Friday, May 15, 2020

Be a simping syndrone for Sydney Claire

 Good morning to all

I am going to let you in on a secret of mine.

I do not read emails which lack an attached amazon gift card, nor do I ever open photos sent via messenger from those who are not in service to me.

This strategy saves me loads of time, energy, and peace of mind by.

1)I need not fear wasting time, for if an individual was truly interested in serving me, than they would have sent a tribute along with their missive, and no there is never a valid excuse as to not send tribute when contacting me. 

2)Every single time I have ever received a photo from a non-serving person, it was a pecker pic, and the world would be a better place without that imagery. Besides, it saves me more money than geico since I need not invest in eye bleach :)

I realize that it irks some of you that I never read your messages, but in my estimation, you wasting your time rather than mine is a net positive for me. Besides, I have heard enough lame ass excuses for not tributing to last a lifetime. Not to mention that I am a much nicer person when not plagued with saggy balls, dirty dick pics.

I have no idea why some of you act under the false premise that you can shame me into talking to you, reading your dm's, or peeking at your sent photos sans tribute. It will not work. I do not feel bad for ignoring you, nor do I think that I owe you even a moment of my time. 

I am active on social media, and I do post blogs when I feel like it...and last I checked, I have put up over a thousand of them, so if you are hankering to know me, feel me out, or get a general idea if you want to serve as my syndrone, I have provided you with the means of making your decision. It simply requires a bit of effort on your end. You aren't afraid of a little effort expenditure now are you? 

Good good good....hope to read your email soon little simp :)

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Syndrones unite

Hello hello hello

It has been like a month of Sundays since last I posted here...

Life has been like an undertow which tumbled me under, and finally spit me back out a little bruised.

Have you missed me my flock of syndrones? Undoubtedly so ;>

What crazy unforeseen times we are living in is it not? How has your life altered under the quarantine regime? Have you put good use to your confinement? From the lack of appreciation tributes sitting in my inbox, I would judge that you weren't very productive at all. You can rectify that though by sending a lovely little gift card today to

At the moment I am seeking out a day trip location where I can safely away from the public eye tie my brat boy to a tree and torment him at my leisure lol, and before you ask, yes he is the only boy I am playing with real time. 

Why is he the only one? The answer is simple, yet complicated. Real time is a commitment which I do not lightly undertake. It is so very intimate since I am allowing someone else into my personal space. It requires a high amount of trust, and the rest of you have not earned that honor. Of course the majority of you aren't even seeking out real time, for your goal is a quick and nasty online romp towards a single course crashing crescendo skin flute concerto, which is all fine and good if you were interacting with a woman who cared to offer that service....alas I am not that woman.

Over the years of my online presence, so many of you wandering wanks have attempted to sway me from my outlined course and met with failure, yet you keep trying. I do admit to admiring your persistence, even though the odds are not in your favor. If your intent is to serve as a syndrone, than you must meet my requirements for service.

1)You must serve online for a period of no less than 3 months
*consistent financial tributes are required during this time* 

2)You must maintain contact daily
*I will not chase you down*

3)You must display dedication, devotion, and build trust
*these things take time* 

Sounds easy, yes? It honestly is, but cum and dumps always fail. You will never pass the test if your expectations are to jizz and jet. Keep that in mind.

All of this being said, I am open to testing the waters with prospective servants for service as a loyal syndrone. Apply with tribute attached.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Truth remains the same

Welcome all to the ultra exciting and sometimes exasperating world and words of Sydney Claire

Why is our world such an angry place?

I am going to wax on today about 1 possible aspect.

 Have you ever noticed how people react when they are confronted with a truth which they disagree with, or outright disbelieve?  Anger, anger, anger, and on occasion you will see them resort to violence. Violence as a response to the words or opinions of another human being is NEVER acceptable in a polite society, which we claim to be, yet one only needs to seek out social media news to view the proof of how individuals become almost feral in behavior when THE TRUTH is not their truth. 

I myself understand how the truth can be uncomfortable or even painful at times, but come on folks, we would do better to venture out from our selective echo chambers, than to allow ourselves to go along with false pretenses for the sake of getting along or fitting in with brain dead duds. Your best chance at success in life as an individual involves being able to think for yourself, and form independent opinions. Critical thinking is a positive here, peeps. Embrace truth regardless of how it makes you feel, for the truth cares nothing about your feelings. It simply is.

                               A list of truths
*Not all men are trash
*Not all women tell the truth
*Science is real
*The media misleads
*Politicians and governments lie
*meat is good for you
*high fructose corn syrup is poison
*you can be pro-life and pro death penalty
*Trump is your president
*socialism is suicide

I could go on and on, but I will spare you today :)

The question I pose is, did any of the outlined truths make you angry? If so, why? My intent here is to make you think. Truth hurts (I know), but whether you like, love, agree, or disagree...truth is always truth, and your preferred truth is not going to change that fact. I invite and implore you to explore the basis of your anger, in order to solve or resolve the negativity within the equation. Anger is not the way forward.


