Thursday, April 17, 2014

Live in positions(not,and never)

It seems that it is the year of the broke bitch rising. Seriously it annoys me to be barraged by males begging to come be my live in boy. Considering how I have always been crystal clear that no boy will be dwelling with me,it displays your level of sheer ignorance even by asking about the possibility.

Why on this green earth would I desire to put up with a boy constantly underfoot that is not even contributing to my well being financially? Oh yes I have heard from the top of the scrap heap how you will clean my house,prepare my meals etc..and absolutely none of those activities being performed by you interest me in the least. Seriously think about it,why would any Domme desire to have an absolute stranger moving into their sacred space?

The only thought that goes through my head when I read your begging prostrations is that you must be a broke bitch looking for a free pad to crash at,and please do not think that offers to pay your way through menial tasks in my home make me see you any differently. If I wanted a dependent whom I would be forced to pay for their food,clothing,heat,and water usage,don't you think that I would just have a child??? I mean atleast with a child I could claim them as a tax deduction.

D's relationships are not based on locating a sucker to pay your way through life(not on either side of the equation),so if you are desperate for a place to lay your head,then seek out a shelter,a relative,a buddy,or even move back home to mommy and daddy,but do not ever expect a lady to give you a free ride just because they are a Domme. I cannot see any woman being so hard off finding males to meet their sexual,or household needs that they need to take you in like a stray puppy which they must be responsible for.

Do your self esteem a favor by checking out the help wanted ads,or if you are simply too lazy to perform that task,then get to accepting your life as a homeless hobo. Cheers!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Getting what you want as a male

Is getting what you want your driving motivation for being in the bdsm realm? If so, then there is no need to unnecessarily complicate the process of finding a compatible Domme with deception. Self gratification is the basis for their presence with the majority of males which I encounter being here. This mindset is not one that shocks dominant ladies,and truly there is no reason to be covert about it. Here is the kicker though,you are NOT submissive if you are around merely to feed your personal fetish without regards to the wants of whatever Dommes you contact,so please refrain from labeling yourself as such. Making your intentions known from the onset will save time,headaches,and aggravation for all parties concerned. Just be upfront,and put it on the table that you are a selfish twat waffle looking to do only that which you desire. Believe me when I say that you will indeed locate ladies whom will satisfy your wants(not without cost though),perhaps not the exact lady you crave,but there will be some. It is only when you attempt to hide your agendas that issues arise,and you find yourself saddled with adjectives which are not complimentary,nor will they open the doors that allow you to play penis pattycake.

Hopefully the gist of my post was clear that honesty does not always make you honorable,but it will get you further towards that which you seek. Oh and one last tidbit...I am NOT one of those ladies that will suffer to deal with self absorbed,self serving,selfish males...happy hunting.

Where has Goddess been?

Here I am to update my little minions upon why Goddess has been absent for a few days from her blog. 1)I actually have a life 2)You boys are intelligent enough to know how to get attention and words of wisdom in service to Goddess $$$

Goddess has been very busy with her volunteer activities(yes I actually give a shit about enriching the lives of others) as well as with my job,social life,and real time sessions with my owned boy,not to mention keeping tabs and interacting with those that serve me exclusively online...which leaves minimal time to share my divine glory with those that are not serving me,and besides cretins such as yourselves are not worth an iota of my presence anyway. You should be thanking me for my sheer generosity,and you know exactly how to do so $$$...are you seeing a pattern here??? $$$=my time and attention,anything less=squat,nil,nada.

My best boy is coming along so beautifully in his training. He anticipates my wants,and acts accordingly. There is never any need to repeat myself,as he knows his blessing is being able to please me. Recently we have been pushing at his limits a bit,with his being forced to suck on a squirting dildo as he was allowed a much earned release,too bad it was dampened by the fact that his own piss was squirting into his mouth as he did so lol

My little sissy mona has finally taken her first step into femininity by going in for a pedicure,and since she did not come out with the exact color that I desired,she is now being penalized with a brow threading. Her one redeeming grace is that she always pays tribute every Friday,just as my best boy does. Nothing worse than a bitch whom needs reminders to tribute.

