Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Selfish males are not sought

Something that blazes a burning path through my vision each and every day is the sight of photos males post. Pictures that provide proof of unadulterated selfishness. Now you boys must be asking yourself how to avoid portraying yourself in such a manner,and the answer is simple. Do not display your genitals or ass unsolicited for others to see.

"Oh but Goddess how can that be selfish?" If you have to ask that question ,then I worry that there may be no hope for you recognizing the truth of your behavior. It all boils down to the fact that the vast majority of women do NOT gain any pleasure from such visions. It has been proven that females are not visual creatures,therefore when you post nude photos you are doing so for your own self gratification. You do so to feed your fetish,and that little one is self service.

Perhaps you are one that enjoys exhibitionism,so you get your jollies from others viewing your goods(selfish). Maybe you are into humiliation,so you show yourself in order to garner it(selfish). It could even be that you believe your body to be so hot that you are doing ladies a favor by showing them your wares(selfish),ya no it is not you being kind as your ego leads you to believe that if you enjoy it,then others must as well. Do you see how every scenario comes back to the basis behind your actions being about you?

No how is it that I am upbraiding males for the exact same behavior that ladies engage in? Easy....ladies are here to be served,elevated,worshiped,meaning that it is about them,not you. Servitude is NOT selfish.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tips and advice cont

Another lovely day all to myself! I do some of my best blogs when I am free from constant distractions lol. My poor brain does quite well multitasking,but when it comes to posting my thoughts and such,I would prefer that I not be juggling 3 or 4 other activities at the same time. Forward march onto my words of experienced lifestyle femdom and findom wisdom for the males whom occupy or desire a place within our world.

Ok yesterday I went over some basics,so I shall pick up from there. I do hope that you followed my advice about educating yourself a bit. If so then you should know the difference between the designations of slave,submissive,switch,fetishist,bottom. To some these terms are interchangeable,not for me,but perhaps they are in your mind. In my estimation a slave is one whom desires to become personal property. They have relinquished their rights to an owner. They obey,are task oriented,and live their life in a fully owner controlled manner. A submissive on the other hand is on a journey of exploration. They desire to please and serve,but they are not able or willing to dedicate their entire existence to doing so. Being a switch is a bit trickier. Some submit only in certain situations or to a specific sex. They may be submissive in their everyday life,yet in the bedroom they command,or vice versa. A fetishist is not a person that serves. They are generally geared toward feeding their personal fetish. These are the types that you see more as clients than servants. Bottoms to me equate with receptive play partners. They are not necessarily submissive,in fact they may be a switch,a masochist,or low and behold a dominant whom enjoys bottoming in certain defined activities. It is very important to know where you fall on this scale in order to begin your search. If you know not yourself,then how are you to find anyone compatible?

Once you have figured out what you are(there is even an online quiz which will aid you,google will bring it up for you). Now it is time to decide which activities you would most like to engage in. I have no doubt that there are plenty of fantasies playing out in your mind. Ones which stimulate your desires. Do you dream of being held tied down at the mercy of a dominant freed from the constant constraints of life? Does the thought of being stripped of ego and clothing just do it for you? Do you envision a more feminine you? Do you pray to reverse roles,and become a naughty little cock slut? There are too many kinks for me to name in a simple post,but I am sure that you understand the point I am trying to make. Now a key bit to keep in mind is that some fantasies are meant to remain that way elsewise you fall out of the entire realm of safe,sane and consensual. Whilst you may masturbate to the daydream of having a dominant castrate you,that is so not going to happen even in an unconventional relationship. It takes time and experimentation to figure out what you like. I mean I used to believe that I would enjoy bottoming in a bondage scene,but once tried,I found out that it was not for me. In fact an activity I at first found extremely distasteful soon became one of my favorites. Try being open minded to activities with the exception of those that are illegal.

That is all for the day boys,Goddess is going poolside :) TBC....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today's talk

Every day I see double digit males coming into the findom scene whom have absolutely no idea of what it means to serve. Now I do not fault you for not knowing how to go about things in the beginning,we have all been there at one point in time(being the new face or wallet so to speak) on the block. It can be overwhelming if you allow it to be.

