Friday, April 16, 2021

What do men really want?


 I am here to give you the unvarnished truth, as to what men really want. Some of you may be in doubt as to how would I know what men really want considering that I am not a man, nor am I am masculine leaning woman, but I do have decades of interacting with men on a more than superficial level, and yes I am dating myself by stating this.

Most of us are guilty of buying into the prevalent myth of men valuing sex above all things. I am not denying that sex is high on the list for men, but it does not rank the highest. You might even be surprised as to what does stand atop the pinnacle. Ready?

Intimacy of interaction: Men want an intimate connection, just as badly as women do, and no this does not make them weak, or Lord forbid, unmanly. It merely makes them human. Human beings need connections. They need to be heard, seen, and valued. They want a woman who will acknowledge their existence on an emotional level.

No doubt you have been told that men are rough, tough, and need no one to stand by them, but that is a lie. Of course it is not a bad thing to be rough, tough, and stoic in the face of adversity, but in the end, men are human beings, with human needs. They possess a desire to be validated for their opinions, dreams, and desires. The most basic of which, is someone who will listen to them. A person who will allow them to crack their shell, and let out their vulnerabilities. 

As a woman, I have never been shamed for wanting, nay, needing a deeper connection with a fellow human being. I have always been free to express my innermost thoughts, doubts, and fears without being mocked, or labeled weak for doing so. This is what men want most of all. They want someone they can freely be open with. Imagine living your entire life never being able to be fully yourself. Having to hide your emotions from the world. Sound like a fulfilling life to you?

Not having this avenue open to men, leads them down a dead end path. This is why you see so many men reaching out with their penis, rather than with emotional intellect. Sad yes? I for one am full up with compassion for these men. They have been misled from the onset, then as further insult, they have been molded into a caricature of unhealthy manhood. They deserve better than they have received. Trying to convince them to veer from this course is the greatest of obstacles to be overcome though. Are you up to the challenge?

Monday, April 5, 2021

Time Managament In Relation To Relationships

 Whether you are new here, or a faithful follower, welcome to my personal slice of the web sphere.



 Life is a busy venture these days. From the mailman to the fortune 500 CEO, life's schedule never seems to just take a moment to breathe. It is a go go go world. So much to see, so much to do, and the hours in a day fail to provide adequate time to get your to do list completed as it is. Most days you find yourself to be the proverbial dog chasing it's own tail, having it in sight, but never grasping it, and always worn out from trying.

 Is it any wonder that people are short-tempered with a priority focus upon self these days? Their worlds narrowed down to a single sphere of influence. Understandably even the most evenly keeled being eventually devolves into a frazzled burnt out mess when piled under the weight of life's responsibilities. You are not alone facing this issue. People from all walks of life undergo this struggle each and every day.

What is surprising is the relationship most often relegated to the "pay attention to later" box, is personal relationships of the most intimate nature. You naturally expect that the people who matter the most to you will be content to wait for you to spare some of your priceless time to share with them. I mean, surely they understand just how busy your life is, right? This is a major mistake on your part. 

The people that we are closest to, need our attention more than any other in our lives. They deserve to be recognized, and treated as of importance. They should not be made to suffer your neglect, simply because you have not learned to manage your time wisely. Time management is more important than you realize, and more costly if you fail to  learn it.

Managing your time wisely, allows for you to spend more quality time with those who matter the most. Never assume that others are putting their lives on hold to wait for you to notice them. Neglect has been the downfall of many a relationship. Don't lose out due to what could have been avoided. Regrets leave a lifelong foul taste in one's mouth.

Did you know that it takes less than a single minute to send a text message? Were you aware that it takes approximately the same amount of time to send a pm/dm on social media, or post to facebook? It might even cost you an entire 2 minutes to type up an email. The point being, that it requires minimal effort, and time to show someone that they matter to you, and that you were thinking of them. Do you have 2 spare minutes within your 24 hour day? Don't fib either. 

