Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The meaning of life made simple

Too many of you wander around questioning why you even exist. Asking "what is my purpose in life"..."why was I created"? You stumble blindly seeking answers,yet arrive no where. Now my little ones the answer is made clear. You were born to submit to Mz Sydney. You exist to serve my will. Your purpose is ensuring my happiness. How very simple,yet frustratingly out of reach without effort.

Goddess has provided the knowledge,now what you do with it is your choice. You can either continue to travel inanely along seeking your own selfish sexual bliss,or you can come humbly to my feet with tribute in hand,and beg for my acknowledgement and acceptance.

Choose wisely

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Femdom feet in knee high socks

Barter up

Bartering. *barter definition. The exchange of goods or services for other goods or services, rather than for money.*
I do not do this!  Yes there are people in the fetish scene who will haggle and barter,but I am not one of them,so please refrain from attempting to barter with me.

I have had many males offer to clean my house,mow my lawn etc etc exchange for domination,not happening :)  I already have a male who performs those chores for me,and guess what,he PAYS me to do them for me,so I have no need to barter with you. Even contemplating bartering with me is ignorant and insulting. 

Everything in my life costs money out of my pocket,and it is the duty of a male to reimburse those amounts to me. I realize that many of you were raised to believe that you should not have to pay for a woman's time or attention,and if you do than she is a whore,but that is outdated patriarchal entitlement,which is not going to get you anywhere in a woman's world.

Here is the deal. If you are too "good" or too poor to tribute towards the financial comfort and success of a woman,than you need to stay away from women who know their worth,and are not accepting of selfish self-serving ingrates. It really is that simple. I promise that I will not come barging into your inbox begging for your cash or your attention,and ask that you do the same. There is absolutely no need to waste your time or mine when in the end you will never be serving me. 

Whether you believe it or not life is expensive,and so is fetish. Clothes,toys,make up,pedicures,polish,heels,computers,internet service,and on and on and on. Get my point? Every moment a FinDomme spends with a non-contributing male is a financial loss. That time could have been spent with a more deserving male who recognizes and joyfully embraces his duty to enrich her life in a tangible manner. 

I realize that many of you label yourself as a "true lifestyle slave" meaning that you do not pay shit for having your fetish fulfilled..yes I see your selfish assess,and they disgust me. Ask yourself this,"Why would any woman want to play with me for free?" "Why would any woman want to sate my selfish desires with no return?" Oh and you licking her ass,feet,cooch,whatever is NOT a valuable return! Yes yes I know that I sound so cold hearted,suck it up buttercup,cause the days of women having to cater to your dick are OVER. No truly dominant woman is going to bow down to your dick designs. Sure you can purchase custom clips from women,or get your rocks off in a cam room if you tip enough,but guess what shithead,that is going to cost you too...oops once again it comes down to paying :( so strap in,and open that wallet wide for the pillaging.

Monday, January 9, 2017

What is in a name

Over the past few days I have been on the receiving end of more insults than the previous 6 months. Odd eh? No rhyme,nor pattern as they have been hurled by those that I have had zero past or present contact with. I have been called a hag,a slag,a whore,and more lol.

Why do you think it is that absolute strangers feel compelled to attempt to downgrade those that have done them no ill? Is it insecurity driven? Do the abusers believe that it somehow elevates them in stature to toss vile words at others? Do they do so in an attempt to distract themselves from the failure of the life they live? Is it done with the hope that they may pass upon to me the pain that they themselves feel within? Am I merely an opportune target for the moment?

A further theory as to the motivation of such actions is the hope that I will return like with like,thereby providing them with the humiliation and degradation they so richly seek. This is something I am no stranger to. In fact I have had multiple males try this ploy to no avail with me,for I am no newbie to the fetish scene.

For the most part,I see insults spilling from a place of anger. Anger that should be turned internally for resolution. I realize that life can suck donkey dicks,and that sometimes it just is not fair,but than it is not promised to be. The point being that a mature human being understands that the faults in one's life lay within themselves,not within another. If your life is not what you want it to be,than get off your ass and make the needed changes,rather than spewing your hatred upon strangers,for they do not possess the power to aid you in your internal struggle. In fact, for some of those that you choose to rain your abuse upon are already dealing with their own issues,therefore do not need yours muddying their waters. Now a less secure woman would take offense,and perhaps feel that there is a kernel of truth in the steaming piles slung upon their backs,but I am not an insecure woman.

I accept and recognize that I am not appealing physically to all males,and that my personality is not what the majority will crave to be brought low by,but that in no way detracts from how I view myself. Being a dominant woman is not about fitting into a set patriarchal designed mold. It means that I am strong enough emotionally to handle rejections without crumbling,that I know my worth without others setting the value of it,that I see my beauty,and embrace it even when others do not. So to all of those that have given in to the desire to leave their burning bag of dog shit at my proverbial door,know now that you have accomplished nothing,for you do not dwell in my thoughts,nor will you hold a reserved spot in my memories,for you are definitely unworthy of that distinction.

To those who are burdened down by the hateful actions and words of others,please do take heed,and never allow the hatred to take seed within you,for happiness and acceptance of self is found through adversity. Allow every cruelly directed missile of malevolence to break upon your shore,but not breach your defenses,for if you believe a single insult to be true,than you are giving reign over your life to one who does not deserve it. Keep doing you,keep being you,and keep believing in you!

cuckolds no like me :(

I have been going through my data,and just realized that there is one type of submissive(note that I am referring to submissives,not fetishists)that I rarely receive contact from,and actually I am not overly surprised. Can you guess?........cuckolds. Shocking yes? I took a moment to pontificate why,and this is what I arrived at...I am neither a BBC lover,nor a nympho who is constantly fixated on sex,so I fail to appeal to cuckolds in that sense.

Surprising to many males,but I value intimacy over penetration. Yes I have a man in my life,and no none of you will be sucking his cock(as if I would want your filthy mouth on my man)! Of course I take great pleasure in buying gifts for him with your cash,but I would never bring you into his presence,nor would I ever consider allowing any of you to watch or listen to us fornicate. My private life is just that,and I do not allow submissives to intrude upon it.

I am definitely not an oversexed crazy for the cock woman either,which is why you rarely see me posting about doing the sexy dance. I am more of a snuggle,cuddle,and pet type of woman,but no you will never fill that position either,so yes I can see why cuckolds are not drawn to me,and that is ok. In my estimation being a good and true cuckold is about enhancing the sex life of your Domme through whatever means she deems acceptable,and that for me is by purchasing clothing items that he alone will see and touch,by sending him gifts that will make him smile,by respecting the fact that I have chosen him as my mate,and celebrating my happiness in this union with your cash.

Afterall very few men have been fortunate enough to enjoy the fruits of this cougar Dominatrix :)

Lock all cocks for Sydney

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