Suddenly your inbox is under siege and blown up with offers and demands to serve. You slip into a euphoric feeling of stroked ego. It feels good to have so many females chasing after you,then the blow is dealt that it is not really you they want,but what you can offer. How low your self-esteem must be after learning the fact...or maybe you are the rare specimen that thrives on being used financially sans any return benefits. Either way unless you want to sink under the weight of the expectations placed upon you,your best route is to educate yourself about what this fetish entails,the good,the bad,and even the ugly. The effects of this fetish do travel over into your everyday life(money matters in every aspect of your existence). Goddess Belladonna,and Dr.Sue both have written some amazingly accurate posts about how to serve a dominant online. Take advantage of their expanded base of knowledge. It will provide you with atleast the basic knowledge of how to be a financial submissive..hell even a submissive itself. By educating yourself,you will be better equipped to take the first step towards serving or at the very least the ability to recognize that you are not meant to serve. There is nothing wrong with trying out different areas of submission,nor should you fear saying "This just isn't for me".

For now I will share some tips and advice with you.You definitely do not need to enter this arena if you cannot even support yourself. You should not come here if you are seeking a sexual relationship(femdom,nor findom are based on intercourse). Learn your limitations financially before you ever engage in a session or service. It is too easy to get all excited mentally and physically when you are interacting with a dominant women,that before you know it,you have blown your wad,and your paycheck. Now you are hurting,and not in a good way. I am not in any way advocating that you lie about your finances,but I am saying that you need to be upfront about what you can afford. Keep in mind that I am referring to your remaining finances after your bills and necessary expenditures,and yes you can live without starbucks lol.

Another thing to remember is that how you present yourself will be remembered. Do not ever consider putting out a lie of any kind. If you are not well off,then do not attempt to cast out a line of bait stating that you are as 1)you will draw sharks into your calm waters(they will rip you to shreds in a bloody way),and 2)you will be called upon the carpet to produce. If you are assuming that ladies do not share details with each other about the poor behavior of males,then you truly are making an ass of yourself,and this is not an attractive label,nor easy to slough off. Always put your best foot forward. Be polite when speaking with a lady even if she is not what you seek. Dominants are humans yes,but our egos should be thick enough to accept that there is no connection,so do not string her along to save her feelings. Honesty is ALWAYS your best policy. There is a way of stating your lack of interest without it being offensive though,so steer clear of insults or the rudeness of ignoring or blocking without providing an explanation.

Do not allow yourself to forget that there is a living breathing human being behind the monitor. She is not an inanimate blow up pleasure providing doll. Think of it like this,if you were to meet her face to face in public like you do hundreds of others,would you still say the things you say? If not,then you need to reconsider how you approach her. Being on the internet does not give you license to act like a sex talk starved dick displaying idiot. This type of behavior is suited to the animal kingdom not a submissive male. You are held to a higher standard than the lame pick up artists at the local watering hole. Showing respect to a woman is not shameful,it is just plain decent.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thoughts to tide you during my vacation

Today I am lounging around my home just enjoying my staycation for a bit. I woke late,and enjoyed breakfast al fresco!! I did not even realize how much I needed some peaceful quiet time. Yay me :)

It has also allowed me some time to ponder on how you boys can serve me better. I invest alot of time speaking with,guiding,and training the males under me,in order to promote and cultivate the type of service relationship which I expect with you. To begin with communication is of the utmost importance to me. Daily interaction is a key towards the forging of a secure bond. I mean if we are not speaking,then how will you come to serve me with diligent devotion? Initially this is confined to emails,for you must earn your time with me.

Onto honesty,which ties in with communication. If you are not open about who,what,and how you are with me,then how can I be expected to mold you into my perfect servant? It is not a one way street though,as I would not expect you to trust your servitude to me if I was not willing to share parts of myself(no not physically) with you. Of course I do not expect or even desire you to impart every detail of your life to me within a single conversation. One of the most gratifying experiences is the journey to knowledge.

More to come as each day of my vacation passes

Monday, August 11, 2014

Truth is neutral

The summer has been long but fruitful,and for this week instead of heading out of town,I opted for a staycation. I have simply been burning myself at both ends with work,and training males,so now I am going to focus on myself exclusively for a few days. Selfish I know,but I deserve it.

I seriously doubt that many of you actually know the drain upon a person,even a Goddess places upon her energy when weeding through wastrels along with a normal work week. I imagine that a great many of you aimlessly drift through the currents of Mistresses,Princesses,and Goddesses all over the net everyday,hoping to find one that will allow you to leech onto their tailwinds. This is the behavior which exhausts those of us whom are of serious intent.

I shifted from real time training to online a little over 2 1|2 years ago,and it has been straight up work from the get go seeing as I am not one to produce content,or flip the cam switch on for shows. Not to mention that I am one of the obvious few that does not cater to the wills and wants of males. My standards are above par,and I refuse to lower them for wankstains. Truly I am not here for your erections,and no I do not consider it a compliment that my physical appearance evokes them. Compliments have NEVER been my motivation,nor shall they be. I honestly do not care if submissive males ever cum again in their lifetime.

