Tuesday, November 20, 2018

How to approach ME 101

Hello gentlemen

Do you want to know how to interact with me for the very first time? I realize that I can be an intimidating force of nature lol, but it really is easier than you would imagine.

I do want you to understand though, that your initial message to me is going to set the tone for how I respond.

These are the things that you do NOT want to start off with

1)An obvious generic copy and paste message

2)Your autobiography

3)Your bank details, or any type of passwords

4)Dick pics

5)Photos that you want exposed

6)Addressing me in what I find to be passive aggressive demeaning terms ie hey sexy, bb, sugar, honey, girl

7)Giving me a list of your turn ons

8)Telling me that I make your dick hard

9)Relaying what you want to do to me

10)Stating what you want me to do to you

I think that you gents get so carried away with your fetishes, that you forget entirely that the person you are interacting with is a person too. 

If you are a smart gent, you will have already read my profiles, tweets, blogs, website etc. You will be well acquainted with my expectations in regards to submissive behavior I deem acceptable and pleasing, so all of the mostly inane chit chat will not be necessary, for you are informed.
I honestly do not care to "shoot the shit" with random strangers, or answer questions that are already answered in my profile. 

I want you coming into my inbox already prepared to tribute and serve, because if you aren't, than you have not put in any effort in getting to know me at all, and that is unacceptable. The fact that I include findom in ALL of my femdom exchanges is widely known, so this should not be coming as a shock to you, and if you do not know what findom is, than google it gents. 

As well, it should be plain as day to you that I am to be addressed as Goddess, or Mz..no deviation. It may seem old school, but in my estimation, it is about respect, and I do not tolerate disrespect. 

Believe me when I say that you want to start off on the right footing with me, because I am not a big believer in allotting second chances. I understand that you may be nervous and in awe of me, so you may flub up a bit in your communication,which is ok, but never do so intentionally gents. 

I can be one of the easiest going Dommes you will ever talk to, but at no time am I ever not the dominant in the exchange, and I have zero issues booting you out my door if you forget it. As well, I am a genuine sweetheart to those who treat me with all of the deference due to a Goddess. To those who are generous with their time, attention, and financial worship of me, I am most benevolent :) Regardless though, I will ignore you into non-existence if you ill treat my kindness. My kindness has never been a weakness. 

If it is not apparent to you as of yet, I will speak plainly. I do not want you to fear approaching me if you are sincere in your desire to serve me. In fact I always welcome males into my sect who have proven that they are intent on putting my happiness above their own, my fetishes above their own, and my comfort above their own. If this resonates, than you are what I seek, and I bid you to come beg an audience..I did tell you that I adore when males beg, didn't I  lol

Monday, November 19, 2018

A gentleman's education

Due to an email I received recently, I feel the need to fill in a gap of misplaced knowledge for you gents.

I am not an escort. Now don't get your knickers in a twist, cause I am not judging escorts, nor hold myself above them in station, but they offer services that I myself do not, and I would not want anyone to waste their time reaching out to me inquiring about booking a session which includes sexual relations...fyi pegging and unclothed facesitting are considered sexual relations.

I think that the issue arises due to the financial nature of findom. Some males associate paying tribute with paying for a service. Mind you that these are not submissive males, so to them, if they are paying, than you must be offering sex in exchange. I comprehend that they are coming at it with a customer/client mindset, which is all fine and good if the person you are contacting is offering services, but I am NOT. 

It bears repeating...I am not a service provider. I accept servitude, I expect servitude, I require servitude. 


Friday, November 16, 2018

No time for fuckboys

Hello to one and all, and welcome to Goddess Sydney Claire's slice of findom :)

 Do you know what a "fuckboy" is? Now before you go making assumptions, no it is not a sex slave.

Who and what are fuckboys?

1)Liars who talk a good game

2)Users of women on the sly

3)Disloyal limpdicks, but you wont see it til too late

4)Disrespectful towards women in a passive aggressive way

5)Get downright hostile and petty when you call them out

Fuckboys really aren't worthy of the air they breathe, but whatcha gonna do? This is what you do!

1)Don't be a damn liar. The ugly truth will always trump a pretty lie

2)Stop being a selfishly entitled asshat that cannot see past his own dick.

3)If you are going to slut around, scream it from the rooftops instead of doing it on the DL behind your Domme's back.

4)If you cannot be respectful to ALL women, than you do not deserve to be around women. Never forget that you owe your life to a woman.

5)Own up to your BS, and apologize rather than going on the attack when you are busted.

Is anybody out there

It does not feel as if anyone ever actually reads my blogs. Are my words reaching, encouraging, teaching, uplifting, inspiring? Sound off with comments, or I am going to reconsider the investment of my time producing them.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Build a Findom ark

Ok, so today I was on twitter and seen a post about how the findom scene is over saturated with women, and that women who have been around quite some time are leaving the scene because of it, which is not a good thing for the fetish in general.

No one needs to be market savvy to grasp the concept of supply and demand. The more there are of any one product (and no I do not view women as products) the less demand there will be for said product, because the customer/client can shop around for the lowest pricing, and we are definitely seeing a shit ton of that type of behavior right now.

Right now, findom is a buyers market. The buyer can and does shop around for bargains. Is it so very surprising that a man will opt to pay $10 for a cam session from a newer female rather than the $100 an established Domme is charging? Of course there are always exceptions, but on the entirety, this is what is going on, and it is going to continue to go on. 