Friday, January 31, 2020

Sex work shame

Welcome to the glamorously seedy slice of Sydney Claire.

Sex workers is an umbrella term which many shelter under.

Who are sex workers?

-cam girl




-phone sex operator

-clip producer

-porn star

-premium snap chat sellers


-nude models

Long list huh? 

Sex workers are walking down the sidewalk beside you. They are dining in your restaurants, sleeping in your hotels, shopping in the grocery store with you. Your typical sex worker looks just like any other woman you see out and about. I have not seen a single one wearing a scarlet letter, or holding up a sign proclaiming her occupation while out just living life.

Sex workers are highly disdained by the general public men and women alike. Sex workers are considered unclean & immoral and as such are stigmatized. They are banned from payment sites, and websites. Some are even shunned by family members. Does this sound like the recipe of a happy life?

There are a variety of reasons why women engage in sex work, and despite what the main stream media declares, the overwhelming majority of these women have not been forced into the lifestyle via trafficking. Some need the money gained from sex work to survive, whilst others thrive upon the sexual excitement of sex work. Regardless of the reason, these women do not deserve the less than humane treatment they receive from a judgemental society.

Sex workers are shamed and blamed for all sorts of issues. They are accused of being the harbingers of disease, and divorce, yet this is a lie. Did you know that sex workers are tested for stds at a higher rate than the general public? Sure, you are thinking that they must due to their "risky" lifestyle, yet you have thousands of ordinary people walking around untested & infected, but hey, atleast they aren't sex workers!! In regards to being the root cause of divorce, they are not the married man stepping out. They are not the husband spending hard earned dollars to bust a nut. They are not the men ignoring their relationships in favor of peeking at porn. Hold men accountable for their actions, instead of blaming sex workers for providing a service.

It is entirely too easy to blame ills at the feet of sex workers, and I am absolutely not absolving them as an entirety, for they are flawed human beings just like the rest of humanity, but I am calling foul to the world of sin setting upon their shoulders.

Why do people blame the sex worker, but not the customer/consumer? You do realize that without a market, sex workers would not exist yes? Think of it like this. If ALL men stopped frequenting strip clubs, would those clubs remain in business? If ALL men stopped clicking on porn hub, would they go under financially? This is simple truth. Sex workers exist because of a demand for their existence. They serve a purpose, so unless you are actively shaming, shunning, and imprisoning the very market which keeps them in business, shut up!


Friday, January 17, 2020

Always a reason for Tribute treason

Hello hello hello...and welcome to the sanctum of Sydney Claire!

Some of you gents need to seriously reconsider your actions, or lack thereof when it comes to serving dominant Women. Ya ya ya I know that some of you are brand spanking new to the scene, but sometimes you just got to learn the hard way, and that most often is the wrong way on a one way street.

The main subject of discussion here is TRIBUTE. If you are ill educated upon the subject of tributing in a Financial Domination sense, than you can quick and easy google for the answer :) Go ahead and do that for me right now, so that I will know that you are up to speed. Done?


Do you know how many excuses I have been given for not being able to tribute? Take a guess....WRONG! Try again, only add in a couple of zeros to the equation. Do you know what excuses are? They are falsified reasons losers and liars toss about. Are you a liar or loser? If so, than stop, do not pass go, and get out of here NOW.  I have done my time on sucker skidrow, and paid my listening to lying "paypig" dues.


There are zero, and I do mean zero legitimate reasons not to tribute a Woman.  

I get it, and I imagine that most Women comprehend that the majority of males in the findom fetish are not on par with Daddy Warbucks when it comes to disposable income, but you can still contribute financially towards the lifestyle of a Lady. Now if you are sitting there, and can say in all honesty that you cannot invest a single cent in the relationship, well than I would advise you to exit behind the liars and losers, cause you are of zero value in a Financial Domination power exchange. Net negatives are a drain of time and valuable feminine resources.


If you fear tributing because of

1)past negative treatment
2)uncertainty if She is the one(need to get to know her)
3)being scammed or ghosted

Solution: Sit back quietly without contacting Her at all. Study Her social media to ascertain if She is the one you want to serve. Then proceed with tribute.

Your initial tribute doesn't have to break your bank account, but nor should it be insulting either. Figure in what you would spend if you were taking Her out to a nice dinner (not a fast food joint) and send that amount. Once sent, never forget that tribute is a gift. It is not a payment for services expected. You are not owed a single second of Her time for that money, but most likely you will receive a response, and the chance to speak with Her, which is most definitely a reward worth chasing.