A mere 2 minutes to make a connection. How easy is that?  Do it during your bathroom break if you have to, but just do it. Don't be the dud who ends up alone and miserable with nothing but broken and severed connections because you chose everything else over developing and securing your intimate relationships. What a miserable life that would be.

Intellectually we all know that our parents will not be around the entirety of our lives, that friends will relocate, and even the most dedicated partner will divorce themselves from you if you fail to put continued effort into the relationship, so look hard, and find that 2 minutes. I promise that you will not regret it!

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Social Media Sanity Killer or Savior

Welcome to all whom have found their way here :)



   Do you have social media accounts? I can name maybe only a couple handful of people within my acquaintance who don't have one. Even most elderly folks these days are connected to atleast facebook. It truly is a rare feat not to be present upon one. I honestly commend those who have disconnected from the fray of it all. I believe that life sans the internet is one lived with a simplicity quite foreign to the majority. Can you imagine your day without it? No morning texts, or checking in to get your daily dose of news. Could you even last a single day without your fix? 

  Sometimes I do disconnect for a day. It is crucial to my state of mind. I mean seriously, the prevailing news segments are dreary, disappointing, and even downright depressing. What sane being wants to endlessly mire themselves within the muck of our society today? Count me out. When I began taking time away from the internet, I found it difficult not to just sneak a peek periodically throughout the day, but over time, I found that I was able to step away completely without any problem. Time away helped me to relax and enjoy my life as it is intended to be. It forced me to actually interact with people in a meaningful way. Instead of sending a quick text or typing up a two line email, I picked up my corded phone and called them, or got off my ever spreading buttocks, and went to visit in person. A blast from the past concept, but one that I have come to treasure. Making real contact with my friends and family has altered the way I engage online now. I am way more open to interacting with people that I once may have shrugged off. Not that engaging with any and everyone is a good idea, because believe me, it isn't. There are alot of toxic souls surfing the world wide net hoping to drag someone down to their level of discontent, and you do not want to be the one they happen upon. 

  Social media sites harbor so much anger at present, whether it be political opposing forces or religious stance arguments. People can quite easily become cancelled for "wrong think", and even doxxed, which is a disgustingly vile act of treachery. We used to enjoy a semblance of free speech in this country, but that has apparently been swept aside in the tide of pc demand. I personally do not believe that it has been a strength, in fact it rather reminds me of a certain political figure who enacted the same measures to gain the compliance of "group think". Communism and it's results ain't pretty, folks. Never forget to mind your P's and Q's, lest you find yourself locked out of your accounts, and that is all I am going to say about it at the moment.

  A question for you my dear readers, why are you on social media?

1) Are you seeking out like minded people?

2) Are you building a brand? 

3) Are you just a horny dude looking for his porn fix? 

4) Are you lonely and depressed hoping to find a friend who will provide a ray of light?

5) Are you looking for a date, hook up, or maybe a lasting love? 

6) Are you only using it to keep up with family and friends?

7) Are you online just to look at cute animal pics (I am guilty of doing this)

   Social media can be a wonderful tool if used correctly. It can connect you with locals who enjoy the same things you do. It can spread the word of a business you are trying to get off the ground. It can lead you to possible job opportunities. It can help cleave the distance between you and loved ones living miles apart. It can help you find friends, and yes it can even bring you all the visuals you need to archive as wank spank material lol. As to locating a date, yup, plenty of those sites to be found, but true love matches online might be a task that you will have to work harder at. In regards to finding cute animal are in for a treat of adorableness overload!

  Social media can also be a weapon. I mentioned the cancelling and doxxing above, but there are stalkers, harassers, and straight out predators lurking online too. There are miserable people who will attempt to humiliate and degrade you for everything from your appearance, your sex, your race all the way to your home, children, religion, and politics. All of these things you must be aware of. It is up to you to navigate the sea of social media safely.