Service in my estimation is not about doing the things which make your dicklet hard or causing it to drip. How very cold of me huh? Cold,blunt,brutal,but atleast I am HONEST. I do not play the games of others. I know exactly how I desire to be served,and believe me when I say that it will not be done with dick in hand.

I expect servitude. That concept should not be difficult even for a pea brained piece of flaxseed. Most of you have absolutely no idea of what serving really is. You log onto a site and contact the first fleshy bit that catches your cock's eye...maybe you pay tribute,most likely you do not,then wank and wap before you log out. This is why I find you abhorrently pathetic. If you are defining serving by getting your dick off,then you are making a mockery of service.

Serving should be an experience which humbles your soul,sets you within a position of humility,not empowering the love you already possess for a worthless piece of appendage. I have been called harsh,and a fun killer,but when have I ever cared for the opinions of twats with self serving agendas,NEVER.

Some would say...oh you are being a negative nelly,but truth is neutral,(it is you that puts a negative or positive spin upon it)and that is exactly what I am sharing with you.

In conclusion,if you possess the heart of a submissive soul,or the demeanor of a gentleman,then I will be gracious enough to allow you into my realm,but if you are a cock stroking addict looking for his next usable eye candy fix,then you are barred from seeking my presence.

Friday, August 8, 2014

OTK my favorite real time play

One of the most frequent queries posed to me is "What activity do you like best"(fetish wise)? That is actually one of the easiest questions to answer for me.

I would say that OTK is by far my love. Nothing quite measures up to the thrill of hands on flesh infliction of pain. Not merely the tactile delight,but the entire range of sensory components.

Allow me to share with you my most recent intimate encounter with my real time boy brat in order to convey how delicious I find corporal punishment play.

Keep in mind that yes clothing can enhance a scene,but it is not a requirement,for I have never felt that my attire adds or detracts from my dominant self. I am simply in charge regardless if I am clad in casual or fetish wear. I digress...anyway,my brat shows up promptly at my door at 10pm(yes I like to play before I sleep to promote sensual dreams :). His eyes find me dressed in silky lounge top and pants,but as he has been owned by me for many years,he knows that he is allowed a mere quick glance at my luscious flesh before he must avert his gaze to my nude feet. That's right boys,I demand eye contact restrictions.

 In his hands is a small personal gift for me which he kneels down and places at my feet as is fitting to display his appreciation for me. I am ever gracious and allow him to kiss my minty green polished toes before he rises to assume the position I have trained him for. I snap my fingers twice which is the command for him to disrobe. He does so expediently and places his folded clothing beside my front door. I generally take my time inspecting his flesh which heightens his anticipation,and my amusement. A clap of my hands and he goes down to his hands and knees,now with a light slap on his rump he follows behind me in a quick crawl to my bedroom.

There are no instruments laying upon the coverlet which indicates my intentions to him. I comfortably seat myself upon the bed with my legs in a wide stance. I snap my fingers once and he positions his body over my lap knowing that he is not permitted to place his full weight upon me,nor is he allowed to open his eyes. I begin by lightly caressing his eager flesh,then deliver a hard swat as a preliminary work up. I smile at his wince and little quivers. I ask if he has been a good boy this week,and if he is in an extremely masochistic frame of mind,he will say no(yummy). This is the point where I begin to get moist,and I know that he can scent my pleasure in his response.

 I never start out hard straight from the get go. Pleasure builds with a steady applied pressure,therefore my slaps to his deserving ass gradually increase in intensity until his flesh is cherry red. I test the reaction of his skin with a pinch,and if all looks as it should I then turn my attention to the back of his thighs. Once they are pinked up,I return to his ass to deliver the coup de grace infliction of pain. By this time his body dances across my lap with every body jarring smack. It is almost orgasmic to hear him gasping,panting,and mewling. By this time my hand is fairly numb,and I initiate the cool down relief prep of rubbing his burning hot cheeks,with an occasional pinch or scratch murmuring that he is forgiven,and that I am proud of how well he took his punishment. This is now the time where he will slide off of my lap and face me while kneeling. I place a small kiss on his forehead in gratitude of his sacrifice for me. He crawls back to my door,stands and dresses once again assuming his demeanor as a gentleman. He hands me the gift he brought,and accepts my thanks humbly before departing until next when I call upon him.

Once he leaves I pick up my phone and invite over my lover.....yes yes yes I get excited physically from play time too :)