My favorite of course does everything,and anything to ensure my happiness,so he has been given the honor of paying for Goddess's vacation trip in June($7000)...isn't he a lucky boy!!! Of course he will receive exclusive photos from my trip as a reward.

For some time now Goddess has been looking at all in one pc's,and finally I have found the one which tickles my fancy. A good little community piggy has already gifted Goddess with half of the amount,and will be soon sending to rest,YAY Goddess!!

You could be asking yourself,what else could Goddess possibly want or desire...well boys that much is simple. I want what is mine...$$$$,now be a good boy and release it to me.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bon appetit

I see all of you new boys coming into the scene,and you remind me of children that have been let loose in a sweet shop with your parents credit cards. Your eyes are wide,the tachycardic pounding of your heart almost audible to everyone in the room,your palms sweaty as you grasp at every possible opportunity to indulge your fetish with every delectable morsel that you see,only to find the experience as empty as the calories in a chocolate bar. Such a let down that you must keep going attempting to consume more and more until you are finally sated,but unfortunately such vacuous encounters will not feed your fetish hunger. They merely whet your appetite for the full course meal which gratifies your bottomless pit of submission.

Time to grow up little ones. Clean your grubby fingers,and keyboard,then pull up your big boy undies,and stop seeking with your eyes,but instead open your senses to the possibility that what you need to fulfill you may not have the shiniest wrapper,nor the tartiest taste upon your tongue. Enrich your palate,and quench your desires,all whilst broadening your scope of experience. Bon appetit  :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Come home

Submitting yourself is like coming home. A familiar happiness which permeates your being. The one place where you are free to release all of your worldly concerns,whilst in the presence of the entity whom knows what it is that you genuinely need. There is no judgement,no verdicts of being an absolute freak of nature because of the activities which make you feel safe and sane. At last you are able to let down your guard,and relax into the release of your physical and emotional self into the care of your chosen owner.

Submission is not a game,nor a recreational pastime. It is,was,and always will be who you are at the core of your existence. Tend it,treat it well,and it will evolve into your very reason for living. Service to superior women becomes an ingrained habit as you apply it to every aspect of your life. This is who you are. Never disgrace the honored moniker by playing at being submissive,all the while harboring selfish machinations.

The path may be rocky,and the journey long,but the payoff for your persistence is priceless. The riches of your efforts are not materially measured,rather they are soul satisfying. Your reward being that you will possess the knowledge of having fulfilled your purpose in life.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

D's relationships are not a fairytale

D's relationships are not a fairytale, not even the porn version of one. It is so easy to associate what we see in the movies or read in books as a possibility of reality. I mean if it can happen for that character on the screen,than it can be true for me as well,but the likelihood is beyond slim.I mean in this day and age I seriously fail to see why anyone would deceive themselves by thinking that written and produced forms of entertainment are an accurate reflection of life.

I talk with so many males whom are so far off base as to what occurs in the realm of bdsm interactions that it moves me to piteous laughter. They have been a voyeur of femdom porn,or something similar,and all of a sudden a switch clicks in their heads (big and small one) screaming oh yea I am down for that,only to find out that they were mistaken,which leads to outbursts of anger and striking out at the object of their fantasy(Dommes)for not providing what they thought was real,and proclamations that the ladies in question aren't authentic dominants. It is a tangled weave they have scripted for themselves,but seeing that the human psyche looks to shield itself by blaming others, of course they assign failure elsewhere.

Bdsm relationships are not that very far off base from what we see in non-bdsm ones. It actually takes both parties working at it,and yes sorry to tell you that it does require work. Fantasies are wondrous things,but they are not always realistic,and to be blunt I have found that for many it is the fantasy which fuels desires,but if faced with it real time,then suddenly it becomes an episode of fear factor for the individual,so it is best to design your utopia pragmatically with a healthy dose of realism when seeking out a lady with whom you crave to engage in an ongoing D's relationship.