Tribute is the platform which springs you into Her orbit of notice, rather than as a right of entitlement. Financially investing in the relationship displays your intent to provide for Her physical comfort, and since providing is already embedded in your dna, tributing is a given :) No need to fear it, or make up excuses to get out of it. You are definitely not going to get anywhere in findom without it, because as I stated previously, we have heard every excuse, so you are not going to get a foot in the door if you lead like that. 

Take pride in the act of giving. You are enhancing Her level of happiness, and serving Her interests, which should be the goal of every single submissive boy and girl. You want to be a good little subby, yes? Of course you do :) All it requires is an open mind, heart, and wallet/pocketbook. You can do this. I believe in you, so get out there and send a tribute today!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Year's Resolution

Hip hip is New Year's Day, and here you are celebrating the changing of a decade with the divinely celestial Sydney Claire :)

I wonder how many of my faithful readers made the obligatory New Year's resolution. Did you? It seems to me as if there are recurring themes to the annual promises. Such as, health, wealth, or happiness. Does that sound about spot on to you?

I myself, made no resolutions. Resolutions tend to be exhaustively huge life changes, which are statistically bound for failure, unless you are one of the scant few who actually successfully holds up your end. Have you made resolutions which failed? If so, why do you believe that they bombed?

In my opinion, people tend to reach entirely too high and too fast when making resolutions. They place unrealistic expectations upon themselves, and that leads to failure, which creates self-directed unhappiness, depression, and even anger. People in general would benefit more from making more easily attainable short term resolutions.

Example 1
*Say you want to lose 50lbs. Well than, instead of saying "I am going to lose 50lbs this year", begin small by vowing to

-cut back on eating out
-fast 1 day per week
-drink an additional 8oz of water daily

Any one of these alterations may very well enable you to lose 1lb per week. Add that up, and voila bb!!

Do you see the point I am directing you towards? If you keep the step short, you are far more likely to climb it!

Example 2
*You want to save up money for a luxury item

-cut back on eating out
-fast 1 day per week
-drink water instead of coffee and soda

Now take the money you would have spent on these items, and piggy bank it til you have enough to treat yourself to the desired item :)

I honestly want to see people succeed, but to do so, we must first acknowledge that we are the ones preventing it from happening, and actively seek to help ourselves reach the goals we set. It feels so good to achieve positive changes in our lives, and we all know that there is a strong correlation between positivity and happiness, which is the ultimate goal, yes? It definitely is for me. 

Wishing you all success and happiness in this coming year!


Thursday, December 26, 2019

Useless endeavors in social media

Welcome all to the thought provoking posts of Sydney Claire!

Towards the end of the year, it is only natural for one to take stock of both the success and failures of effort expended throughout the year. This allows for a being to plan out their course of action for the following year, and I differ from none in this task. It is a positive step towards managing your life.

What has become glaringly obvious to even an untrained eye, is that I have had minimal, and by minimal I mean almost non-existent success in reaching and securing servitude from submissives through my social media endeavors this past year. Nary a single tribute hit my inbox for my birthday, nor Christmas, and this is the most telling data of all. Online submissives without doubt had zero concerns or cares about my personal happiness or comfort. What does this mean for me though?

1)It means that I will no longer seek out submission online.
2)I will no longer entertain private conversation on social media sites with submissives claiming that they want to serve me. (My Dm's will be closed to all but those whom I follow)
3)My posts will now reflect more of my well rounded personality, rather than being fetish specific.

By no means is this a "woe is me" blog post. I am not depressed, angered, nor surprised a single bit. Fetish has quickly evolved into a customer service business, and since I do not sell goods, I was bound to feel the sting. Knowing the facts, does not change my stance though. It is far better for me to have no servants under my heel if the only ones in the market are the self serving vermin which I see peppering the landscape with their selfish stench. 

My decision actually fills me with a sense of empowerment as a woman. I need no longer fret over each and every post I make in regards to whether it will appeal to male specimens. I can leave off with sexual innuendos, and just be ME. The concern of whether I am sexy enough, thin enough, young enough etc... has vanished. I am free to be bluntly honest in my speech, and even cruel when warranted without remorse.

I no longer have to care about a brand or keeping up appearances. It is far more liberating than you would ever believe!

This does not mean that I am ghosting social media. I intend to continue blogging, and posting my thoughts and opinions on all things fetish. It simply frees me from caring whether my voice is popular with men. I am actually smiling, and humming a happy tune as I type this up :)

I invite you all to stick around for the remaking of Sydney Claire, the woman, rather than the reflection of a dominant.