Let's take a quick look at other adverse effects of over saturation in findom.

1)Newer females nor newer males for the most part are educated in regards to RACK or SSC. This is a huge safety concern.

2)Newer females come in thinking that findom is easy money. It isn't, and without the knowledge of what findom really is, they are muddying the waters even further for the new males serving under them. Newer males on the other hand, come in thinking that findom is about paying for pussy, either to see or fuck.

3)Newer females tend to gloss over the domination aspect, and just demand money. This is how findom gets a really shitty rep..ya know the instadomme tag :(. There are 2 aspects to findom.a)financial b)domination. Whilst newer males attempt to bypass the financial aspect altogether.

4)The newer females are approaching findom like a tit for tat, spoil me I spoil back modal. Findom is not about spoiling a male. It is not about selling anything. Yuppers I know that a great many FinDommes sell items, clips, sessions etc.. but that is business, not service. Newer males get that findom is not about selling things, but unfortunately they do not want to pay tribute either, cause they are spoiled with entitlement issues.

5)With an avalanche of newer females, you will find that the majority of FinDommes are hauling in less and less tribute (supply&demand), even the Dommes who have been around for ages, so what you get is more and more females departing the scene, but you would not notice the exodus, because a new flood of inexperienced females come in right behind them.

This is a vicious cycle, and it hurts the fetish scene massively. Without experienced Dommes leading the way, you end up with a gaggle of males who are not trained to treat women with respect, who think that it is ok to top from the bottom, who try to lowball tribute, and that is if they even pay at all. 

I completely understand that the scene is evolving, but holy shit, it is no where near the definition of findom at all! Mind you, I am not hating on new blood coming in, but some days are like a free for all display of thirst, and horniness. Some changes are good, but than some are not. It all depends on your outlook, and how determined you are to ride the wave.

Good luck to all who are battening down the hatches, and sticking it out :)

Happy Birthday to your Favorite FinDom Goddess

Today is the day you have been waiting all year for! Let's get this party started correctly shall we?? How does one start off this special day, by giving thanks of course. Thanks that on this day, your divine Goddess was born!!

All year long I share myself with you. I open my mind, and divulge wisdom, guidance, and support of your darkest fantasies, which is why you will do no other than to go out of your way, and into debt making sure that this is the best possible birthday for me! My birthday wishes become the desires you must sate, and you definitely need to pleasure me :)

Go big laddies, and spend hardcore for me today. You and I both know that I deserve the very best life has to offer, and it is your honor to provide my luxuries. 

Get ready, get set...spend and send me a big juicy amazon gift card!!! mzsydney34@yahoo.com is where your gift to me goes gents :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

I know what you did lastnight

 I know exactly what you did lastnight lol

You are the one who delights in the tease..yearns for the taunting, and craves the denial of what will never belong to you. 

I see you glorifying in your depravity, and perversion. I can smell your desperation..taste your desire upon my tongue. 

You NEED the cruelty of my rejection. The searing rejection of what makes you a man. 

I bet that little puke stick in your pants is drooling as you read my words, isn't it?? It knows how utterly worthless it is. It wants to be useful though, will you let it be useful to me? 

Right now at this very moment I want you to log in to your amazon account, and if you do not have one, create one. You will do this for me won't you? Your cock is crying out for attention as you put in your password, isn't it? Why don't you let him out for just a minute :)

That's right, I said let him out..now hold him in your hand. He is throbbing isn't he? Yes he likes to be touched, and you like touching him don't you? You are a nasty little cock stroker aren't you? Say, yes Goddess. You touch it all the time don't you? I know you do. 

Not this time though. You are going to just let him lay there calling out for you. He must be taught a lesson, and you are going to help me teach him right from wrong aren't you? Say, yes Goddess.

Now my perverse pet, you are going to put a gift card into your amazon cart for mzsydney34@yahoo.com. Don't hit send yet. Wait a minute, and savor the pleasure about to cum. Be a good little perverse pet, and give him a light stroke, lightly pet, for he has not earned any rewards yet. Just a teasing taste of excitement for him. 

Make him wait for it...draw it out. You do not want this feeling to end too quickly now do you? You like being mean to that perverse abomination for Goddess don't you? Say, yes Goddess.

Look at him..see him for the failure he is. He fails you, and he will fail any woman he ever gets near. Does he deserve pleasure? Do you?

The only time Goddess will ever allow you to quench his hunger to cum, is when you are pleasing Goddess. You want to please Goddess don't you? Say, yes Goddess.

Start stroking him pet..softly..so softly..feel him begging you to let him explode. He wants to cum...you want to cum, don't you? Say, yes Goddess.

Take him to the edge of bliss now..ahhh but do not let him go over. Careful my perverse pet..show some restraint. Look up, you see the send button don't you? Say, yes Goddess. Yes you see it...click it..send the gift card to Goddess..do it NOW.

Good boy for Goddess :) and since you have pleased Goddess, you have my permission to stroke that putrid excuse of a penis til it pukes all over your hand, but don't for get that if you make a mess, you must clean it up with your tongue :) Yummy huh? 

Remember the rule pet...no pleasure for you til Goddess has been pleased first! Say, yes Goddess.