boast tend to prevaricate. It is fairly easy to aver that one is flush with riches,all the while sitting in their parents basement,so be wary of those that attempt this ploy. The best way to avoid this trap is to operate under the saying of "money talks,and bullshit walks",so if they cannot offer even a token tribute for your time,then exercise your block button.

3)They will attempt to get you to cam verify. Of course there are exceptions to this,and yes there are some legitimate submissives who will ask you to verify,but they are also the ones that are willing to tithe you for the honor beforehand,so keep in mind anytime you are asked to cam verify that you are possibly going to be wasting time as they sit back plucking their puke stick. One of the ways I judge the situation is,if the male in question has offered to do all sorts of activities for you prior to tribute being mentioned,but demands a cam verify once tribute is mentioned,then they are most likely a waster.

4)They will question you as to what you would do in a given situation,this is a classic ploy. "what would you do to my cock during cbt" "how would you tease and deny me". These males are best left to their own devices(rosie palm,and her 5 sisters),and far away from your inbox.

5)They will right out of the box insult you in some manner or form in the hopes that you will relinquish your control and tear them a new asshole,effectively providing them with humiliation and degradation. It is sincerely not worth the time you would spend typing up a scathing reply. I rarely respond to such,but I have been known to wish them a lovely day before I block them. Killing them with kindness is a bitch to their agenda.

6)They will send you unsolicited penis pics(just ewww). Any male that disrespects you,and yes this is disrespectful,is only playing to their own agenda,rather than seeking to serve,so it is best not to respond at all to them.

7)They will attempt to ingratiate themselves into your life as a "friend",and of course blatantly or subtly try to coerce details out of you,such as how you dominate males,or what you have done to other males. They want to live vicariously through those that have served,without ever serving.

These tips apply to all Dommes across the board,regardless of being into financial domination or not. Never forget that you are here to be served,rather than serve,and if you fall prey to a time waster,then you are serving them. Most of all,do not beat yourself up if it has happened to you. All of us have been new at one time or another,and had to learn the hard way.