   My advice to you though, is to not believe everything you see online (be willing to research for the truth), to not take the internet too seriously (it isn't real life) to maintain your personal privacy (do not give out your name and address to internet folks) to take a day off every now and then (to actually see what real life is all about) and lastly, trust your instincts about random peeps. Stay and play safe everyone.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Attention attention attention

 Just as the title suggests, the majority of people in society today have this ingrained desire to obtain attention. Attention that in a sense becomes like a drug of choice in a junky world. People crave attention. They simply have to have it. They feel at an absolute loss when they are not receiving it. Does this stem from not receiving enough or maybe even too much attention from parental figures? Perhaps it has arisen from the fact that not everyone can be a winner at all of the races they enter, yet we are told that everyone is a winner for simply showing up. Society did us zero favors when they began to hand out participation trophy " feel goods". Certainty is knowing realistically that you will not win every race, contest etc. You will not always be THE best at everything. You will fail, you will lose. You will not reign as the center of attention upon a world-wide dais. Stop putting that weight upon your shoulders.


Human beings will plumb to unbelievable depths to achieve notice. They will take risks with disastrous consequences for a single ounce of notoriety. I am talking way beyond the John Cusack  "say anything" ploy. I mean, have you read any of the stories where instagram influencers died while attempting to take or feature in dangerous photo shoots? Why would they opt in to such situations? Attention. They wanted, needed, had to have the dopamine rush of likes, loves, follows, retweets. The notification button lighting up like a Christmas tree was their high. Even if in an insignificant way, aren't we all like that?


Think about it. If you create a post on social media which receives no loves or likes, are you not then disappointed, and wondering why no one likes you? Does it depress you to see others with ten times the followers you have? Do you feel like an utter loser in life for not receiving the attention you believe yourself entitled to? The attention that so many others are "blessed" with.


Is social media attention really a blessing? I believe that in many ways, it can be more of a curse. It becomes pretty much a full time job trying to keep it once you secure it. You will have expectations, and labels attached to yourself. Expectations which become quite difficult to meet. No one person I have ever known in life is happy, upbeat, epitomizing joie de vie twenty-four seven. Human beings have episodes of happiness, moments of despair, unbelievable highs, and desolate lows. Such is life. Life becomes a study in anxiety and misery though when you are constantly playing a role which does not suit every facet of your personality. Attempts to achieve social media "celebrity" status most often parlays itself into a downward spiral of depression. Is that how you want to live your life? Does it sound glamorous? Does it appear fulfilling?


Of course for those looking in through the window, it can seem like the world would be a dream come true to live if only you could get those likes, those all important loves, but I am here to tell you, that life without the frenzied activity of seeking attention is a good life on its own.


You are good enough. Your life does matter. Liking, and loving yourself far exceeds what utter strangers think of your life. This is what you need to learn. The strong do not sit and worry about what other people think of them, nor do they fixate upon the judgement of those who have not walked in their shoes. Cease allowing those unknown to dictate your behavior, your mindset, your very course in life. Start seeing that your approval, and your acceptance is ALL you need.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Be a simping syndrone for Sydney Claire

 Good morning to all

I am going to let you in on a secret of mine.

I do not read emails which lack an attached amazon gift card, nor do I ever open photos sent via messenger from those who are not in service to me.

This strategy saves me loads of time, energy, and peace of mind by.

1)I need not fear wasting time, for if an individual was truly interested in serving me, than they would have sent a tribute along with their missive, and no there is never a valid excuse as to not send tribute when contacting me. 

2)Every single time I have ever received a photo from a non-serving person, it was a pecker pic, and the world would be a better place without that imagery. Besides, it saves me more money than geico since I need not invest in eye bleach :)

I realize that it irks some of you that I never read your messages, but in my estimation, you wasting your time rather than mine is a net positive for me. Besides, I have heard enough lame ass excuses for not tributing to last a lifetime. Not to mention that I am a much nicer person when not plagued with saggy balls, dirty dick pics.

I have no idea why some of you act under the false premise that you can shame me into talking to you, reading your dm's, or peeking at your sent photos sans tribute. It will not work. I do not feel bad for ignoring you, nor do I think that I owe you even a moment of my time. 

I am active on social media, and I do post blogs when I feel like it...and last I checked, I have put up over a thousand of them, so if you are hankering to know me, feel me out, or get a general idea if you want to serve as my syndrone, I have provided you with the means of making your decision. It simply requires a bit of effort on your end. You aren't afraid of a little effort expenditure now are you? 

Good good good....hope to read your email soon little simp :)

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Syndrones unite

Hello hello hello

It has been like a month of Sundays since last I posted here...

Life has been like an undertow which tumbled me under, and finally spit me back out a little bruised.

Have you missed me my flock of syndrones? Undoubtedly so ;>

What crazy unforeseen times we are living in is it not? How has your life altered under the quarantine regime? Have you put good use to your confinement? From the lack of appreciation tributes sitting in my inbox, I would judge that you weren't very productive at all. You can rectify that though by sending a lovely little gift card today to

At the moment I am seeking out a day trip location where I can safely away from the public eye tie my brat boy to a tree and torment him at my leisure lol, and before you ask, yes he is the only boy I am playing with real time. 

Why is he the only one? The answer is simple, yet complicated. Real time is a commitment which I do not lightly undertake. It is so very intimate since I am allowing someone else into my personal space. It requires a high amount of trust, and the rest of you have not earned that honor. Of course the majority of you aren't even seeking out real time, for your goal is a quick and nasty online romp towards a single course crashing crescendo skin flute concerto, which is all fine and good if you were interacting with a woman who cared to offer that service....alas I am not that woman.

Over the years of my online presence, so many of you wandering wanks have attempted to sway me from my outlined course and met with failure, yet you keep trying. I do admit to admiring your persistence, even though the odds are not in your favor. If your intent is to serve as a syndrone, than you must meet my requirements for service.

1)You must serve online for a period of no less than 3 months
*consistent financial tributes are required during this time* 

2)You must maintain contact daily
*I will not chase you down*

3)You must display dedication, devotion, and build trust
*these things take time* 

Sounds easy, yes? It honestly is, but cum and dumps always fail. You will never pass the test if your expectations are to jizz and jet. Keep that in mind.

All of this being said, I am open to testing the waters with prospective servants for service as a loyal syndrone. Apply with tribute attached.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Truth remains the same

Welcome all to the ultra exciting and sometimes exasperating world and words of Sydney Claire

Why is our world such an angry place?

I am going to wax on today about 1 possible aspect.

 Have you ever noticed how people react when they are confronted with a truth which they disagree with, or outright disbelieve?  Anger, anger, anger, and on occasion you will see them resort to violence. Violence as a response to the words or opinions of another human being is NEVER acceptable in a polite society, which we claim to be, yet one only needs to seek out social media news to view the proof of how individuals become almost feral in behavior when THE TRUTH is not their truth. 

I myself understand how the truth can be uncomfortable or even painful at times, but come on folks, we would do better to venture out from our selective echo chambers, than to allow ourselves to go along with false pretenses for the sake of getting along or fitting in with brain dead duds. Your best chance at success in life as an individual involves being able to think for yourself, and form independent opinions. Critical thinking is a positive here, peeps. Embrace truth regardless of how it makes you feel, for the truth cares nothing about your feelings. It simply is.

                               A list of truths
*Not all men are trash
*Not all women tell the truth
*Science is real
*The media misleads
*Politicians and governments lie
*meat is good for you
*high fructose corn syrup is poison
*you can be pro-life and pro death penalty
*Trump is your president
*socialism is suicide

I could go on and on, but I will spare you today :)

The question I pose is, did any of the outlined truths make you angry? If so, why? My intent here is to make you think. Truth hurts (I know), but whether you like, love, agree, or disagree...truth is always truth, and your preferred truth is not going to change that fact. I invite and implore you to explore the basis of your anger, in order to solve or resolve the negativity within the equation. Anger is not the way forward.